Monday, December 10, 2012

Blax News Demographic Arbitration Service: The White Man Agreed To Stop Enforcing The Definition Of "Blackness". The NAACP Rejected Their Proposal After Tim Wise Said "Don't Trust Them - White People Are Still Racists, Except Me!"

Who enforces "Blackness" - in the mind of (Black Inferiorist) Tim Wise?

  • The government "Census Taker" accepts the "self-definition" of a person, as chosen on the form
  • The Police Officer
  • The Loan Officer
  • The Teacher
  • The Employer
It seems that Mr Wise is attempting to point toward the "Power Relationship" between the (oppressed) INDIVIDUAL and those who maintain THE SYSTEM (that oppresses them).

Now most of you are reasonably appeased that Mr Wise is "spot on" with his analysis of the "oppressed and oppressors", I am more interested in the residue that is left within the minds of those who buy what he is selling - even when the facts that they live within change.

The proper way to rebut Mr Wise - and the body of thoughts that he lurks within - is to make note what happens when FAVORABLE PEOPLE:
  • Become the POLICE CHIEF, assigned to an administration that won 80% of AFFIRMATION from Black voters
  • The Loan Officer who works in the bank branch located in the "Black Community" after the Black vice-president of the banking conglomerate, who was recently featured in the local "Black newspaper" announced her bank's commitment to fund "the next American revolution of innovation", with consideration to the PRESENT contents of America
  • The Teacher - who works in the "Black school", within the school district that is majority Black.  The school board in its present composition is a representation of the "50 year political struggle" for power.  The school superintendent can "relate" to the poorest of students because he was once one of them.  As a final testament to the "mission accomplished state" of the school system - the local NAACP has never sued the school system as they would prefer to work out any conflict with their friends outside of the news media, in support of both of their public image
When it comes to "The Employer" (and let me through back in "The Loan Officer") I would like to apply the "Dark Matter Analysis" to my consideration of the present conditions that the Black Community need to consider. 

In the CNN "Who Is Black In America" - Did anyone notice that while Tim Wise focused on WHITE FOLKS as the "Exclusive Keepers Of The RACIAL DEFINITIONS Of 'Blackness' " the bi-racial people who ACTUALLY LIVED AROUND BLACK PEOPLE had BLACK PEOPLE enforcing the color code with their TAUNTS and with their FISTS?

I wonder if Mr Wise could be made to believe that BLACK PEOPLE are EQUAL in our ability to HOLD SUCH LINES of enforcement?

Does anyone not see that if the "Color Code Enforcement" by modern day Black people is not seen as EQUAL TO THE WHITE FOLKS behavior - then once BLACK PEOPLE BECOME THE "ESTABLISHMENT POWER" - we remain INFERIOR - in the eyes of Ideological Bigots like Tim Wise to SCULPT OUR FUTURE?

The result is that - THE CONDITION OF BLACK PEOPLE is not a function of the STANDING GOVERNANCE that we ENFORCE in our communities - it is a matter of what the SUPERIOR WHITE PEOPLE that Tim Wise and fellow bigots wish for us to focus upon.  We only need to seek out WHERE THEY HAVE DEPARTED TO and demand "Social Justice" from them.

I worry less about the thoughts of "Tim Wise" than I do about my knowledge that he will lull a "Pack Of Negroes" to follow behind his words BECAUSE it allows them to obfuscate away from the failures to DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE - after their machine took over all of the "Human Resource Development Institutions" that Black people used to protest against when WHITE FOLKS OCCUPIED the positions.

Someone needs to force Tim Wise to explain IF he believes these positions of power have the same SUPERIOR ABILITY to OPPRESS or DEVELOP Black people?

Or was it the PEOPLE who were in the seats that bestowed the SUPERIOR POWER upon the institution?

NOTE - I blame the CORRUPTION in "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Intellectual Discourse" for not exposing Tim Wise, others who think like him and ultimately THEMSELVES as FRAUDS that are a detriment to the DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY through the INSTITUTIONS that they now control. 

We are conditioned to look at living/breathing economic interests within the local metropolitan areas and appraise them for their "RACISM".
  • Do they hire Black people in sufficient quantities?
  • Do they give loans and offer prime financial services to Black people?
  • Are the type of jobs that are accessible to where Black people live "middle class jobs" or are they "wage slave" jobs?
These points show a CONSUMER disposition in relation to the economy.   

The "Dark Matter Analysis" requires that we make note of how, even when a favorable establishment takes over the local ecosystem, receiving affirmation from the voting populace - the full dimensions needed to retain the high standard of living that was desired by the masses as they INVESTED their valuables into the transformed establishment power have now been shifted onto the shoulders of the new establishment.

To be clear - this obligation may have factually transferred.  This does not mean that the "consuming constituencies" have applied this to their conscious consideration of "WHO did this to us?"/ "Who failed us?".

With Newark, Gary and other places as a reference - the forces that had been the resident authority that exerted oppression and racism while they were present have now transacted "oppression and racism" UPON LEAVING.  

The notion of "Corporate Abandonment" is introduced as a subtle means of retaining the honor of the community while evading any of the economic consideration that what they PREFER in the way of economic, social or academic theory might not be what is EFFECTIVE at producing the desired results.

If "oppression" is seen in "slave wages" and "unsafe working conditions" - what should be said about unemployment and "unsafe community conditions"?

My problem with the "Tim Wise Mindset" is that because it is ultimately a "Black Inferiorist" consciousness - it can NEVER imagine that the present "Prevailing Establishment" had the duty to "install a center pole in the circus tent" that was JUST AS TALL as the one that the people chose to vote out of power.

I DO NOT BELIEVE that Tim Wise (and those who think like him) are prepared to yield their political/ideological opportunism - which has them executing "Systematic Racism Chasing" - for the practical notion that America is an "aggregation of local economies" and that they "nationalized social justice" that they desire will ONLY come from their effective GOVERNANCE of the local institutions that they now control, which develop the people who matriculate through them, thus receiving the 'organic competencies' that are needed.

These competencies  provide the "professional services" that the community demand, which allows them to live up to the desired standard of living.

At some point one must challenge Mr Wise and his acolytes:  "WHY did you take over these establishment positions when you ultimately intend to OUTSOURCE the incumbent obligation that come with these local positions of power, outward to your national aspirations?".

Once people understand that this nationalism is ONLY a scheme to cover their local incompetence at producing the "social justice" that they demand the nation provide to "The Least Of These" - the necessary local checks on these national aspirations will be managed.  The failure to perform this management is ultimately the failure of "The Least Of These" to guard their own valuables - no different than a "Subprime Loan".

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