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After Decades Of Compelling "TLOT" To Live Vicariously Through The "Favorable People In Power" And Hand Over Their Valuables - The Progressive Fundamentalists Are Enamored As Mayor Booker "Relates To "TLOT" Via Surviving Off Of Food Stamps

"TLOT" = "The Least Of These"

I will ask my question again:  "How Does A Progressive Fundamentalist LOSE As Their Efforts Are Deemed A Failure?"

  1. Is It When An Observer Notices That There Are Still POOR People That Remain?  - Clearly Not.  The sight of "TLOT" merely serves as their "harvesting orchard" - as evidence that more work needs to be done to obtain "Social Justice"
  2. Is it When One Notices That They Now Control The Key "Human Resource Development Institutions" Locally, Fail to create the "UN-Least Of These", BUT as they continue to HOLD THEIR VALUABLES - They Demand That The GREATER SOCIETY Provide SOCIAL JUSTICE Into The "Mission Accomplished Zones" That They Dominate?
The answer is "NO" to the above.

The Progressive Fundamentalist LOSES - when his base of "The Least Of These" - switch their consciousness from CONSUMERS over to DEFENSIVE INVESTORS.

After many years of debate - I assure you that there are masses of fellow progressives that will assure us all that - The people of Newark considered ALL of their options and indeed - VOTED FOR THOSE WHO CLEARLY HAD 'Their Permanent Interests' In Mind.

In truth the real problem is with "Containerization" and "Compartmentalization".
In theory the CITY was to be the "container" through which the constituents were to express their desired "standard of living".  

Upon the submission of the petition for a city charter to the state of New Jersey upon its incorporation date - Newark agreed that if the state of New Jersey permitted it taxation authority that they would maintain and operate a municipal government that would function as a franchise to prove the civic services that are enumerated in the state constitution (educational services, law enforcement, zoning, etc).

The point that I don't understand is how our "Civil Rights History" has been perverted today.  The very same "City Of Newark" who's police, municipal courts, mayor and city council could be seen as the OPPRESSIVE FORCE that triggered the "1967 Race Riots" in Newark - is today a municipal landscape in which we saw tremendous infighting as the battle for the "Alpha Donkey" was waged in archival references such as "Brick City" and "Street Fight".

One must ask - What has changed in Newark in which the same seats of "Oppression" several decades ago are now occupied by "Favorable People In Power" BUT the key to the salvation of the "congregation" of Newark now resides at the state or federal level?

Did these seats of OPPRESSION lose their power?  Or did "The OPPRESSOR" simply move?

I recall doing a post on Gompers Elementary School in Philadelphia.  After years of fighting for admission to this once segregated school, upon "Mission Accomplishment", today several parents have pulled their children out of the school and placed them into a nearby charter school.   

Since the same "bricks and mortar" remain at the school since the early 1970's - those of us who are intellectually honest must ask:  "Since THE BRICKS AND MORTAR has not MOVED AWAY ....................WHAT FORCE vacated this building that makes it less attractive as a destination today for Black parents seeking a quality education?"

Take the inference of Gompers and translate it into a model:
The PARENTS were SOLD upon the notion that upon their VICTORY IN THE FIGHT that they were compelled to engage within - that the land of Social Justice "Milk And Honey" would be achieved.  

After they DID THEIR PART in FIGHTING "RACISM and INEQUALITY" and WON OVER the INSTITUTION - can we honestly say that their "STRUGGLE MOTION" - within which they were victorious - advanced the PERMANENT INTEREST of the community in question?  That being "Quality Education - Paving The Way For Our Young People To Be Transmutated Into "Professional Service Agents" In Support Of The Desired HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING That Is Desired By The Black Community?

(Rob Redding) "Is This Microphone ON!!!!?????"

Does anyone else see that when someone places a snare in front of YOUR DREAMS and then psychologically convinces you to express your "struggle" on the terms that THEY have identified to you - that there is a possibility that you become so psychologically caught up into THESE TERMS that you forget YOUR PERMANENT INTERESTS that you sought?

When they hang a picture upon the wall and then have you to "VENERATE" these FAVORABLE PEOPLE POWER as proof of your conquest - that this just might be someone who KNOWS HOW YOU THINK more than YOU DO - and thus this is a DIVERSION more than an ACCOMPLISHMENT?

Why Isn't Anyone Making The Case That Cory Booker Should Be Appraised By The Number Of "LEAST OF THESE" That NO LONGER Are On SNAP As Proof Of The MACHINE'S Effectiveness At Creating The "UN-Least Of These" - Rather Than Proving That They CARE?

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OR is it JUST "Congregational Unity" FOR POWER In The Malcolm X Political Football Game - AS THE EVIDENCE CLEARLY SHOWS?

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