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As Long As "The Filled Negro" Is The Historian The List Of "House Negroes" Will Be Those That He Hates Rather Than Those Who Stole His Cotton As He Thanked Them For Taking The Burden Off Of His Back

My Friend Filled Negro's Top 10 House Negroes For 2012

  1. Herman Cain
  2. Juan Williams
  3. Trenton Mayor Tony Mack
  4. Rev C.L. Bryant
  5. Clarence Thomas
  6. Allen West
  7. Tavis Smiley
  8. Chris Brown
  9. Joe Oliver - BFF Of George Zimmerman
  10. Track Star Carl Lewis

I still have to do a post on the Top 5 "Black Agenda Items" that came from the "smoke filled room" when the "Top Black Progressives" met.  I am not sure if they knew that the  "Legalized Marijuana In Washington" was "Washington State" and not "DC".  But more on that later.

I love allowing my dear friends to have a blank slate to itemize their priorities as they see fit.  Their agenda and the "List Of Evil Doers" speak volumes about the electrical activity that goes on between their two ears.

If I was still posting on my dear friend Filled Negro's blog I would request a few entrants for him to consider:

  • The "Street Pirate Militia Of Philadelphia, Inc" - who are on the cusp of rained death upon the streets of his beloved city at a rate not seen since 2007. The shame of "Philadelphia Pa 2012 Becoming Like Philadelphia Mississippi 1960" should not escape damnation by any conscious Negro living today.
  • Mayor Michael Nutter - who exposed the consciousness of the aggrieved people in West Philadelphia.  They care more about how Romney "destroyed" the education in the #1 state in the nation during his 1 term as governor than they care that Michael Nutter's city has a school system that has FAILED its 72% Black student population.  When he was on stage they would have been angry if the mayor talked about what THEY AS PARENTS needed to do to improve the schools in the city.  Mayor Nutter has grown from the nasty words said against him by former Mayor Street.  Nutter is INDEED a "Black Progressive mayor" - feeding the Black masses the self-chum that they want to hear.
  • District Attorney Seth Williams - you can hear the man in his own words, erecting policies that will be called in the future 'The New Jim Crow Of Philadelphia", once Michell Alexander grants Filled Negro the rights to borrow her book title as he pens a "Philadelphia Centric" version of the book.  If DA Williams plan to raise the bail for possessing an illegal gun is raised to $25,000 and thus more young people have to sit in jail until their poor family raises the $2,500 to pay to the bail bondmen - this will be a boon for the bail industry but will trigger an increase in the number of young people taken off of the streets and thus not able to VOTE.  Sounds like an engineered scheme to me.
  • Police Chief Charles Ramsey - Even though "Stop The Racist 'Stop And Frisk' Laws" did not grow as big as the "Hoodie Rallies" (Justice For Trayvon) - Chief Ramsey is responsible for bringing "Stop And Frisk" policies to the various police forces that he commanded.  In the case of the Philadelphia Tribute - they had problems with Ramsey's history of 'Stop And Frisk' but this did not exceed their PRIDE in seeing the "Racist White Cops Of Philadelphia" SALUTING a Black man and saying "Yes Sir" to him.  
  • Whom Ever Is "Green Lighting" the American Drone Bombings on "Nations Of Color" that the USA has not declared war upon.   (Note:  I am NOT talking about President Obama.  As a frequent reader of "The Final Call" - I have learned that some other POWER is controlling Obama.   This power should be labeled a "House Negro".  The Nation Of Islam is adept in their knowledge that they can't attack Obama in an organic (stand alone fashion).  Too many of their future recruits live vicariously through Obama and if they are seen as an Anti-Obama organization - their membership intake would go down.).  
    • This POWER also understood that the Black Progressive of today is no "Dr King".  They are intent to not make the same mistake that he did by standing up against Vietnam and losing the struggle for "Domestic Social Justice" by going against the sitting president.  Since THEY ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW (consciously) - and a balanced approach is taken as they are given "domestic social justice" in exchange for their silence on "injustice everywhere", unlike with Dr King's stance - they have something more than RETAINED MORAL HIGH GROUND that they can point to as the benefit.  They can point to "Social Justice Benefits".   Unfortunately they can't see that people are watching what it takes to pay off "Americanized Blacks" into complicity 
The Fraudulent Historian

If you read the history of Cecil Rhodes you will see how the "African tribal leader" (some of them) were instrumental in assisting Rhodes in carrying out his conquest of Africa on his way to making a railway "From Capetown To Cairo".

By definition the "tribal leader" was an INSIDE man, with influence upon masses of Black Africans.
Notice how when we hear about the "Uncle Tom" character in its modern parlance he is defined as a man that is outside of the favor of the average Black American (progressive/pro-Democrat).

I do yield that a "Clarence Thomas character" can RILE UP more Black Progressive Fundamentalists in a fit of rage than can an "Embedded Confidence Man".   The fact remains, however, that when we shift consideration away from POPULARITY over to POWER OVER BLACK PEOPLE - the fraud of the entire construct is brought to light.

Not only can a "Black Progressive Tribal Leader" work in cahoots with outside "colonial forces" who's goals have nothing to do with the DEVELOPMENT of Black people, they can also define a narrative by which fellow Black people are made convinced that if they ask "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You Before?" that this would prove damaging to their "Black Interests" because it breaks the bond of unity.   Just imagine that - the very notion that you might demand transparency upon your investment is sign of "distrust" against the group.

In my observation of "The Obama Years" my ideological disagreement with a large portion of his policies and theories is insignificant when compared to the more scandalous truth.   When you turn from "Obama on stage" and instead LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION - the real "Scandal Of The Obama Administration" is not inside of the Adminstration".

The compromised "institutional integrity" OF the Black Racial Services Machine is the scandal that has damaged Black people for decades to come.   The notion that the "President Of The United States Of America" is your "DR KING" has ramifications that have not come to light (consciousness) just yet.

Who's PeaceWHO'S POWER?  Who's Respect?
  • Two of these men fought against the US Government, demanding that it lives up to its own creed
  • One of these men "IS" the US Government.  His fight against the Right-Wing makes "The Blacks" happy and as a result they won't bother him about what the "US Government" is doing over seas or about the run up of the American debt that will hurt their "domestic social justice" in the future as Black people are not developed to create their own "social justice"

"The 'We Are In The White House Now' Negro"
Do you think that a person with this picture hanging on the wall could bring himself to PROTEST against the actions of the United States Of America - when one of his "Heroes in the Struggle" has violated his trust per his power as President Of The United States?

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers At A Black Shopping Center - Your EBT Will Be Delivered Early For Christmas

The man who coined the term "WE Are In The White House Now", providing insight on the consciousness and assumptions that Black people who think like him operate with in reference to President Obama.  .

After 50 Years Of Black People Handing Over VALUABLES To "The Political Struggle".....
  • The High Black Unemployment Rate as evidence of the failure to develop opportunity in the 'Mission Accomplished zone' was not enough to have them stop VOTING FOR THEIR SALVATION
  • The Failure Of "Mission Accomplished School System" to prepare Black children into becoming PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS that will "service" the people in their community UP TO the desired living standard was not enough for them to stop VOTING FOR THEIR "SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS"
  • As "Strange Fruit" is shown on the news as Black people are murdered in the streets in areas where only "Favorable People" bother to run for leadership positions - "hopes that the BLOOD OF THE SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS" will one day be shed has trumped the sight of the Negro's blood that has been hosed off of the side walk by the firemen who are commanded by a chief that the balance of the Black community has voted for.  The police were too busy doing the thankless job of trying to keep the community safe - from a consciousness that was allowed to ferment within
  • The HEALTH CARE for the community - which is an amalgamation of governing competence from the above 3 points - did not come at the hands of new Black physicians who matriculated through the schools that are controlled by favorable people with their education and the community clinics that they will work in being financed by the CONSCIOUS awareness of "collaborative economics" from the people who will benefit the most.  Instead it was LEGISLATION via the hands of previous progressive partnerships in the legislative, executive and judicial branch that afforded the promise of "Social Justice Healthcare" to The Least Of These.
What my friend Field Negro and others who think like him - as they reference the Malcolm X quote about 'The House Negro' - IT IS THEY who are not going to ever BE DEVELOPED into a point where they are equipped to "Leave Massa".  

"Massa", thus is the promise of Nationalized Social Justice' from America.

(I just violated my personal ban on using "Slavery Metaphors" - but how else do you debate with a guy who calls himself "Field Negro"?)

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