Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blax News Grievance Radio: "What If The Killers Where WHITE Muslims AND The Kids Were All Black?"

Sometimes I Question The Value Of "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" beyond its goal of generating "Congregational Unity" by "self-chumming" the masses over "hypotheticals" that ultimately generate the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" that allows the "unsettled business" WITHIN the Black community to go unmanaged.

The Hypothetical To Rile Up The Base
Today On Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio:
They Debated How IF The Killer In Conneticut Was A Muslim (Arab) The RIGHT WING Would Now Be Attacking MUSLIMS And Calling For Deportation
Table Cell
The REALITY That Had The Base Riled Up A Few Years Ago

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