Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Blax News: Detroit NAACP Chapter Refuses To Cancel Their Centennial Self-Greatness Celebration In The Wake Of Execution Style Murder Of 4 People, Confident That Rachel Maddow Won't Call Them Out Due To The Award They Gave Her For Slanting Her Coverage Of The City , Joe Madison Concurs


Most of these stories lifted from the Redding News Review web site.

As The Detroit NAACP "Self-Awards Itself" On Its LEADERSHIP Within The Mission Accomplished City Of Detroit, No Protester At The Dinner Banquet Stood Up To Ask "WHY DIDN'T YOU ALL SEE THE PRESENT CONDITION OF OUR CITY COMING DECADES AGO In Your Run Up To Power?"

This is a testament to the strong "Congregational Unity" that the Black Racial Services Machine has accomplished locally.

The Black Eagle, Joe Madison - Long Time NAACP and Progressive Detroit Supporter Didn't Benefit From His "Eagle Vision" To Get OFFENDED About Anything Brewing In Detroit.  He Might Have Been Too Focused On The Right-Wing Threat More Than He Can Prove It To Be Beneficial To The Black Community

Black Journalist Keli Goff Says That She Can Tell By The Names Of The Dead People That At Least A Few Of The Victims Are Black People And Would Receive Racial Discrimination In Employment If They Had Not Been Murdered First

"Davis, Bender and Harris are names that a RACIST employer would see as 'Black'.  There is a great probability that they might toss the resume.   Koester was likely not Black based on his name.   I will use my power as a journalist to determine if the killer killed him less dead than the other 3 who are likely Black.   I bet that Jason Koester had less torture on his body when he was killed execution style than the others, for no other reason than he was White"
  •  Dyrelle Davis, 34, 
  • Shawn Bender, 16, 
  • Janetta Harris, 22
  • Jason Koester, 28

The Black Racial Services Machine Promise To Move The Above Distraction Off Of The Front Page And Not Be Tricked Into A Loss Of Focus Upon The State Republicans That Want To Use The "Emergency Manager" To Run Black Progressives Out Of Power From The "Largest Black City Outside Of Africa".

Mayor Bing Promises That The  New Police Substations Will Clean Up The City's Crime

Just In Time For The Visit To The City By President Obama - Putting On A Good Show In His Honor.

After getting advice from Mininster Al Sharpton - President Obama is going to tell the people of Detroit how "Mitt Romney wants them to go Bankrupt" and how they need to call all of the Elected Republicans in Detroit to tell them to support the President's economic plan.

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