Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blax News: The Tim Scott In The US Senate Will Not Alienate Black People Away From The Democratic Party As Long As NBC News Pays Me To Look Past The Conditions Of Our Mission Accomplished Cities That Would Tend To Cause Doubt About The Competence Of The Establishment Powers That Actually Receive Black Votes

Should blacks fear or cheer Tim Scott in the Senate?

In the continuing "Jedi Mind Trick" that the Paid Black Journalists are playing upon the Black conscious mind - they know HOW YOU THINK and they play upon this fact, for the benefit of their employers.

David Love:  But would a Senator Tim Scott be a good thing for black people? Maybe not so much. But let’s weigh the pros and cons.
  • Despite the fact that a US Congressman was run out of office due to corruption his mental illness
  • Despite the fact that no Black Progressive Journalist did a serious accounting of "WHERE IS OUR MONEY AT" for the past 4 years - let alone the past 50 years - before providing investment advice for "Social Justice" a few weeks ago in the election
  • Despite the fact that EVERY legitimate mechanism for appraising the effectiveness of an elected official has been COMPROMISED because of the compromised state of the "Black Racial Services machine"...................
NBC's The asking Black people about....................................REPUBLICAN TIM SCOTT.

David Love is not talking about "WHAT IS GOOD FOR BLACK PEOPLE" (per his guidance by a TRANSPARENT MEASURE".
David Love is talking about what is PLEASING TO BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS!!!!!!

David Love: Nevertheless, DeMint wants Scott to succeed him, which speaks volumes about the implications of a Senator Scott for the black electorate.

Again - Mr Love is confused between what is PREFERRED by Black people in our PREVAILING POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS versus what HAS PROVEN to be an EFFECTIVE RETURN ON INVESTMENT - as measured by OUR ORGANIC UPLIFT.

If Cory Booker decides to run for governor of New Jersey DO NOT expect The Grio/Root/Jet/ AOL Blax - to hold their noses and do a TRANSPARENT assessment of "Where The Negro Of Newark/East Orange/Irving/Jersey City/Trenton/Camden stands - after 50 years of Progressive Public Policy".   
Such a stance would force them to PUT THEMSELVES ON TRIAL for "Assault Of Negro Development". 

Instead - just as Jet Magazine reminded Mayor Hatcher of their endorsement of him back in the 1960's - The Grio will publish a commemorative edition in the form of a PDF by which they were on record endorsing the first Black governor who used Newark as a stepping stone to go to Trenton NJ , but who is not responsible for the collapse of Trenton as only his office is resident there.

As David Love inspects the Immigration Policies Of Tim Scott He Is Loathed To Look At The "Social Justice" Condition Of Hispanics Who Have Not Yet Immigrated....................

More Women In Mexico Have Been MURDERED This Year Without A Chance That David Love And Rev Jim Wallis Will Violate The International Border Of STOLEN LAND As They Go Down To Provide Help  THAN The Number Of Hispanics Who Have Been Harassed By Right Wing Immigration Policies In The USA - Thus Proving That The "Fake  JESUS  Of Social Justice" Respects International Borders In Order To Focus On The Right-Wing Devil In The United States

Nov 2012: The female mayor of San Juan Tararameo, Cuitzeo Township in Mexico is MURDERED after surviving two previous assassination attempts.  Since there was no AMERICAN RIGHT-WING killer to make an indictment against - DAVID LOVE is free to tell us how Tim Scott's policies would have RACIALLY PROFILED her had she survived the killing and migrated to Arizona for safety.

Can you find a single article published by David Love that asks a question of the "Monopoly Progressive Fundamentalist" bloc that Mr Love himself ANSWERS affirmatively by the end of the same article?

The NAACP Gives David Love's Coworker - Rachel Maddow An Award For Going To Detroit But Not Reporting On The Incompetence And Fraud That Has Injured The Long Term Interests Of Its Black Residents. 

The Machine That Controls Every Elected Seat In Power In Detroit ALSO HAS STRAIGHT A's On The NAACP Legislative Report Card Because It Is Graded On A PROGRESSIVE "BELL CURVE"  That Is Skewed To The Left To The Point Of Collapsing

The NAACP Gives Republican Tom Scott A 7% Rating On Their Legislative Report Card




Why has no one in the NAACP Detroit Chapter BEEN FIRED For Injuring Black People's Long Term Interests By Dutifully Going Along With The Confidence Scheme that Harvested The Valuables From The Black Residents? 

I Told You To Fire Some Of The Negro Generals Who Are Shell Shocked, Still Believing That They Are Fighting The Battle For Civil Rights.   The Only Thing They Are Doing Now Is WASTING THE LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE.

Don't You People Have Enough "Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Highways" For You To Venerate Your Black Military Heroes With? 

Rest assured, Mr Love - a Senator Tim Scott can NEVER DO as much damage to the Black community as the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press' has done as it expresses "Regulator Capture" - working as advocates for Progressive Fundamentalist policies at the expense of the development of a transparent "Black Community Governance Culture".

I am saddened that Jet Magazine scooped you on the interview with former Gary Indiana Mayor Hatcher.

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