Friday, December 14, 2012

An Article On Cory Booerk's Duality Fails To Understand What "Brick City" Showed

Philadelphia Inquirer: Booker: Acclaim nationally, still slogging in Newark

The American Press is either complicit in or incompetent in understanding the dynamics of "Mission Accomplished City" politics.

The observation from the Philadelphia Inquirer that Newark Mayor Cory Booker enjoys popularity among the ranks of national Democrats but has a contentious loyal opposition at home, without sight of "intellectual curiosity" expressed by the journalist in an attempt to understand is troubling.

Matt Katz appears appeased with what Mayor Booker told him:  "Oh - those are just old Sharpe James supporters".

From The Article

He said that he had been able to get 80 percent of his agenda through the council and that internal polls show his support in Newark well over 60 percent.
The reason, he said, is that residents "can open their doors and see the new park and see the new supermarket, see the new housing complex, see the new police precinct, see the new restaurant."
Yet the optics of the last two City Council meetings, which Booker walked out of to jeers from the crowd and the council members, can be used to tell a different story.

Part 2

 "He's had time to prove himself, to redefine himself not as an outsider, as a Newarker, and that just hasn't happened," John James said.Instead, James said, Booker travels the country for paid speaking gigs and tweets his adventures along the way.
In fact, the day after the near-riot council meeting last month, Booker declared on Twitter his intention to live on the meager budget of a food stamp recipient. He never mentioned the council meeting, and what followed was a succession of self-made videos, blog posts, and national TV interviews about his weeklong experiment.
Matt Katz runs with the narrative about the fundamental difference between Sharpe James and Cory Booker as he focuses on the division of the ranks within Newark.

Had Mr Katz seen the last run of "Brick City" he would have noted two important facts:
  • EVERY candidate running in the raucous "Intra-Newark" municipal race back in 2008 was "The Obama Candidate".  Like the two team prayers said before a football game "Jesus was claimed by both of the combating factions"
  • When President Obama came to the "Continental Center" - not only were the two political factions standing united - the Crips and Bloods gang also found a central figure that unified them.

The problem with the narrative that Mr Katz (and most media) forwards is that "Cory Booker INHERITED A Newark that the 'Sharpe James clique' had destroyed".

I am not concerned with the common Democratic Party membership of James and Booker that doesn't get emphasized.  I am more concerned that Mr Katz appeared PLEASED with the narrative of development that Cory Booker TOLD HIM during the interview.

Part III
Booker says he inherited a $200 million deficit from Sharpe James that is now projected to be just $45 million. And in a knock on his potential future rival, he said funds were short because he "didn't anticipate the kind of cutbacks Chris Christie would bring into the cities." (Christie has blamed his cuts, which hit municipalities across the state, on the finances of his Democratic predecessor, Jon S. Corzine.)
"I think what it suggests is, Booker has great vision," Gillespie said. "But the resilience of these older regimes limits the extent to which he can transform them."
The question for Booker, then, is whether a move to the governor's mansion - or the Senate - can further his vision more than staying put Newark.


  1. Where is the evidence of the ORGANIC PRODUCTION that is within Newark after having achieved MISSION ACCOMPLISHED STATUS Politically - just as the politicians who proved successful at linking the rank & file's "DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS" with the POLITICAL DOMAIN within which the elected officials were seeking POWER?
  2. Where is the Philadelphia Inquirer's DEMAND of Booker and Sharpe James' son to "SHOW ME THE LOCATION OF THE PEOPLE'S VALUABLES because I am interested in protecting the people from the ESTABLISHMENT and YOU ARE NOW 'The Establishment' "

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