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Constructive Feedback University: The Gun Control Debate Has Produced A Bounty Of Research

Note:   These Two Doctoral Students For "Black Studies" At The University Of Chicago provided the spark that initiated the creation of  "The Constructive Feedback University"

We could not substantiate the rumor that they planned to suspend their doctoral studies at the University of Chicago, Black Studies Department, in order to become "Community Activists" with the hopes that fewer Black people would be murdered next year in America - the most EFFECTIVE means of ensuring that "More Blacks" are alive to STUDY "Black History" in the first place.

The Black Press refused to help us track them down in order to inquire about their community engagement plans in the presence of this crisis.  Once this report was filed about "Swaggering Into The Future" - the Press believed that their job was done - just as they did in Gary Indiana.

Issue Artifacts
I Fear The Father Of The Late Rapper "JayLoud" More Than I Do His Son's References To "Blllak Blllak Blllak" (The Sound Of Automatic Gun Fire) In His "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Music.

The Father Proposes To Violate His Community's "4th Amendment Rights" As He Demands That The Government Do Raids Upon People's Houses.  I Assure You That His Mindset Is Common In Certain Communities Who Have Not Been Developed And They Have Reached Their Whits End.

Yet Years From Now The When A Report Shows That BLACK FAMILIES Have Been The Targets Of These Police Gun Confiscation Raids You Can Be Sure That These Same People Who Called For The Raids Will Lead An "Occupation" Against Racism.

Few People Will Tell You That "Stop And Frisk" Is The Response to "DO SOMETHING" From The Last Crisis With "Illegal Guns" 

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After Failing To Prevent His Late Son JayLoud From Obtaining The Consciousness Of The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" - The Father Proves To Be A Greater Theat To The Constitutional Rights Of Americans Than His Son's Lyrics Were.

WHYY: "Radio Times"
 Guns In Philadelphia Part I

How The "New Jim Crow Framework" Is Affirmed By The "Civil Rights Pharisees" At The Time Of Desperation Only To Be Assailed As "Oppressive And Racist", Ultimately Used As An Indictment Against The Right Wing
Radio Times:  Interview With Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams

"Establishment Power Repudiation" In Action
LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. DA Williams received 50%+1 of the Black Vote, showing that he was affirmed by the community that suffers a disproportionate amount of the gun violence in Philadelphia
  2. DA Williams tells of his plans to strengthen the 'New Jim Crow' sanctions against individuals caught with illegal weapons
    1. $25,000 Bail
    2. No Bail (Stay In Jail)
    3. Go To The State And Lobby For Stronger Sanctions Against Individuals
  3. DA Williams trashes the "NRA Plan to ARM TEACHERS" - but fails to substantiate that this was in their plan.  
    1. They proposed more ARMED OFFICERS.   When Bill Clinton proposed the very same thing it was evidence that he wanted more "police on the street" because he CARED about the vulnerable.  
  4. After learning the skills of what a Black Progressive Establishment figure must say to balance out his "New Jim Crow" policies, DA Williams makes the case that VIOLENCE IN PHILADELPHIA must be addressed holistically - ECONOMIC/EDUCATION/OPPORTUNITY
 With reference to #4 above - this is the "Self-Chum" that is thrown out for the aggrieved people to latch upon.   Their HOPE is affixed to the future receive of "Social Justice" - as long as they stick with the "Favorable People In Power'.   WHEN the "Social Justice Jesus" never shows his face in the future and they end up ONLY with the regulatory components of the plan - fraudulent terms like "The New Jim Crow" are created BUT the Embedded Confidence Men who advanced them - after listening to grieving people like in the video above - they can DENY their role in the implementation and run a new "Struggle Motion" at that time in the future - demanding that the right-wing elements in the nation provide "Social Justice To All".   This is how the local seats that were once powerful enough to trigger protests in the past are today used as "key foot holds" in the national struggle for social justice - as long as the people hold them blameless and do not ask "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You?"
WHYY: "Radio Times"
 Guns In Philadelphia Part II
(Listen to the audio report above)

The Intellectual Dishonesty Of "Mother Jones"

While Mother Jones Reports 62 "Mass Shootings" Over The Past 30 Years - AND No Doubt Has A Series Of Stories On "Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman)........
How Many Times Have The "Allies" At Mother Jones Reported On The KILLERS Of Black People In The Inner City?

NOT The Weapons, The Laws, The Lack Of Opportunity.  I SAID THE PEOPLE WHO ARE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE Most Frequently?

What Makes Them INFERIOR (Hands Off) As A Subject Of "Hatred" And "Evil"?
The "Keep Your Enemy On Trial - So You Don't Have To Defend Your Own Fraud" Technique personified
Do You Notice That If An Individual Rejects The Notion That "Man Came From Apes" He Is Called A RELIGIOUS BIGOT Who Needs To EVOLVE His Thinking? 
BUT  If "Monkey" Metaphor Is Used To Slander A Black Politician Or Criminal Those Same People Who Believe That We All Evolved From Monkeys Will Call The Person Using These Images A RACIST BIGOT
The Truth Is - "Offended Black People" Is The Optimal State Because It Keeps The "Gun Fire Going" Between The Waring Bigots.   But Only One Side Knows That At The End Of The Battle They Will Possess All Of The Valuables From "The Blacks" As They Vow To Punish Those Who Have OFFENDED THEM. 

Listen to the audio report from the representative from "Mother Jones".
He sets himself up as NEEDING to be CONVINCED by the supporters of "Gun Rights" that people would be allowed to keep assault rifles and high capacity clips.  Some one needs to tell him to go screw himself.

He holds up 62 "Mass Killings" and then demands that the NRA PROVE TO HIS SATISFACTION that any potential victim who was armed has successfully stopped the massacre.
The NRA was dumb enough to accept this framing.

WHY IS A "MASS SHOOTING (with a high capacity weapon) SUPERIOR" to the daily murder using lesser weapons?
This is a 'Targeted Filibuster" scheme that is used to WIN a debate while it FAILS to define the dimensions of the UNIVERSE of the problem.

Further - why are we restricting the debate to "The Schools" (ie: "Should Armed Security Officers Be Placed In Every School?  Is This An Effective Way To Stop School Shootings?" ).  The vast majority of homicides in America do not take place in schools.   While a school shooting is more dramatic - this STILL does not address the larger set of murder scenes.

Knowing that they can't address the fundamental "human" issues of "Why People Kill" nor the more common use of the standard handgun - the Anti-Gun Progressive Fundamentalists use expert language that keeps their INDICTMENTS focused.

Why a ban on assault rifles and high capacity clips are called "REASONABLE GUN CONTROL" - the bigot from Mother Jones kept control of the framing of the issue toward "Mass Shootings".  WHY?

BECAUSE he knows that this ban IS NOT going to substantively reduce the number of gun homicides in this nation.   It is merely a "Progressive Base Hit" that will be SOLD as a victory against the right wing.

I was made to wonder - since Prof Cornel West told us that "America needs to be concerned about violence more than when VANILLA COMMUNITIES" are the victims" - WOULD HE include his White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies at "Mother Jones" in on the scheme?

No "drip by brip" NEGRO Murder Spree has yet motivated them to donate "white space" in their magazine, focusing on the problem until the "Black homicide victim rate is brought down EQUAL to our population proportions".
The problem is that Mother Jones needs an WORTHY INDICTMENT TARGET in order to get into gear.

"The Drip By Drip Negro Murderer Spree" is off limits.   Such a killer can't be made into a 3 dimensional character as is his White counterpart who kills.   Functionally they USE "Black grievances" for the advancement of their fight against the "White Conservative Wolf".   They would anger their Black Progressive allies if they did profiles upon those who received their conscious bearings from within the Black community and ended up being as competent at killing Black people as any Klan member.

"The National Rifle Association" produces the "don't step on the in-grown toenail" effect that they all are looking for.

I told you before - "The Diverse Progressive Joint Venture" has achieved the "Post Racial Coalition" that they indict the entire nation for squandering as it holds on to its "right-wing" accouterments.    It just so happens that "The Blacks" and their allies are converging around the NRA at the very same time.    This is because their ideology is the same.   The Black progressive merely is at the table to insure that the Black community gets its share of "Progressive Social Justice" spoils.

Sadly - once this fails to mitigate the Black homicide victim rate - few voices within the Black community will question if they were used.

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