Saturday, December 08, 2012

Can The Progressives Forego Their "Systematic Racism Chasing" And Appraise Dr Susan Rice On Her Carbon Investments - Just As They Would IF She Was Not A VICTIM Of Right-Wing Attacks?

Rice under fire from left as Kerry's name won't go away

It’s not just Benghazi anymore.
One of the most controversial energy projects in the nation also has become a flash point in the drama surrounding who may become the next secretary of state – and it’s coming from the left instead of the right. Back on Nov. 28, “OnEarth,” published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, dug into U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s financial disclosures and found that she and her husband have a stake in TransCanada, the company pushing for the Keystone XL Pipeline to be built.

WHICH Subsection of "The Left" are they talking about?


The best time for the Western Imperialists to colonize Africa is NOW.
Since so many of the "Black Public Intellectuals" merely justify their positions relative to the RIGHT-WING - IF President Obama says that such an occupation is a "Humanitarian Mission" the best and brightest Black Progressives would attack any force that questioned the imperialist move, force them to PROVE - "When did you sell the Confederate uniform of your great-great-great grandfather on your way to becoming a credible analyst about the real intentions of the Black Commander In Chief who is VICTIMIZED by racism?"

For me - this is the best of times - for me to collect data about the antics of the "Black Racial Services Machine".  

When an endless stream of "Mutually Exclusive positions" are brought before them - they show, without question, that their Domestic USA Progressive Agenda is SUPERIOR to the notions of "Mystical Magical Africa", the source of their spiritual protection.

I actually wish to withdraw a previous assumption that I had made:

  • I was WRONG to assume that we should judge the "fraud and hokum" of the Progressive /Anti-War Movement by how much they return to the streets when a future right-wing president and administration takes the helm.
  • After listening to Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now" having returned to "Just The Facts Mamma" reporting about the CIA - I now see that the greater concern is that as a string of PROGRESSIVE COMMANDER IN CHIEFS retain power in the United States due to the expected demographic changes - THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT will agree to sublimate their ANTI-WAR ACTIVITIES against "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman" BECAUSE they will continue to justify their silence based upon "Focus on In-Justice EVERYWHERE..........Is what messed Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Up.  We Don't Plan To Splinter Our Relationship Now That 'WE Are In The White House' ". 

YOU ARE NOT going to see any "Original Muckracking" from the Black JingOist Journalists. 
They understand that their base only wants them to FIGHT AGAINST THE RIGHT WING.
The United States Government (and the officials within) doing the very things that they used to attack - is immaterial - AS LONG AS THEIR SIDE in "The Malcolm X Political Football Game" WINS.

We are now seeing any claim of "Moral Authority" from the Left go the way of the "Jesus Party" that THE RIGHT attempted to lay claim to. 

My question for those who claim to be "Black Conscious" / "Afro-Centric" is:  WHEN are you going to stand up to the Embedded Confidence Men, despite your agreement with their fight against "The Right Wing"?

IF they continue to do "right wing IMPERIALIST actions" - does it matter?

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