Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blax News: The GOP Governor Of Michigan Had Better Not Attend A "King Day" Celebration BUT If He Doesn't Try To Come So We Can Reject His Presence Then We'll Call Him A Racist. We Hope That President Obama Comes To Recognize 'Dr King' After We Agreed To Be Silent About His Use Of Drones In "Nations Of Color" Because We Valued The Right-Wing Threat In America More

How the forces that DID NOT GET FIRED after they presided over the biggest loss of "UNIONIZED JOBS IN HISTORY" keep their jobs by making continuing TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENTS that are pleasing to the "Pro-Union operatives"

Some people value THEIR UNION over THE JOBS that are necessary to give the union a functional purpose.

Union Supporter In Michigan

Those workers who ENJOY THE WORKERS RIGHTS NEGOTIATED BY THE UNIONS but who choose not to join the union are FREELOADING off of the unions STRUGGLE, STRENGTH AND MONEY.



Doesn't this argument sound suspiciously like the "Civil Rights Congregational Unity ENFORCERS",?   It is done to limit people's OPINIONS and enforce LOYALTY.

The intellectual point that we never hear in the labor or civil rights realm is:  IF THIS POINT of "advancement" that you now affirm as your accomplishment is WHAT SHOULD BE BEEN THE DEFAULT STANDARD ALL ALONG - why then do you need to taunt this "free loader" who doesn't agree with you?

WHY don't you ever hear taunts about (for example) the workers caught drinking on the camera - SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED - but who union forced the company to hire them back?  Did they bring SHAME on the Union?

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