Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Analysis: If Spike Lee Is Serious He Would Channel His Anger Over Django Unchained Toward Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington And Samuel L Jackson

While Spike Lee engages in yet another battle with yet another peer movie director - his arguments fail to capture the real issue with the projection of "Black history" as a "Spaghetti Western".

IF "Django Unchained" was a "Minstrel Show" - Spike Lee would be fighting against the producer but giving the actors "in Black face" a pass.

It is only the fact that he has a good relationship with Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington that he has EXCLUDED them from his attacks per their participation in the production.

Welcome to the world of "Behavioral Enforcement" with the Black Racial Services Machine.

A few months ago I noted that (White) journalist Eleanor Cliff  went  after Justice Clarence Thomas' "dated notions of Black victimization with racism" (in the context of why people need to own guns to defend their homes), she NEVER would have used a "protected Black progressive" as a reference and told her "get with the times".   Whereas Justice Clarence Thomas is more likely associated with the drive toward a "color-blind society" rather than claiming "racial victimization" - Cliff understood that Clarence Thomas is a "Free Range Negro".   Attacking Clarence Thomas would never draw the ire of the "Black Racial Services Machine" upon her - as compared to if she said the very same thing about Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton.

Spike Lee is guilty of avoiding damning criticism of Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Samuel L Jackson because they are not "Free Range Negroes".   Such a debate would trigger a divide, just like the "Tavis Smiley/ Cornel West" versus Tom Joyner/Melissa Harris-Perry - "Alpha Black Donkey Fight".

There is no question that Black Progressive operatives understand the ramifications of their criticism of fellow Blacks in good standing.  It is easier for them to express rank "intellectual dishonesty" by targeting their words at a "White director" - giving the "Black supporting actors" the ability to claim "This is a debate between Lee and Tarentino, not with me".

On TV One's interview with the cast - both Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington SOLD the movie as a mix of Black history and a love story in which a "strong Black man rescues his woman from danger".  Kathy Hughes agreed with the narrative of Foxx, never once challenging him.

In truth - Quenton Tarentino could have taken the basic outline of his "Django Unchained" script and apply it to a "New Jack City" dystopic city that was destroyed by drugs and violence - the theme of a kidnapped woman and a strong man who kills those who threaten him would be a viable script.

Thus Tarentino is guilty of USING "Black History" as the flora and fauna of his movie script.

Those who TRAFFIC IN 'SYSTEMATIC RACISM CHASING' for marginal gain are more despicable.
Those who are employed into official media channels because they are PAID to run the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" - by which the critical need for governance of our issues at the community level is squandered by the "self-chummed" threats that a "White wing racist" lurks around every corner.

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