Monday, December 03, 2012

Blax News: Spencer Overton, The Black Prof That Served In The Obama Administration Suggests That When All White Folks In The Red States Vote For Obama In The Same Rate As His "White Allies" Do - Then The "Former Confederate States" Will Have Their "Voting Rights Section 5 Felony Conviction" Removed

If Black Americans ever became more clear on the real mission of "the Black struggle" - we would not make VOTING IN AMERICAN ELECTIONS the "end all" proposition for "Black Community Salvation" that those who know they will get the lions share of valuables from Black people donated into their offering plate make it out to be.

INSTEAD we would hear more debates that focused on the classical set of words that are her in all sorts of venues in which a Black person who parted with such valuables with the anticipation of certain returns for the future comes to the awareness that he has been had, saying:  'WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU PREVIOUSLY, SOMEBODY IS ABOUT TO GET CUT UP IN HERE!!!  I would shoot you but for the fact that I went along with you a few years ago during one of these handovers and banned handguns in this city that we live in."

In the audio report Professor Spencer Overton, formerly of "The Black" blog and former operative within the Obama Administration is ultimately guilty of continuing the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster".

You see they would rather talk about VOTING and thus "Right-Wing Voter Suppression" claims, than they have any interest in talking about the places where the Black Racial Services Machine - have scored the "Mother Load".


  • Philadelphia
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Washington DC
  • Camden
  • Trenton
  • Newark
  • New York City
  • Boston
  • Rochester
  • Buffalo
  • Detroit
  • Milwaukee
  • Gary
  • Chicago
  • Memphis
  • St Louis
  • Oakland
  • Los Angeles
  • and many, many other cities......................
THERE IS NO "RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN" force in municipal government that can derail the "Progressive Social Justice Public Policy Agenda".

How "Favoral Blacks" In  ESTABLISHMENT POWER Alters The Landscape, Forcing Operatives To Engage In "Stablishment Power Repudiation" 

 In The Face Of Election Problems In Fulton County Georgia - Board Member Emma Darnell Departs From The Normal Blanket Indictments And DEFENDS The Election Administration System

Its a good thing that today's "Civil Rights Enforcement Organizations" - the local press - analyized and then rejected Commissioner Darnell's claims - the NAACP did not want to go up against their friend in power.

No evidence found to back up Fulton commissioner's claim

You see if Prof Overton was to slip up and be THE VOICE saying ON BEHALF OF THE BLACK RANK & FILE - "Where is OUR MONEY that we have been investing into the Bayard Rusting VOTE YOURSELVES SOME BLACK COMMUNITY SALVATION" scheme - for more than 50 years - then he would have to take a principled stand - not necessarily AGAINST "Progressivism" - his native ideology - but AGAINST whatever void that is present within the BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE system that allows these "investments" in our "Permanent Interests" to be OUTSOURCED in the name of "Nationalized Social Justice".

(I hope that you all see that I am arguing about GOVERNANCE PROCESSES and INSTITUTIONS - despite my constant "attacks" on your ideology.   These "attacks" are necessary releases from my "mental ballasts" - especially after listening to the guest host on the "Minster Al Sharpton Radio Show" today.   If I did not have the ability for these peaceful release - I would use someone's unexpired time at the "Mayo Clinic")
Blax News Fake Charting Service
Note: These Numbers Are Fraudulent - Just To Make A Point - JUST LIKE So Much Of What Is Marketed To Black People Regarding "Voting For Our Salvation"

Why Didn't Michel Martin Challenge Prof Overton On His "White Voting" Numbers By Pointing Out The GAP Between "Black Voting For Our Salvation" And The RESULTS Within The Black Community, Thus Denying Him His Chance At Orchestrating "Systematic Racism Chasing" As A Justification For Channeling The "Black Struggle" Away From Community Governance?

The Compound Interest Will Be Due 30 Years In The Future As These "Young Black Males" Are Looked To As The "Professional Service Agents" Within The Black Community - To Lift The Community Up To The Desired Standard Of "Social Justice"

The missed opportunity for "Tell Me More" to link "Black Voting For Our Salvation" onto something MEANINGFUL TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY - other than "Offended Black Progressives" being convinced that the "Tea Party Klansmen" will ride again IF we don't stay "Congregationally Unified" and FIGHT AGAINST any Right-Wing Threat that the Black Racial Services Machine, in conjunction with the "Diverse Progressive Fundamentalist Coalition For Nationalized Social Justice" throws up to "SELF-SCARE us".

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