Monday, December 17, 2012

A Difference In TIME INTERVALS Does Not Obfuscate A Pattern Of Dysfunction

NOTE: The issue of gun violence is a phenomenon that is LARGER than the "Black Community". THIS BLOG focuses primarily upon THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the forces that influence the thoughts and outcomes within.  IF you want a broader perspective then, by all means, go elsewhere.
Just ask yourself:  "WHY are these other sources of news unable to promote the problem of Homicide Victimization within the Black community"?   WHY do they remain so pleasing as news sources to the Black community that suffers from a homicide victimization rate that far outdistances our US Population Proportions?

Might it be that you prefer to be APPEASED rather than operate the proper GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK?

In Connecticut - One Mentally Deranged Kid Transacted An Incident Of Mass Carnage

In Mission Accomplished Cities - Despite The Smaller Body Count, The Serial Killing Creates A Larger Body Count Once We Shift The Interval Of Time From "One Day" To "One Month"

When We Consider A Matrix Of Months - the PATTERN of repetition points to the LARGER PROBLEM that the Black Community should be focusing upon.

The opportunity cost of outsourcing our "Black Community Governance Culture" is that we must ask the EXTERNAL GOVERNMENT to stop our young people from killing each other.
When the "INVADING FORCE" from the government begin to oppress the community in pursuit of weapons - yet anther protest is had.

We need to start looking at the Embedded Confidence Man forces and the JOURNALISTS who don't seem to get fired, REGARDLESS of the condition of the Black community.

BYP - Violence vs Apathy

The forces that prefer 'Congregational Unity" and to profit from their ideological/political opportunism will continue their shallow call for "Gun Control".

When you consider this "man on the street" perspective of a Chicago resident who ventured into Philly we see a more complex set of issues.
Her home town of Chicago has a stereotype of "violence".  When she travels to the violent city of Philadelphia she is asked about the violence in Chicago.
She then tells us that the people in Philadelphia are "angry", "hostile" and "aggressive".
(Editor's note: From personal experience - I have learned that this disposition is a necessary FRONT, used to communicate non-verbally among strangers.   You are "Guilty until proven a non-threat" in Philly.  This is a necessary coping skill, learned from being in an extended community that has produced too many confidence men ready to pick your pocket.  Break through that rough exterior and you'll find some good, honest people that are full of love.)
In our world of populism and consumerism we are more likely to see convergence around a "struggle", "the struggle" providing an appearance of MOTION among the crowd.

Black people in a group, such as "The Million Man March" or in Grant Park the night President Obama won his first term - feel a sense of euphoria that frees the normal suspiciousness or defensiveness that we carry in large crowds.  Like two drivers coming toward each other, only separated by a yellow line in the street - the one driver places his confidence in the other driver - with the assumption that in this place of euphoria - the other driver will obey the rules of the road.

The "Americanized Black Consciousness" has been too outsourced to POLITICS.
Even though some individual stood almost 50 years ago in Gary Indiana, chastened by the thought of "favorable leadership in power" and disarmed of his will to regulate the government - TODAY'S hard truths provides the reality that this need did not diminish

The honest truth is that for "congregational unity" to work Black people must be STRIPPED OF OUR DIMENSIONS, as our bigotry allows us to look past some hard truths locally - all for the cause of unity in the fight against the RIGHT-WING ENEMY - even when he is not the one pulling the trigger in abundance, firing slugs into Black bodies without fear that the police are right across the street - because "the Sheriff" had a hood on and had the best aim.

WHO is using the Negro for target practice TODAY?

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