Friday, November 23, 2012

The Tired Rituals That Are Used To Filibuster The Black Community's Conscious Attention About The "History" That We Are All Developing Today

Those  pretty histograms that you read in the text books that define discrete periods of time were NOT colored in by the people who actually lived through those times.  Historians from the future that consumed all of the artifacts about that past period in question utilized the preponderance of evidence to come to consensus about the time periods that we study today. (Industrial Age, Post-Reconstruction, The Information Age).

Beyond certain dramatic events that define the transition into another period (The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, the election of a particular President) - there is more "history" that goes unreported, which occurs AMONG THE PEOPLE rather than through defined institutions.

In my observation of all of the "gravitational forces" which bear down upon the Black community - (From the Black Hole which represents the void of TRANSPARENT GOVERNANCE - WITHIN The Black Community) - are the part of the "real History" of today's society that will not make it into the history books as a "Cultural Anthropologist" from 200 years in the future looks back upon Black Americans - with the vantage point of how "The Blacks" are faring in the year 2212 to ask "What happened to them that they lost their way after having wrested control over the key human resource development institutions?" (schools, churches, culture, social norms,  law making, government allocation, law enforcement)

  I suspect that some of you would prefer that I "SELL YOU A FUTURE" that is more affirming to your consumer demands and thus I could build up a "congregation".

I am positive that some of you can't bring yourselves to do a TRANSPARENT analysis of the "Mega Churches" in the "False Religion Of Black-Americanism" that propagate their sermons through various channels toward Black people and agree that THEIR FILIBUSTERING - the measure of the GAP between the REAL WORLD EVENTS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the "Self-Chum Feeding" that they present to you to keep you SANCTIMONIOUS and RILED UP against the ENEMY that they want you focused upon (Or you can just read the "Filled Negro Blog" to see for yourself) - YOU can't see that THIS GAP that is maintained by EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN, which is pleasing to your present consciousness IS THE GREATER THREAT to your long term existence.

  • Despite the fact that there are no more discrete population of "Pilgrims" to go after today
  • Despite the fact that many Native Americans (like most African-Americans) would not be willing to live their lives today in the "Native Culture" that was STOLEN from their ancestors 
  • Despite the fact that an inspection of the checking account and credit card transactions among various groups (victors and the vanquished) would show little difference in the consumption habits of various Americans.........................
.....Those who retain the RIGHT to make indictments of the past regarding how this nation of "stolen lands" was founded - have no intention to acknowledge their own CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP and thus PROFIT from these tawdry deeds of the past.

The Top Holidays Used For EXTERNAL INDICTMENTS (Linearly Sorted)
  • Independence Day  - Frederick Douglass' speech is read before some people eat their ribs
  • Columbus Day - A killer and colonizer 
  • Thanksgiving Day - Killers and colonizers broke bread with their eventual victims
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day - "Look at how violent the Pilgrhams are when they don't wear their uniforms but change into Klan robes"
  • Black (Civil Rights) History Month - We are a people DEFINED BY Slavery and Oppression
  • President's Day 
    • (Note: This day that used to produce talk about the "President's who owned slave " has today been used on Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio to PRAISE Obama)

I have no intention to force anyone to stop putting forth a particular viewpoint.
In fact I actually want them to continue.  The best research that I can go is upon the natural discussions that take place among like minds who are not compelled to alter their views in reference to a third party observer.

Those who can't see that people who practice "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends' ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE or be "defeated" in an ARGUMENT on their terms - have a complex by which they need to be "LIKED" as a precondition of a successful outcome in a debate.

Imagine if "Legitimate Civil Rights Leaders" had as a mandate that the BIGOTS of their day "like them" as proof of a "Win Win outcome"?

Instead of affirmation - YOU need to be more clear about the OUTCOMES for the Black Community that you expect as we matriculate through various intervals of time.

Their "Social Justice Meme" - which is merely a cover for their IDEOLOGICAL ROMP through the American Political System and Social Constructs - is not MEANT TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE.  The ONLY outcome will be that the Black Community will have a greater amount of "Consumer Rights" - in the context of America.  

As the "Grand Wizard Cyclops Austerity Cut" - the fiscal collapse of the capitalistic/fiat currency system strikes in the future transpires the true measure of the EFFECTIVENESS of their development effort will be seen.  

More to the point the - Government built upon native blood and Stolen Lands that they carp about presently will no longer be around to serve as the center for their INDICTMENT BASED FALSE THEOLOGY.

The "Humanitarian Mission" That Gave A Turkey To Libya In Northeast Africa - The "History" That Got Away From Certain Operatives

If you study their antics - they KNOW that they can take a blatantly selective edit of history because THE CONSUMERS OF THEIR RHETORIC only want the "history" that they believe in affirmed - just like the enemy that they indict all of the time prefers as well.

I predict that - just as with their antics at the local level (Mission Accomplished Cities) - as FAVORABLE PEOPLE enter into POWER and produce the very same transgressions that they indict the predecessors in power for doing - the fraud and corruption of their POWER GRAB SCHEME will be present for all to see.

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