Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blax News: In A Stunning Turn Of The Tables The "White Record Executives" Are Accusing The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Of Failing To Protect The Lives Of Their "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Artists Who Are Being Murdered - Thus Threatening Their Business Model As The Pool Of Talent Dries Up

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Why does  Jayloud make the audio effect of "bllllack bllllack" (rounds fired from an automatic weapon) and he makes frequent references to shooting his enemies.
WHERE did he get that from?

Will the offense of "REFERENCE TO VIOLENCE" which is clearly taking a toll upon the Black community ever reach the level that references to "RACISM" has in triggering a response from Black people to PUNISH this type of speech?

Jay Loud - Never Lackin video

Let me get this straight.

Two teen aged Black rappers from Chicago are murdered in a 1/2 year but we have a "GUN CONTROL" problem?

It seems that the gun merely expedites what the killer intended to do in the first place.

THERE IS NO WAY that if such a pattern in which two Black people were killed BUT the killer had a different profile than is the case here - that there would be so much silence and worse REDIRECTION into protests against a more favorable right-wing external enemy.
The "Black Woman Seen Crying On The Evening News Has Been Joined By The Brother Of The "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt"

Dear Family Member Of Joshua Davis:

Sorry for your loss.
To answer your question:  The issue of "Mothers Burying Their Babies" and "Kids Killing Kids" IS NOT GOING TO BE MITIGATED WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY until YOU and those who are suffering first hand LISTEN OUT for the ANALYSIS that the (so called) "Community Leaders" voice in front of a crowd - in response to the command to "DO SOMETHING" but INSTEAD of going along with the DIVERSION which is meant to ensure "CONGREGATIONAL UNITY IN STRUGGLE" you stand up and say "This is some B**l  Sh#@ That You Are Talking.  I am not WALKING OUTSIDE OF MY COMMUNITY for a solution that just so happens to fall in line with your ideological bigotry.   YOU need to get down off of that stage and turn off your microphone on your program and stop posting your articles - because I am not LISTENING TO YOUR WAY OF DOING THINGS ANY LONGER.   I have been COMPLICIT ENOUGH in the destroyed Black Community Governance Culture.    NO MORE!!!"

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The Sun at midnight said...

More of This type of rap and less of other foolishness -Jon Connor-

Ain't nothing cool about dying young

Ni**as living and dying for stripes
That nobody don't give a f**k about
When my ni**as died
Life just went on
You ain't nothin about 'em
Ain't nothing stop
No schools got closed
No work postponed
No holidays for 'em
They just were gone
Birthdays gone
Children go
Christmas gone
So this one is for them
Stop the stupid sh*t just for a minute
That's what this was for
And f**k what people say
Because life is worth living for