Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blax News Mash-Up: ESPN's Rob Parker Says Prof Gordon Lewis Is Not A "Cornball Negro" Because His Progressive Anti-Racism Research Trumps The Sin Of Having A White Wife And He Is Not A Republican, The Recalls When Rush Limbaugh Was A Racist Sportscaster Too

(From the Redding News Review)

Enforcement Of Black Progressive Racial Behavioral Dogma

DIVERSITY Is Something That You Demand THE OTHER GUY Accept As A Condition Of Your Affirmation That He Is Not A Bigot
ESPN Suspends Rob Parker For His Insulting, Racially Laced Comments About Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III

The Research Upon Racist Dogma

Phenomenology = Providing academic cover to the "Post Traumatic Slave Theory" Upon People Who Were Never Slaves - But Who Stayed At The Holiday Inn Express Last Night.

Despite the fact that they were able to walk through the front door of the hotel - the act that Fox News was playing on the flat screen television in the lobby instead of MSNBC triggered the subject of our psychological study to flash back to the time when his ancestors wore chains.
Dr Lewis Gordon Leaves Temple University In Philadelphia To Join His Wife At The University Of Connecticut 

Dr Lewis Gordon:  Lewis Gordon, whose mother is Jamaican of Sephardic and Mizrahi descent, focuses much of his writing on race and racism, Africana and black existentialism and postcolonial phenomenology.

Dr Jane Gordon: Jane Gordon, whose family is Jewish and who grew up visiting family living in apartheid South Africa , specializes in social and political theory, contemporary slavery, and black political thought.

(NOTE:  Unsubstantiated rumors say that the Gordons are being recruited to become members of the Open Society Foundation as well as featured journalists in The Root/The Grio/ and AOL HuffPo Blax)

LampBlacked Yellow Journalism: The Streaming Propaganda - In Which Systematic Racism Chasing Is Used To Compel "The Blacks" To Curl Up Into A Racially Defensive Posture - Allowing Their Wallets To Be Accessed By The Embedded Confidence Men The  When ESPN Allowed Another Racist To Have An Open Microphone And Offended "The Blacks"

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