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Tavis Smiley Asks Tom Ricks - "Which Generals In The Black Racial Services Machine" Would HE Recommend Firing, Just As His New Book Says The US Military Needs To Do When Generals Fail

This past weekend I recorded war historian "Tom Ricks" on C-SPAN.
As I mentioned previously, Ricks was on "The Tavis Smiley Show" a few weeks ago as they talked about Ricks' book on the history of American wars and the generals who engineered the strategy.  

Ricks told Smiley (paraphrased) "Well I think that I like Obama more than you do................", to which Smiley said "Great Presidents are FORCED into becoming great.....".    I noted at the time that Tavis Smiley never repudiated anything about Commander In Chief Obama's "War Making".  

His disagreements with Obama are strictly rooted in wanting to hold up a "Progressive Fundamentalist Measuring Stick" against Obama - to which Obama's "Party Loyalist Blacks" are opposed.  They understand that "You don't hold up the PROGRESSIVE MEASURING STICK to an ALLIED PRESIDENT - you "Force the other guy to die for his country"  INDICT the RIGHT-WING OPPOSITION with the progressive measuring stick - beating him upon the head and shoulder and then agree to let MSNBC tell the world - "It was not a RACIST attack - Black people don't have the POWER to be racist - even if they are Attorney General, Secretary of State or even President Of The United States".
Since few Black Progressives will refuse to play the role of the "inferior" during a transaction - as long as it yields some benefit at the end of the scheme - MSNBC and others will be safe - UNTIL Black people start demanding of their White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies to be TREATED EQUALLY at the loss of THEIR "White Privilege" rather than the privileges of their common Right-Wing Enemy.  (Print it folks)

Ricks Is All About "Firing Incompetent Generals"

I am glad that I got a chance to watch Ricks on C-SPAN.   It provided a greater dimension of him than the Tavis Smiley show or his posterboy image of a "Fox News Slayer" as he called them out for being a "Republican sounding board".  

Some of you all can't accept that - this does not bother me one bit as we all know that it is true.
The problem is that even though Pew found that BOTH Fox and MSNBC are slanted - per their Election coverage - Black Progressives only want to point to FOX - telling them to CHANGE, but are unable to see that they themselves are not "straight shooters" - they merely have a particular taste of "Self-Chum".

I thought that Tom Rick's argument about "PURGING INCOMPETENCE" at the higher ranks was a fitting model to apply to the "Black Racial Services Machine".

Since I have been queuing up my book report on Tavis Smiley's interview Dr Robert K Ross I figured that this would be a great time to fuse it all together.

Watch Dr. Robert K. Ross on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

Though I have 4 pages of hand written notes from the interview with Dr Ross - I won't use them in my analysis.

Instead I would like to present my SUMMARY CONCLUSION that I have reached after watching TAVIS SMILEY'S impassioned call to action for "Progressive Solutions" for Black America.  Since Mr Smiley was far more at ease with Dr Ross (and the Open Society Foundation references that he made - there's another one - you had better keep your eye on Soros and not just the Koch Brothers)  - than he was with Larry Elder - I have to assume that he was in agreement with Dr Ross' pronouncements.

I don't think that Tavis Smiley caught the fact that both Elder and Dr Ross made reference to "Single Parenthood" as a challenge within Black America.  He RESPONDED to Larry Elder as if such a reference was AN ATTACK, whole Dr Ross provided "Loving Guidance" when he mentioned the same thing.

MR SMILEY - PLEASE STUDY THIS CHART!!! It Provides You With A Way To Counter Your "Progressive Friends" As You Correct The Flaws In Your Theories 

(I promised myself that this would be a short post with mostly graphical models with a little bit of text.  Sorry)


  • Tavis Smiley's Quest For "Social Justice"
  • Dr Robert K Ross' "Good Job Blackie" Blessing Of "The Open Society Foundation" And Others
  • Larry Elder's "We've Got A Problem And YOU Are A Part Of It Tavis"
  • Tom Ricks - "FIRE[!!!] The Incompetent Generals In Order To Allow New Blood To Rise Up"
(I would be remiss if I failed to tell you that in listening to the "Minister Al Sharpton Show" today - the guest host FAULTED HIMSELF for failing to cajole "Black Elected Officials" to come onto his show and give them a platform to FIGHT THE REPUBLICANS ON BEHALF OF OBAMA!!!!   ({crying inside and SMDH- send me to Mayo Clinic - please.}.
This shows that "THE BLACK STRUGGLE" is no longer a "Black Community Struggle" it is ONLY - as George S. Schuyler said - "A First and Goal at the 1 yard line" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game - where the Black Progressive tears off his jersey and shows that under the "lampblacked soot covering" that makes up his BLACK RITUALS - there is NOTHING MORE than an "AMERICA" with the same JINGOISM and XENOPHOBIA as any other AMERICAN.   He is ONLY NOW being tested because HE HAS POWER and he is taking off his MASK.
 PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! )
Sorry - I had to get that off of my chest.  You all do not understand how taxing it is to listen to "some of YA'LL" some time.   NO I mean it.  Really.

  • What Is The Process For FIRING ANY "BLACK GENERAL" Who VIOLATES THE MODEL That Will Build Up The "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" as illustrated above - THUS plaguing our people into the same set of conditions for another half millennium? 
  • What Is The System By Which "New Generals" Are Developed Through The Ranks Of The "Human Resource Development Institutions" That FAVORABLE PEOPLE Are Already In POWER Over? 
  • (MOST IMPORTANTLY) - What Entity Within The Black Community Will Control The:
    • TIME LINE  - Measurement Of The TIME that has been allotted to achieve "Social Justice"
    • GPS - Measurement of the PRESENT Coordinates In Space
    • THE BASE MAP - Upon Which The Above Two Attributes Are Plotted Upon As We Render..........................
THE EFFECTIVENESS  which equals - THE RATE at which AFFIRMATIVE MOVEMENT To A DESIRED END IS ACHIEVED, Along With A Measure Of The QUANTITY OF PEOPLE Who Have Bought Into These Desired Ends.

  • GET RID OF "Social Justice Entitlement" Consciousness - in which EVERYONE us DUE arrival at this DESIRED END
  • REPLACE IT WITH - "ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE" in which everyone who BUYS IN must AFFIRM that they are DOING THEIR PART and that any slacking is considered THEFT from the PRODUCE that would have ultimately grown in the orchard - had they tended to their agreed-upon duties.
(The PSYCHOLOGICAL differences of these two statements above could not be more great at the FOUNDATION OF ASSUMPTIONS) 

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