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Altering "Black Consciousness" : The Transition From "Accepting Disadvantage" Status In Support Of Access To Opportunity, Over To The Acknowledgement Of The "Establishment's" Obligations For Development Of The Masses And Thus Holding Them Accountable For Delivering Social Justice Within The Space That It Influences

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This is not the post that I had intended to stitch together the materials that I have been reading during my vacation but I figure I will give a preview.

Recall I told you that "Black Enterprise Magazine" was the "journal of the Disadvantage Minority Enterprise" - and that the advertised demographic changes in America would require that they scale their game from marginal 'access to opportunity' over to FILLING THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF EMPLOYMENT AND SERVICES DEMAND?

The latest row regarding the widow of former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson and her successful bid at retaining the "Disadvantaged Minority Status" for her business should be classified under this bit of guidance.

I saw the news story above on the news the night before I few out of the "Maynard Holbrook Jackson International Terminal" the following morning.

The normal disposition is for people to defend their "corners" in the debate on Minority Contracting / Affirmative Action.  

This latest issue is merely another "transactional" exchange between combatants.

Despite the fact that Mrs Jackson has wealth that exceeds the $750,000 limit - she does what I have observed:  "Black people don't mind 'Assuming Inferiority' - -----as long as there is some benefit at the end of the transaction".   Another partner in the joint venture claims to be a "Native American" - as certified by a tribe in Canada that was suspect.

This allowed a minority franchise to have access to the wealth that flows through the "Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport" .   IF this is allowed to be defined as the "dimensions of your universe" - you will believe that a victory was had.

I choose to define as my domain - the aggregate demand for EMPLOYMENT and GOODS & SERVICES in Metro Atlanta - to conclude that these points of marginal focus will not scale to address the needs of the community - Black or otherwise.

In reading Paul Kersey's book (which I "borrowed" for free per my status as Amazon Prime membership - and thus he got none of my money directly in support of his agenda) - he calls out these type of schemes.   I can agree with a certain portion of the assessments made by Mr Kersey while rejecting his goals.   He cherry picks indictments against Black people at the expense of defining the proportion of the problem that Blacks represent.   (example: While Blacks are the reason why home values decline in a community - the recent indictment of 2 traders in the "LIBOR " scandal impacted [IIRC] $50 TRILLION worth of debt financing around the world)

Mr Kersey pans the (racial) fraud and mismanagement in various elements of government in metro-Atlanta.  Again - I do not disagree with many of the areas that he points to - as I report on the same issues on this blog.

While Mr Kersey fails at his ability to limit the indictments against Black people (more accurately - "The Black Racial Services Machine" - the political channel of the Black community - which is my term) to their proportionate impact upon the larger American economy - his adversaries (the Diverse Progressives) are just as guilty.

While the Diverse Progressive Coalition stand for "Truth, Social Justice and A Living Wage" - they practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" - refusing to accept their role as the establishment and the resulting need for building a marketplace that can lead to their desired prosperity among the people.

While Mrs Jackson's "victory" will be lauded as a step forward in "access" - the truth is that it is a pittance relative to the need for JOBS in Atlanta proper and the entire metro Area.

I am not arguing that Mrs Jackson and her joint venture partners should bear this burden.   The "Black Racial Services Machine" that stood in full support of their "Disadvantage Status" have no plans to address the future in which they are a key part of the predominate force that will be in power (if the claims of the demographic changes in America hold true).

In this situation at the Atlanta airport - both sides in the combat will use it for their own agenda.

  • The victory over the right-wing forces in the Georgia State government that sought to reach through the protections that the city of Atlanta have built up to strip a minority firm from their access to opportunity.   In truth the FAA (Obama Administration) is challenging the "Distressed Minority Enterprise" status.
  • Another example of Black corruption via official channels.    Even on a good day, however, Black people control only a small fraction of commerce passing through metro-Atlanta.  Coca Cola or Home Depot or Delta Air Lines have more economic wealth than do the governments of City of Atlanta or Fulton County

I don't expect Paul Kersey to be supportive of the build up of a more independent Black commercial economy (less dependent upon government programs).   The point remains, however, regardless of "the haters" - the NEED for economic development remains.  It is largely unaddressed.  The forces that have most influence upon the thoughts and actions of Black people are inclined to hold up Paul Kersey's views as a JUSTIFICATION for "Congregational Unity" in pursuit of protection of "GAINS" - that aren't ultimately sufficient to address the NEED.

Who then is the real enemy?

It depends on if you are focused upon "Popular Appeal" to Black people (in our present prevailing consciousness  - OR "Organic Economic Development" where "The Least of These" are built up via the institutions that favorable people now control. 

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