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"Too Black Too Strong" Is A Front For "Non-White White Supremacy" Part 1 - The Republican Governor Of Georgia And Education For Black Children

There are some things that I hear from Black people - which is put forth as a STRONG BLACK FRONT but which is SO FRAUDULENT that I am made to cry inside upon hearing it.

I told you before - in the above constellation THE BLACK PRESS is the most damaging and corrupt cog in the wheel.    When it comes to Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio - many of the hosts don't matter how IGNORANT a caller is as he forms his justification for his position - as long as this POSITION ends up in support of the Prevailing Progressive Fundamentalist stand.

From these observations I have concluded that their goal is NOT to develop Black people but to generate CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.  PERIOD!!!

They earn the label "Black-Wing GRIEVANCE Talk Radio" because GRIEVANCES are the incandecant light upon which they fly around in their pitch black void.   THE WHITE MAN is always the #1 uninvited guest of honor.    Despite the strong affirmation of their "BLACKNESS", the truth is that their consciousness is ONLY a FUNCTION OF WHAT THE WHITE FOLKS do - and more accurately HOW THE WHITE FOLKS OFFEND THEM.


When you listen to an argument made by a radio host or caller - you must inspect it from two vantage points

  1. WHAT is the effect that it is meant to convey?

On the "Fight The Power" show on WAOK a caller commented on the recent news of Georgia's fate after the new standards for calculating high school graduation rates knocked the state of Georgia down to near the bottom of the heap at 67%.

Iowa topped the nation with an 88 percent graduation while the District of Columbia was last at 59 percent.Among Georgia’s neighbors, Tennessee led the way at 86 percent. North Carolina was at 78 percent, Alabama followed at 72 percent and Florida came in at 71 percent.

The statement made by a caller into the "Fight The Power" show:

"Hey DB get this.   For all the Black folks who voted for the CHARTER SCHOOL AMENDMENT that gave REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL control over your children's education, now that Georgia has been put to the bottom of the heap for education in the United States you should feel stupid that you gave control over your school to the Republican governor of one of the lowest performing states in the nation"

Though this argument MAKES NO DAMNED SENSE(!!!!)  it drew a laugh and affirmation from "Fight The Power".

When you listen to a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser - you MUST first understand what THEIR AGENDA is.

The comment above is meant to do two things:
  1. Dangle the goal of QUALITY EDUCATION in front of Black people
  2. AFFIRM that the RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN adversary is the force that is TRICKING/STEALING what you want away from you.
Please recall that the state of Georgia had a referendum on State Based Charter Schools.
Previously the Georgia Legislature had a law which allowed the state to grant an operating charter to a school that could not receive a charter from the local school board.   The Georgia courts ruled that this was a violation of the Georgia Constitution and many of these schools were forced to close as they went back to the local board and were denied funding, once again.

The Black Racial Services Machine of Georgia was largely opposed to the measure.   Interestingly - a factions of students from the Atlanta University Center broke ranks and came out in support of the state measure.  They, like many of the Black parents that support school choice are seeking better educational outcomes than what the local school system has thus far been able to deliver.

The Black Racial Services Machine, KNOWING that there is a significant amount of BLACK PARENT support for this initiative was forced to generate opposition to the measure by doing what they do best:
The REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR Nathan Deal became the powerful whipping boy as the talking point became "Do YOU want White Right-Wing, Corrupt Governor Nathan Deal TO CONTROL YOUR SCHOOLS?"

When your goal is to SHEPARD IGNORANCE in the name of "Congregational Unity" the PROPORTIONALITY of the "threat vector" is of no consequence.   

YOU HAVE ALREADY laid down the claim against the RACIST RIGHT-WING.    Now you only need to fuse the connection among your CONGREGATION.

EVEN THOUGH your FAVORABLE PEOPLE ARE IN POWER over the largest school districts in Georgia that are FAILING TO EDUCATE BLACK PEOPLE - you know you can turn what otherwise should be CULPABILITY for FAILING BLACK PEOPLE - into a PROTECTION RACKET.

The constant MEME of the LAMPBLACKED YELLOW JOURNALIST Black-Wing Media is that WHITE RIGHT-WING don't want BLACK PEOPLE IN POWER.    As such the existential RACIST threat is made to put Black people on the defensive, resolved to PROTECT "Who They Voted For" rather than RUN THE JOKERS OUT OF TOWN for failing to deliver after TAKING THE VALUABLES FROM BLACK PEOPLE.

Let us stop right here to emphasize a point.

I keep hammering on the notion of the "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE". 
This is the set of COMPETENCIES and GOVERNING PRINCIPLES that the legislative, executive and constituency all work within with the goal of producing certain desirable ends.  It is MY VIEW that more than any other LOSS OF CULTURE from our previous experience in America - THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT.   With the presence of the "Governance Culture" - all else can be restored into proper functioning order.  PERIOD!!!

The fraud and hokum heard in the arguments and trix on Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio is a MOLESTATION of the "Black Community Governance Culture".    

Even at the face of FAILING SCHOOL SYSTEMS, run by FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - many of them who campaigned on the very Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Show, compelling Black people to hand over their valuables - the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN are secure that they can get their CONGREGATION to stick together - looking past the damage done, IF they HOIST UP A RIGHT-WING ENEMY that is seeking to SLASH THE THROATS OF BLACK PEOPLE - like a Street Pirate lurking on Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd at the strike of midnight.

This is actually the NULLIFICATION of the "Black Community Governance Culture".   Any of the promises about what they are going to do to "Fight For The Education Of Black Children" made 2, 4, 8 or 50 years ago is washed aside from consideration of the present condition of the district.   WE HAVE A RIGHT-WING THREAT who seeks to remove the BLACK PERSON that YOU voted into power - OUT OF OFFICE because he HATES the presence of "Negroid Features" at the bargaining table.   Only wishy washy, agreeable Negroes need apply.

The point that you must understand about this consciousness of the "Too Black Too Strong" is that it is a function of PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM.   Since Progressivism is INORGANIC, meaning it can't stand on its own - it MUST always be engaged in a FIGHT AGAINST THE ENEMY.

Please understand.   The failing condition of certain "Mission Accomplished School Systems" is what happens when they are left ALL ALONE, ALL BY THEMSELVES, to promote the priorities.   After years of struggling against "White Supremacy" in these seats of power - they were now charged with providing quality educational services that they said that the WHITE RACISTS had refused to provide our children.

After a few decades of running the show in the key Black school districts in Metro Atlanta - they soon saw that the task of compelling the human resources to achieve disciplined focus upon quality education was a greater challenge than "The Struggle".   

The real world challenge of dealing with poverty, unattached parents, inter-child conflict, lack of academic  preparedness and adults in the community that did not affirm the value of the educational resources in their own communities became the "Klansman" that served as the biggest threat to the vision of the "Bayard Rustin Vote For Your Community Salvation" strategy.

YES it is possible to rile up Black people into a unified congregation, solving the one day logistical problems of getting them to the polls.  IRONICALLY it is the very scheme of the "VOTE FOR YOUR SALVATION" that produces the notion that quality education is a matter of "executive/legislative fiat" what will channel long denied RESOURCES in support of Social Justice for Black people.

When this "mile marker" was arrived at and then passed by on the long road of "Struggle", the results having fallen far short of the promise - the Embedded Confidence Men, unwilling to yield their own power because of failure - MUST expand the indictment in order to keep "The Struggle" going.

Once you understand that "The Struggle Meme" IS the longitudinal agenda and that the "issue de jure" is but a TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENT against the right-wing enemy - not only will you understand the function of the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man, you also see the DAMAGE that he does to the Black Community Governance Culture.  

The corrupt Black media is the greatest threat - not because of the microphone he holds.  The Preacher, Politician and Entertainer holds the very same studio mic.    

The reason that the Black media/press is the threat is because they represent the greatest COMPROMISE in the REGULATION OF THE OTHER COGS IN THE WHEEL.  Instead of doing muckraking IN DEFENSE OF the "Black Community's Interests" from the Favorable People In power - they serve as strategic marketing agents.

They sell the PROGRESSIVE AGENDA IN BLACK FACE - compelling the buy in by the Black people into the scheme.   PERIOD!!!

Why The Statement Makes No Damned Sense

I won't even bother to post the exact numbers of public schools that are attached to a public school system.

The bottom line is that there will ALWAYS be far, far more standard public schools, run by the local public school franchise than there will ever be state sponsored charter schools.

Just as the Koreans can open up as many Indian hair weave joints in the hood that they want to - WITHOUT CUSTOMERS they will eventually go out of business.  

CLEARLY the issue is NOT about "Supply" (the presence of an outlet) but it is ONLY about the DEMAND from the customers.

The Black Racial Services Machine understand that such OPTIONS are a threat to their POWER that is vested in the local school system.
The real threat is that "involved parents" who are seeking to optimize the education of their own children will start pulling THEIR children from the local public school and stack them into the local charter school.  

While the "Mission Accomplished" school system denied the proposed charter school from opening - the STATE REPUBLICANS offered an escape hatch.

We need to stop right there and ask the question:  IS THE LOCAL PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM'S INTEREST superior to that of the PARENTS?  Are we making strong school systems or strong students?

I have been amazed at how the very people who call for "Reduced Class Sizes" as a key to quality education, in fact DON'T care to admit that their goal is CONTROL over the allocation of the placement of children as more classrooms are built up in the area.   While charter schools produce "more class rooms" it also represents an exodus.  Thus their goal is control, not educational quality through reduced class size.

What is interesting is that they claim that by reducing the class sizes students will receive more attention.   Why then does it matter that the children with parents who are less involved will be left behind in the public schools IF they are now granted more attention?

This is ONLY about the imposition of the "Mission Accomplished School System" forces upon parents who want options.  The RIGHT WING BOOGIE MAN is thrown in because of its known effect upon Black people.

The Schott Report

I now understand why the results of the Schott Foundation Report has been largely spiked by the Embedded Confidence Men (and their White allies).    

IF the (entire) state of Georgia has a graduation rate of 67% and this is called a GRAND FAILURE.
IF the city of Washington DC is t 59%.
BUT the Schott Foundation Report is telling of a 52% Black Male graduation rate nationally - WHAT does this say about "The Problem" in Georgia - who's aggregate number is 15 points higher than the "National Black Male" graduation rate?

If the taunting caller into "The Fight The Power" show is calling Georgia a failure at 67% - what might you imagine he secretly is aware of the failure.   The FRONT that he has put on is only for diversion.

The second reason why the Schott Foundation report has been spiked is because they destroy the typical "Red State bad / Blue state progressive" meme that is popular within the Black community and progressive circles.

New York and Illinois are NOT supposed to be "red states" when it comes to the quality of civic services.

The point that people don't seem to understand is that public education is a co-dependency between Government / The Parents / The Students AND the adults in the community.

If the confluence of these forces are not aligned into a larger focus that is properly translated into their day to day affirmations of their value of quality education - the goal will never be achieved.

"Quality Education" is not a legislative/executive fiat.   It is a manifestation of a series of elements of good governance - that is MEASURED in total, after the fact.

In pursuing the schemes that they presently do when it comes to the education of Black children - the Black Racial Services Machine will never achieve their claimed goals.   Their real goal is CONGREGATIONAL UNITY as a pretext for POWER GRABBING - and not Quality Education.

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