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With "The Civil Rights Pharisees" Controlling The Definition Of "Civil Rights Violations" They Will Always Give Themselves "Straight A's" No Matter How Many "Ninjas Get Themselves Kilt" On Their Watch

I just stopped by the local library and picked up "THE CRISIS" magazine.  The official oracle of the NAACP, the premier "Civil Rights Pharisee" organization.

With Jet and Ebony's placement of "The Obama's" on the cover of their present respective issues and there being no chance of any one claiming that there is manipulation going on akin to the "Voter Fraud Is A Felony" - it should be clear to everyone that there are some "DARK MATTER" forces at work to suppress Black community development -  that go beyond what is punishable by American law.

(Note: This picture came from PBS' Bill Moyer's web site as evidence of BLACK VOTER SUPPRESSION by the Right Wing)

Fewer "Civil Rights Pharisees" and "White Progressive Allies" seeking to protect Black people were OFFENDED with the "Gang Signs" and "Simulated Gun Shots" done by the killers of a modern day "Emmett Till" named "Lil JoJo" who hailed from Chicago just the same than they were OFFENDED by these billboards.

NAACP And Jet Magazine - NOW vs THEN


All "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" Were Murdered Within The Confines Of The NORMAL BLOODSHED That Is Tolerated By THE CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES...................BECAUSE The Killers Were Not WHITE Or Police Authorities

This sign WAS NOT "ILLEGAL".

The STANDARDS of the commercial advertising company to not allow any ANONYMOUS  Ads running on THEIR BILLBOARDS was the justification given for its removal - per the push back by the BLACK RANK &  FILE and the coridinated efforts of the "Black Racial Services Machine" - including NBC's "The" who did research to find the RIGHT WING source that paid for the ads placement WITHIN BLACK COMMUNITIES
Thank You President Obama For Being A VICARIOUS FIGURE For Us To FIGHT THE RIGHT-WING THREAT To Our "Social Justice" Through

SINCE WE get to define CIVIL RIGHTS and WHO has the SUPERIORITY to VIOLATE them........OUR MACHINE MEMBERS will always get an "A+" On Our "NAACP Legislative Report Card - REGARDLESS of the actual state of BLACK AMERICA is.
The BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE - APPEASE the prevailing consciousness WITHIN this force-field and the PREVAILING GRAVITATIONAL FORCES will use the power of COORDINATED  to go along with it all.  IT DEFINES the "STANDARDS" based upon its larger agenda of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY over INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY. 

1964 - Choose Or Lose
1968 - Choose Or Lose
1972 - Choose Or Lose
1976 - Choose Or Lose
1980 - Choose Or Lose
1984 - Choose Or Lose
1989 - Choose Or Lose
1992 - Choose Or Lose
1996 - Choose Or Lose
2000 - Choose Or Lose
2004 - Choose Or Lose
2008 - Choose Or Lose
2012 - Choose Or Lose

When someone has the AUDACITY to ask the NAACP - "WHAT EXACTLY HAVE We GOTTEN In Exchange For OUR VALUABLES?" - This broken record will be CHANGED. 


75% Of These Homicides In Philadelphia Are Of BLACK PEOPLE.  Its A Good Thing That A FELLOW BLACK Is Not EQUAL Enough To Produce A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION In The Eyes Of The NAACP And Fellow "Black Inferiorists"


We simply ask them: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP BLACK PEOPLE BESIDES CRITICIZE?  Well Then SHUT UP until you do something. "

They never ran across a "Fellow Colored Person" who has ADVANCED beyond their talking points and who knows how to ANSWER the challenge by noting............................

Each Election Cycle THE EQUAL BLACK BALLOT Is Said To Be AT RISK More Than The NAACP Can PROVE That They Have Generated A RETURN ON OUR VALUABLES.
(Our VALUABLES Are NOT The BALLOTS That The American Government Gave To Us.  OUR VALUABLES Are:

  2. The ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT Of Our Community Via The INSTITUTIONS That Are Now In Favorable Hands
...... defining WHAT THE NEGRO HAS HANDED OVER In Following The Appeals Made By The BLACK RACIAL SERVICES Machine From The Pulpit Of The "FALSE RELIGION OF BLACK AMERICANISM' Then They Will Turn Around And Act As INVESTORS Instead Of CONSUMERS

As long as an INVESTOR doesn't demand a RETURN from the "MIDDLE MAN BROKER" that he gave his valuables to - BUT INSTEAD are more interested in having him win the "TOP INVESTOR OF THE YEAR" using THEIR MONEY to defeat a RIGHT-WING competitor in the same context - you can predict that these same people won't be asking him for a BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 401K Balance Sheet and will be more likely to believe him when he tells them:

"THOSE RIGHT-WING COMPETITORS HATED THE THOUGHT OF A BLACK MAN GETTING THE "TOP SALES JOB" THAT THEY STOLE YOUR MONEY out of MY PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT.   I am going to HELP YOU get your money back from them - without charging you A COMMISSION on your next round of investments because I am offended by their RACISM as much as you are". 
Never Before Has There Been Such A CRISIS "Within The Black Community" With So Many FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER Per The Previous "VOTING FOR YOUR LIFE" Scheme Where There Has Been SO MUCH CONGREGATIONAL UNITY To "Stuff The Offering Plate" When It Comes Around Again - So That The RIGHT-WING Dracula Doesn't GET BACK INTO POWER WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY And OFFEND The Masses.

Instead Of Being Able To Point To Evidence Of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES DEVELOPED Through The INSTITUTIONS That Favorable People Now Control - They Mainly Lament That The REPLACEMENT Will Largely Achieve The Same Results While Being Motivated By RACISM - Causing Them To Run Their OCCUPATIONS Against The GOVERNMENT - Again

With So Many Individuals Now Having A Complete Dinning Set Of The "Obama Limited Edition Commemorative Plates" the NAACP decided to try a different set of "bling" this time 
At this point I would be impressed if any of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press Operatives" were to purchase one of these - NOT to place it on their own shelves but to confirm that it was not made in China at a firm that Mitt Romney has investments in but instead was manufactured by a UNION SHOP in America that paid LIVING WAGES - thus the reason why it COSTS SO MUCH (not in money but in all that has been lost in the Black community consciousness over the past 50 years thanks to the concussions suffered during the Malcolm X Political Football game)

Rep David Scott (D-GA) Tells The NAACP Of A Tea Party County Full Of "Black Flight Progressives" - "The Successful Reelection Of Obama And The Democrats Will SECURE THE FUTURE OF BLACK PEOPLE - Just Like How You Felt So Secure That You Moved Away From The Mission Accomplished Zone Because You Saw Greater Opportunities For Black Folks Now That It Is A Crime For A White Right Winger To Attack You For Moving In."

  • “We’ve got to be a sojourner for truth,” Scott said, then bringing the Nov. 6 election into focus. “We’re faced with difficult days. You’ve got to make sure the first black president is not a one-term president. That’s our task. We’re the NAACP. This president has done a remarkable job.” 
    • Ask The Good Congressman WHY He Now Focuses On The Years 2008-2012 AND Toward The White House rather than all of the other "Mission Accomplished Offices" that have been won since the 1960's with the NAACP Slate "DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB" that most of the Black people in the audience in Fayette County Georgia moved away so their children had a better opportunity at attending a "good school"?  (He did say TRUTH didn't he?)
  • Scott also noted that healthcare in America is under threat.
    “If we don’t get out and vote, the first order of business will be to repeal (Obamacare) if Romney is elected,” Scott said. 
    Fear Not Rep Scott - The "REPEAL" of "Social Justice Subsidized Health Care" will be like the Southwest Atlanta Medical Center:  After the machine that you are apart of:
    FAILED to matricuate Black students with potential to become DEGREED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS  through the elementary/middle/high schools that now named after your "Civil Rights Heroes" to feed the demand for health care services 
    FAILED to confront the "Wealthy Blacks" of Cascade Heights when they refused to use their CORPORATE HEALTH CARE at a "Ghetto Hospital" with "Ghetto People", allowing the facility to close because the GOVERNMENT REIMBURSEMENT RATES were not sufficient. BUT THEN you allowed these same ELITE BLACKS off of the hook when they SUPPORTED "OBAMA CARE" but damned the RIGHT WING for hating Black people and not willing to share their "Social Justice Resources"
    FAILED to change the HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS of Black people in which those that you call "The Least Of These" are made to see that THEY ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE in the value of THEIR OWN BODIES.  In as much as they have been shown a REASON TO LIVE - they need to make sure that their physical bodies are there to support them
    Unfortunately, Rep Scott - despite your annual "Health Fare" at Mundy's Mill High School in which services are given away for FREE, endearing your constituents to your altruism - you are creating an EXTERNAL VARIABLE that these people will AWAYS need to REMAIN IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO in that 
    IF THEY VALUE THEIR BODIES then these services that are transacted to improve their health HAVE A CERTAIN VALUE to those with the KNOWLEDGE that they "studied and showed their selves aproved"
    IF THE SERVICE PROVIDERS believe themselves to off the BEST, MOST INSIGHTFUL care and knowledge THEY TOO are going to want to be compensated for their efforts
    Sadly - your theories won't ever be packaged up and taken to a concentration of REAL "The Least Of These People" in the diaspora - with a system that is PERPETUAL and SELF-SUSTAINING.  "Social Justice" always needs an external individual for YOU to ask that they live up to a higher calling while is loathed to DEVELOP "The Least Of These" into such a person, for risk of "losing its flock"
    Scott likened current-day challenges to those faced by Joshua in the Bible. Calling Joshua the greatest general in history, Scott cited the 12 stones set up by Joshua in the Jordan River to illustrate what he called the 12 stones of the NAACP. Those stones included figures such as sociologist W.E.B Du Bois, baseball player Jackie Robinson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, civil rights activists Rosa Parks, Roy Wilkins and Medgar Evers, poet and columnist Langston Hughes and Mary Turner, a pregnant woman who was lynched and burned in Valdosta in 1918. 
    Jackie Robinson had NO POWER to execute the US MILITARY/ECONOMIC and DIPLOMATIC AGENDA upon OTHER NATIONS OF COLOR - compling "The Blacks" who lived vicariously through him back at home to remain strangely silent when "Jackie Robinson" ordered a Drone with the words "Louisville Slugger" to drop bombs upon Africa.
    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and his friends Brennan and Stevens must be held accountble for the "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" scheme in which THE CRIMINALS that have assaulted members of our community are made into VICTIMS of the SYSTEM while THE SYSTEM IS PUT ON TRIAL.   In as much as it is true that the cities with the highest concentration of Black people AND the strongest NAACP CHAPTERS - also have the very same percentage of BLACK PEOPLE INCERCRATED IN MUNICIPAL JAILS.  Its just that the Sheriff's Jailers and the Sheriff got the majority of the Black vote in support of what some call "The New Jim Crow"
    As we saw in Cleveland OH a few weeks ago - IF Rosa Parks had a mouth like the Black woman that got punched in the mouth AND the White Bus driver had punched her rather than calling the police to have her arrested - IF THE REACTIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE LIVING TODAY were in place back then - they would have said about Ms Parks as they did about this Black woman in Cleveland:  "She Deserved It".  (This is not MY position.  He should be fired)
    I can only hope that Roy Wilkins is disappointed in what today's NAACP has become.  With all of the low hanging fruits of "Racism Chasing" enforcible by law - they now are mostly "POLITICALLY OPPORTUNIST Racism Chasers" telling Black people what the White Right Wing SAID in order that they remain OFFENDED - keeping their minds off of effective goverannce on the INSIDE of the Black Community which would force some of their slate candidates to resign office
    Megar Evers of Mississippi, if alive today, stands a greater chance of getting SHOT IN THE BACK in his own home by a "STREET PIRATE who is Black" who's consciousness of HATERED was also forged in a dysfunctional community - just like the killers of Mr Evers
    Anyone watching "Another 48 Hours" would see with their own eyes that TO-DAMNED-DAY - Black people are murdered in any way that you can think of that "The Klan" did but, despite its weekly new series and about  3 repeats each day that my Tivo records - NONE OF THESE CRIMES against Black people seem to trigger a CIVIL RIGHTS MARCH - let alone an operative of the NAACP mentioning the MURDER 1 week after the fact, let alone 50+ years as you did with Ms Mary Turner.  Tell us exactly why you believe her killers to be of SUPERIOR interest to you than what can be found in most big city newspapers today?   OR are you telling us this to evade the truth of TODAY as the CONGREGATION that you stand before likes to have their bigoted views affirmed rather than being challenged by THE TRUTH? 
    Returning to the upcoming election, Scott said, “This election is for our future.” Citing an example of the implications for the future, Scott said the next president will likely appoint the next two or three justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. 
    Rep Scott - ATLANTA as well as every other "Mission Accomplished City" has a FAVORABLE JUDICIARY LINE UP per the bias of the NAACP.  Could you tell us specifically if the placement of Progressive Fundamentalist judges that the NAACP and "Black Racial Services Machine" prefers has:
    1) Keep BLACK VICTIMS OF CRIME Safer In Their Own Communities?
    2) Reduced the number of Black Convicts in jail BECAUSE you helped dispense more accurate "Justice" that is now ideologically bigoted rather than racially bigoted?
    3) Has overtaken the importance of "A CULTURE OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION" and GOVERNANCE - where the community OWNS the outcomes WITHIN rather than MARCHES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE from outsiders?

    No doubt you got a standing Ovation - just like every other politican in the past 50 years that got an "A" on the "NAACP Legislative Report Card".
    Now tell us why our communities are controlled by so many "A+ Report Card Holders" but so many of our PERMANENT INTERESTS are molested as the grand diversion scheme is being run?

    Does it get better in the future?

Most certainly this force has no intention of making a SELF-INDICTMENT against the MACHINE that it is a part of.


What Type Of VIOLATION Is Produced When A Force Takes Over The Institutions Within The Black Community, Falls Short Of Its Promises BUT COMES BACK FOR MORE, Knowing That No Entity Is Going To Ask Them "Where Are The Valuables That Black People Invested In You Previously?"


A Battle Ground For Adult Interests

Who Should Take The Hit For Compelling Black People Who Earnestly Sought Out Education To PROMOTE FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER Only To Go Through A Complete Cycle With Insufficient Progress And Now They Are Telling Us About The Threat From The Koch While They Ignore The Report From George Soros That Told Of The Graduation Rates For Black Males That Would Be Deemed A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION But For The Fact That So Many "Political Blue States" Where Also RED In Their Performance - Thus Taking The Issue Off Of The Table Due To Confused Loyalties By The Civil Rights Pharisees


By The Pursuit Of "Justice Justice" And "Social Justice"

Despite all of the selective outrage and "Hoodie Marches" until someone drives home the message that every MURDERED BLACK PERSON is a LOST VOTE for the Democrats -the Civil Rights Pharisees won't get serious about a Conflict Resolution Plan that SCALES and is ENDURING

Thriving Local Economies 

The Old Theory Was To Have A Strong Local Economy By Which People Seeking To Trade Their Talents And Goods To People Who Had Money To Pay As A Consumer In Pursuit Of A Certain Lifestyle Has Now Been Co-opted By The Notion Of "Nationalized Social Justice"

Unfortunately forces that have been WATCHING BLACK PEOPLE and VALUING a CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS when they see one - have stepped in and now dominate "Black Community Retail".  But HEY, At Least The Consumer Is Satisfied.

Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes

THEY SAY "You Got Health Care" And Should Be THANKFUL 
IF we use the old axiom "............THEY Can Never Take It Away From You........" - since your new "Access To Health Care"........

  • DID NOT come from more Black Medical Professionals matriculating through your community EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS - as proof that YOUR STRUGGLE is in line with YOUR NEEDS and not just your LUST FOR POWER
  • DID NOT come from an expressed, COMMUNITY LEVEL desire for SOCIAL JUSTICE among the masses - and thus you aggregated your FINANCIAL RESOURCES to pay for this coverage as proof of your commitment
  • DID NOT result in several of the HOSPITALS IN YOUR COMMUNITY that have closed down or which are just making it fiscally - returned to FINANCIAL HEALTH........
it is CLEAR that - in as much as you can't package up 'the Health Care" that you got and TAKE IT to provide structural assistance to ANY OTHER "Black Diasporatic Population Around The World" in the name of "Social Justice" - it is clear that YOU DID NOT GET "HEALTH CARE"  - you got improved, ACCESS, subsidized by an entity that is $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and growing.

The only rational question to ask then is:  What are you going to do when the BILL BECOMES DUE and you see that in fact SOCIAL JUSTICE IS NOT FREE? 

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