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Congratulations President Obama!! Greatest "Leader Of The Blacks" In American History!!!

NOTE:  Just to capture my sentiments that may not be perceptible in my "rants":

  • I bear no grudge against President Obama - he has shown how to  compel Black people to AFFIRM the American Government's actions - by having a reference that is more important than what used to generate protests:  PERCEPTIONS OF POWER
  • I bear no grudge agaist (who I call) "The Paid Blacks" in the media.  They show that, indeed, there is a method to generate a well engineered message that focuses "The Black Progressive Struggle" on an emeny that produces CONGREGATIONAL UNTIY - and thus neutralizes the standard "Where Is My Money" effect
Don't mistake my observations of the damage done to the "Black Community's Governance Culture" with an inability to say "Good Job" at doing the "Number" that you set out to achieve.

YOUR PROBLEM is that you mistake POPULARITY - in the views that you reference as "Real Black" with what is EFFECTIVE at DEVELOPING Black people as we matriculate through this particular period of time.   From this it all becomes a "self-affirming" exericise where you make up the rules not only as you 'go along' but ONLY in reference to the RIGHT-WING ENEMY, using his stance as justification of the COMPRIMISES that you make in your governance of our institutions.

We will learn that "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" is NOT "What HAVE YOU DONE FOR BLACK PEOPLE?"  (the taunt used to indict critics) BUT instead "WHAT DID YOU SPEAK OUT AGAINST - as an Embedded Confidence Man TRIED to label what he is doing as 'BLACK' " - knowing that he can get the masses to go along - IF he used his inside knowledge for popular appeal - but untilately to PICK THE LOCKS on the safe.

 Yesterday in listening to the book "The Invisible Line" about the history of racial and political oppression in America - O.S.B. Wall an attorney and politician - who was a player in Washington DC more than 100 years ago said about the "well placed Blacks" in society:

(paraphrased) "Black people can be as great as White people and as corrupt as White people and need the same regulation of their affairs as any other".

Constructive Feedback 2012:  The GREATEST need for REGULATION is in keeping the Embedded Confidence Men from standing up a constant series of ENEMIES and THREATS in the face of Black people in order to justify their "War On Terrorism-like" compromise of the Black Community Governance Culture - as the masses are made OFFENDED by what they see via "streaming media" that someone else paid for.
You can learn a lot about how people think by listening and reading - when they have an open microphone or blank sheet of paper.

 2012 Person of the Year:  For the second time since 2008, Time Magazine named President Obama its “Person of the Year” for 2012. The article is a frank and thought-provoking tale of why he won this award for a second time. The fact is simple, “people trust him.” I see him as someone who has my back, not someone who has the rich guy’s back. How he pulled off a resounding reelection win at the polls on November 6th is nothing short of amazing. He showed us exactly how to use technology, a stellar grassroots effort and surrounding oneself with the right people can accomplish. All learned and molded from his years as a community organizer, though Republicans like Sarah Palin consider that start in public life a joke.

Out of this paragraph above from Hinterland Gazette, beyond the POPULAR APPEAL that is seen among Black people:
  1. Do YOU SEE a 3 dimensional Black community in which what is happening in our schools is a phenomenon beyond what is going on in the White House?
  2. Dd YOU SEE the architecture of the "Struggle" that TRUSTED every "slate candidate" promoted by the Black Racial Services machine for 50 years - but it walks past the present condition of Detroit and Gary - and AFFIRMS the force in power at the rung of government that is it now has the masses trained upon?    They write letters asking for HELP at the lower rungs of the mountain - knowing that no one will get fired for falling short BECAUSE the flow of "Nationalized Social Justice" from among high has been blocked by Right-Wing Lumberjacks who cut trees full of "spotted owls" and other endangered species, for no other reason than to block the river of social justice out of spite.
 With this nationalization scheme few people are talking about how this fiat currency that once was backed by the "gold" of organic production in these once powerful population centers is now a matter of a GRAND CONFIDENCE SCHEME as global investors define the value of the dollar.

IF your "social justice" is necessarily backed by the negotiated fraud out of Washington DC and the Federal Reserve - as you lay claim to "SERVING THE PEOPLE" with more FAIRNESS - what should we say as we LOOK AT THE PEOPLE - and instead of seeing ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT through the INSTITUTIONS that you now control - WE SEE UNITY in the fight to make a run at the HOUSE OF CARDS ON THE HILL?

The answer is - You prefer the MOTION OF STRUGGLE more than you ever planned to make a population of "THE UN-LEAST OF THESE".    You neutralize their natural "WHERE IS MY MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU" - self interest protection by always dangling the enemy and then gaining their CONFIDENCE by showing how POPULAR the venerated figures are - per your corrupt media engineering.

As long as the people do not LOOK AT WHERE THEY STAND but instead LOOK AT HOW HAPPY AND AFFIRMED those around them are -  YOUR SCHEME lives for another day - OR AT LEAST UNTIL - you reach the Pacific coast of your struggle and now have to turn around - and PRODUCE THE ORGANIC RESULTS - EXCEPT now YOU ARE the "Establishment' that has failed to deliver SOCIAL JUSTICE to the masses.


From my post on Hinterland Gazette


President Obama is a LEADER OF THE POPULIST movement at a time we need MANAGEMENT.

* He LEAD YOU to SELL the "Saving of the US Auto Industry" - $49.5 Billion in debt money spent in the context of a $1,000 billion federal yearly defict

* He LEAD YOU to ask why the racist Republicans are talking about Benghazi - but not ask why the NATO International coup was labeled a "Humanitarian Mission"

Your argument is circular in reference.


Aside from your passion in FIGHTING THE RIGHT WING - and the pleasure within the Black community for doing so, Janet - CAN YOU ENUMERATE the MATERIAL benefits that have been delivered to the Black community

* In educational attainment

* In economic advancement

* In safe communities

* In our ability to EXPRESS our value for HEALTH CARE by producing more Black physicians through the above institutions (academic) and then finance this effort via organic productivity?

I, by contrast can detail the COMPROMISED BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS that have been JUSTIFIED BECAUSE "Obama was under attack by the RIGHT WING" -

* Claimed Voter Suppression versus AFFIRMATION OF INCOMPETENCE in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia lead to BLACK VOTER NULLIFICATION of the LOCAL GOVERNANCE of their community affairs in these cities

* The LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN where one letter goes to Santa Claus and the other to Obama AFTER THE VALUABLES WERE GIVEN IN THE ELECTION - to ENUMERATE the "Black Agenda" - the AGENDA THAT used to be AT THE LOCAL LEVEL - back in the 1960's at the onset of THE POWER GRAB over the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITIES.


Dangle the RIGHT WING ENEMY in front of the Negroes face and WATCH HIM scale beyond the DOMAIN OF MANAGEMENT that he was made to believe that THE PREVIOUS CONQUEST would lead to SOCIAL JUSTICE!!!!

Now with "WE are in the WHITE HOUSE" - you fight the right wing THROUGH OBAMA. He doesn't have to DELIVER ANYTHING but a BEATING OF THE GOP.

* Gun Control DOESN'T HAVE TO reduce the number of murdered blacks - it just needs to put the NRA on the defensive

* the Black Educational initiative that crated a photo op of "Leading Negroes" in the White House DOES NOT need to raise the academic attainment ONE BIT. It has ALREADY been entered on President Obama's "Filibuster List of ACCOMPLISHMENTS" - the pictures in the Oval Office PROVES THIS

* The BLACK UNEMPOYMENT RATE - YOU still have BUSH to refer to through 2016 Janet. While this is a name to generate pacification among "The Blacks" - it doesn't do much to replicate what the Koreans and Indians are doing Within the Black Community - in the places that people say are "food and economic deserts".



FOR ME - who is watching it all - it merely helps me to INDEX the VITAL STATISTICS from the BLACK COMMUNITY - and note that WHEN ANOTHER LEADER IS IN POWER but we see PROTESTS over a 13.8% Black unemployment rate - that this is the index of CONTAMINATION that is present among the AMERICANIZED BLACKS - the force that the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS needs PROTECTION AGAINST before organic growth will ever take place.


The Greatest "Leader Of The Blacks" In History!!

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