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When The White Ally Seeks To Retain His "White Privilege" - The Future Of The "The Demographic Changes Look Good For US DEMOCRATS" Negro In America

Over the past few days I consumed two viewpoints from people that I found quite interesting (as well as a PBS documentary on the current European Debt Crisis - which I will discuss later).

In all of these cases the problem is centered upon an IDEOLOGICAL CLIQUE who form a tentative union with the notion that if they can gain POWER THROUGH ATTRITION (over their Right-Wing Enemies) - their FORCE and their ALTRUISM will ascend any economic and social constraint.

Please recall the American Real Estate Financing bubble.  It was rooted in the notion that if mortgage lending banks could distribute the risk of their lowered lending standards into a 'secondary market' that no one institution would be exposed to risk that would otherwise make them reject risky customers.  The resulting crash showed that ALTRUISM (backed by a profit motive) that is misaligned with reality will ultimately collapse.

In the first artifact I read NPR and their story about how the changing demographics in America 
From The Article:

"Republicans are 90 percent white. Democrats are only about 60 percent white," says Pew Research's Andy Kohut. "The Republicans have a white problem — or a lack of diversity problem. It's not apparent in this election so far, but over time, the changing face of America is going to represent more of a challenge to the GOP than to the Democrats."
Minorities overwhelmingly favor Democrats. That trend is likely enhanced by President Obama's status as the nation's first black president. In this election, African-American support for Obama tops 90 percent. Polls show Hispanics supporting the president by better than 2 to 1.
 Part II
At George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., not far from Washington, D.C., sophomore Alan Williams is handing out campaign information for the College Democrats. Williams is African-American. He says he likes the fact that long-term demographic shifts are already helping Democrats in places like Colorado and Nevada and may help down the road in solid red states like Texas.
"As a Democrat, I think I'm excited that this is happening because, hey, it's looking good for us, and I think it definitely goes back to the statement that we are the party that represents America," Williams says. "And I just see the gap; the gap is getting much larger for us."
Republicans have long had difficulty winning over African-Americans, but many in the party are frustrated that they don't do better with Hispanics. They say the Latino focus on family and faith makes the GOP a natural fit. But that is more than offset by hardline GOP positions on immigration. There have been warnings from prominent Hispanic Republicans, including former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

 As I listen to and read various Black leftist media sources it is clear that the Black Progressive believes that Black people are going to be DEVELOPED via the POLITICS OF ATTRITION.
EVERY major "Black Struggle" today is a struggle AGAINST the "Right Wing" as they are seen as the "legacy oppression of Black people".   As I showed yesterday with the NAACP - there is no more "Civil Rights STRUGGLE FOR BLACK PEOPLE".  If the Black rank and file were more insightful there would be a shift from "racism chasing" over to a "Key Performance Indicator" (KPI) model in which the "leaders" would not be "struggling" but answering the question of "What Did You Do With The Valuables That I Gave To You Before?".

Even though the article makes the case that the GOP has the problem - this is an incorrect analysis.  The Democrats and the Republicans are PROXIES to the seats of government power.   We only need to look at the places where Republican Right-Wing power has been shut out to see that PARTY POWER is not what we should be focusing upon.

Few people could use Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Newark or Memphis - all "One Party Towns" as a showcase for BLACK COMMUNITY ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT.  As with today's NAACP Legislative Report card they are ONLY references to what THE CITIZENRY PREFER.

Their preferences show their ASSUMPTION that these policies (Progressive Public Policies), when implemented with no more significant contest from right-wing, White opposition is going to lead to bounty. 

My observations are that - as with most other left-wing movements that gain a local toehold but then "SELL THE FUTURE" as a means of focusing the people beyond their local problems that were not fixed and instead converge their focus upon the "Right-Wing/Capitalist enemy" is that once the Progressive Fundamentalists become the ESTABLISHMENT POWER - over the economic/social/cultural/academic "commanding heights" - that forbearance that their individual coalition members gave to them in pursuit of a higher rung up the plateau is going to crumble.   While today's Embedded Confidence Men can agree to be SILENT about "President Obama's Imperialism".........BECAUSE.....he doesn't want to give "the right wing enemy any ammunition to use against Obama and their common struggle" - when the boogie man is gone - such compromise of one's own foundation will merely be what was always - FRAUD and INCOMPETENT governance of one's own interests.

The fusion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" in as a pure political constituency for the progressive party - all the while blowing past the promises that were to be had via control over LOCAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS - will eventually come to a head.

The Black community will see that it should have taken the ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT route rather than the "SOCIAL JUSTICE ENTITLEMENT CONTRACT" route.  

Professor Benjamin Barber

I have tuned out of American news until the "Silly Season" is over.
I listened to an interview on "World Radio" from American political science professor Benjamin Barber.  Barber is a Progressive Fundamentalist.

In doing an analysis of the fate of the Democrats and the GOP - their general standing and their presidential candidates - Prof Barber made the case that this election will be the last time that the "White Right Wing Majority" in America will have any chance to win an election.   He also stated that if ALL Americans voted - "The White right wing would NEVER win an election - ANYWHERE".   (Do you notice he is kinda fixated on 'the right wing')?

Again - Professor Barber laces his own hate-based left-wing dogma with the notion that POLITICAL POWER is equal to A HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING and/or QUALITY EDUCATION EXPRESSED and/or SAFE COMMUNITIES.   I am happy to listen to extremists like Professor Barber (and his right-wing compliment).   It helps me to affirm my present view that party politics is a hijacking force against GOOD GOVERNANCE.   As these two dung producing political parties fight for control of the steering wheel - the prized position - the FUNCTIONAL NATION is going to head off of the cliff.   Some of the occupants will initially cheer the feeling of weightlessness on the way down.

After you get past Prof Barber's ideological filibuster against the right-wing and then focus on the CENTRAL QUESTION:  Are those who were once systematically marginalized but now have access to the institutions of justice - today being DEVELOPED through the INSTITUTIONS they have affirm the leadership and policy iniatives within?

Prof Barber - like most liberals would be inclined to look into the "Mission Accomplished Cities" and blame the present economic/public safety/academic challenges as LEGACIES OF WHITE RIGHT-WING OPPRESSION.  If you notice these type of characters as they talk - go beyond their prescription of "Progressive Public Policy as the cure" and instead begin to speculate the time frame in which THEY agree that the point has been reached where PROGRESSIVISM is sufficiently in power in which PROGRESSIVES should begin to demand from themselves the promised development and then begin to hold an "Occupation" - against themselves.

This is akin to expecting a person standing in the bucket to lift himself by pulling upward.  Thus my argument - since PROGRESSIVISM IS INORGANIC - its constituencies have an OPPOSITION VOTE against the right-wing.  Once the balance is tipped and they begin to double down on their ideological foundations in order to save face - they will be forced to find some right-wing element, some where to fight against.  They will make fellow progressives into "right-wingers".

Sociology Professor William Weston Gives Obama Strong Passing Grades In "Post-Racial Leadership - I Do Not Know If Professor Weston Is A Member Of The NAACP

 Just as the NAACP has an arbitrary index for success - all based on those who AGREE WITH THEM, so is the case for Professor William Weston.

William Weston blog:  What I Like Obama - The Joshua Generation

In affirming President Obama's "leadership", Prof Weston does for the state of Black America what a Republican is accused of doing in regards to the state of the economy - LOOK AT THE 1%.

In this rather perverse trend, however, there are more Black people who would be happy to see a White male like Prof Weston AFFIRM PRESIDENT OBAMA than they would be inclined to challenge him on his "fly over".

From Prof Weston

Once again, however we have a White Liberal Ally that is willing to ascribe the present condition of Black people to the legacy of slavery and proclaim that in this diversifying world - the fall of the right and the rise of the left is the prescription for the cure.

To be sure, Barack Obama's election to the presidency brought the racists out of the woodwork of American politics.  And some of his most vociferous and poisonous opponents are motivated by racism, which they sometimes foreground in their attacks.
NOTE: I am not saying that all opponents of Pres. Obama are racists.  Most of just Republicans, opposing the Democrat, in the most ordinary of ways.
If we review the classical definition of RACISM (from Black people's perspective) I assure you that Prof Weston and others have never sat down and tried to rationalize how.....
  1. RACISM is the confluence of BIGOTRY and the POWER to impact your target
  2. President Obama -A Black Man - Has the POWER to execute US Military/Foreign Policy/ Economic Hegemony 
 Thus my new construct:  POLITICAL RACISM CHASING -
.....Claims of RACISM that..................
  • Have no Black lynching victim or any Negro with any physical damage to his person
  • Produces no artifacts of a Black child denied a quality education
  • Cannot produce an economic balance sheet by which a Black person has been economically injured
  • CAN ONLY show a specimen of an OFFENDED BLACK and his WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOX ALLY in cahoots that makes the case that despite the SOFT TISSUE INJURY OF RACISM not showing up on any X-ray/MRI or CT Scan - the "Negro reserves the right to forgo his claims of PAIN from PAST OPPRESSION - when he is good an ready"
You don't DEBATE AGAINST "POLITICAL RACISM CHASING" you build a construct of the OPPORTUNITY COSTS suffered by "The Blacks" as they continue with these shenaigans - at the cost of erecting GOOD GOVERNANCE practices that will actually deliver "Organic Social Justice".

My Rebuttal of Prof Weston's post:

Mr Weston - by all means. LET ME elaborate for you.

You are guilty of running a "Republican Analysis Of The Economic Health Of The Nation By Looking At HIS WEALTH FRIENDS" - except you did this USING BLACK PEOPLE.

Despite what the Schott Foundation Report said regarding the low graduation rates for Black males - which should qualify as a "Civil Rights Violation" - YOU are more interested in using THE OBAMA'S as your index of "Black Community Health and Standing".

Here is what I have learned over time on how to deal with "people like YOU".

WHY do you focus upon 2008-2012 as a reference for appraising "Race Relations" and "Black Competencies"?

We Black folks have been INVESTING in this Machine (Progressive Fundamentalist Public Policy) for more than 50 years, handing over the bulk of our "valuables" in support of it.

With so many "distributed progressives" in power in support of Black Community Human Resource Development INSTITUTIONS - as a sociologist - WHY do you focus on ONE BLACK FAMILY - their power coming from the GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY which they occupy?

Why not take a walk INTO the Black community that has millions of OTHER CANDIDATES and tell us of the UPLIFT that this MACHINE that you and they support has successfully implemented.

As a professional sociologist as you are - I have a question for you.

How does one legitimately delineate between the claims of how "400 years of Slavery and Oppression" are now impacting a "20 year old Black male" VERSUS the knowledge that he was born in 1992 - his character and consciousness being shaped from his "day". Depending on the locale where he received his formative "messages" - it is highly likely that he never had direct contact with a "right-wing enemy" in control over the key "Human Resource Development Institution" (his school, his family culture, his community center, etc).

It seems, Mr Weston that you are more interested in assigning "Victory" to Obama and the Progressives - by using the very same myopic via on BLACK SOCIETY that a Republican is inclined to do on distributed economic success.

And you have what to say about your agenda, sir?

One sign of advancement is that I would have suffered personal injury for talking to a "White man" as I have done above. INDEED this nation has CHANGED

I can't help but to bring up a man that I admire, who once lived in Key West Florida.
During the slavery era - "Sandy Cornish" had escaped from Louisiana and made his way to Florida.  He lived a prosperous life there.

One day "Bounty Hunters" became aware of his identity and were closing in on him in order to take him back into 'slavery'. 

Mr Cornish - had the consciousness of mind to do a self assessment to determine WHAT THESE ENEMIES VALUED IN HIM THE MOST.

Unfortunately this mean that he had TO DESTROY WITHIN HIMSELF - THAT WHICH THEY SAW VALUE IN.

Mr Cornish - took a knife and cut his own muscles in his arm, wrist and legs - RENDERING HIM USELESS - in the eyes of "The Slave Bounty Hunters".  With his value depreciated THEY LET HIM GO!!!

Mr Cornish spent the rest of his life as a FREE MAN and developed a church, a school and several other community institutions that allowed the small Black population in Key West to survive and thrive.

Today the Black community does not have an "EXTERNAL ENFORCER" that is misappropriating our intrinsic values (and valuables).   There is a complicit confidence scheme that is SELLING OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT as a community by hitching us upon the institution OF POLITICS - which is mere a gateway for ORGANIZED OBFUSCATION AND DECEIT.

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