Friday, December 14, 2012

Blax News: Stanley Crouch & Ta-Nehisi Coates Pissed At "NYTimes Hit Piece" Against Black Democratic Mayor Cory Booker Per The Condition Of The City. Story Failed To Mention Damage To Newark From Last Republican Mayor In 1953

Promise vs Reality In Newark On Mayor's Watch

I wonder  if the NY Times will ever report about the larger national reality on ____________________________  watch.....................................

From The Article:

In recent days, Mr. Booker has made the rounds of the national media with his pledge to live on food stamps for a week. But his constituents do not need to be reminded that six years after the mayor came into office vowing to make Newark a “model of urban transformation,” their city remains an emblem of poverty.

WHY does the NEW YORK TIMES start from their appraisal from SIX YEARS AGO????

Why not instead speak for the Least Of These and ask "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT THEY GAVE TO THE MACHINE IN POWER FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS"?

From The Article
Taxes have risen more than 20 percent over the past three years, even after the city laid off about 1,100 workers, including more than 160 police officers. Crime has risen, and unemployment is up. Schools remain under state control, and the city’s finances remain so troubled that it cannot borrow to fix its antiquated water system. While new restaurants have risen near the Prudential Center downtown, those in the outer wards were placed under a curfew this year because of shootings and drug dealing.

HOW DOES A PROGRESSIVE GET FIRED AFTER TAKING VALUABLES FROM "THE LEAST OF THESE" BUT FAILING TO DELIVER?  Is there a process in place to do so OR do they simply get PROMOTED for doing such a "number"?

The twin brother of the Progressive "Keep Your Enemy On Trial To Avoid Indicting Your Friend" is the audacity to ask "Where Are The Valuables Of The People That They Gave To You For Investment"?

The first is an effective point of advocacy for progressivism which masks itself as "The Populist Will Of The People".
The problem that I have with progressive journalists such as Michel Martin and Keli Goff is that they NEVER step outside of their progressive advocacy and then ask the new establishment power, per the will of the people "DID IT WORK?"

"Did It Work" is a very different construct than the notions that they presently push such as:

  • He got reelected so the people are pleased
  • There is NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE because the other choice is "More Evil"
Great COWARDICE in the ranks of journalism is shown when they fall back on populism, showing willingness to tell us how historical oppression is still impacting a young person born in 1998 BUT unable to bring themselves to replay the video taped promises made to the parents since 1960 about how wonderful things will be in the "Mission Accomplished Zone" IF they stay united and continue handing over their valuables.

The truth is the "Mission Accomplished Zone" will not change until a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS among the people is cemented. 
The first step on this journey is to get a new set of NARRATORS who's analysis and willingness to defend the INVESTMENT interests of the people is untainted by their short term agenda.  

Unfortunately the people of Newark has no such guardian force that has the audacity to challenge what they presently think.

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