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Three Damaging, Diversionary "Perpetual Wars" - On Drugs / On Terrorism / Against Right-Wing External Enemy For The Purposes Of A Filibuster

When it comes to "The War On {Fill In The Blank}" most of us understand that such an organized effort is called during a time of crisis. It is the crisis situation that allows rational people to asses their GOALS FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY and how this "clear and present danger" threatens their desired living standard. When the threat matrix is sufficiently high enough it is entirely reasonable for them to agree to yield to the governing body calling for "the war" so that a sense of normalcy will one day return after "the threat" has been sufficiently mitigated by this organized effort.

In all wars there are always 4 perspectives:

  1. The viewpoint of the Leadership that is running the war as part of his official capacity
  2. The viewpoint of the "Foot Soldiers" who are charged with carrying out the fiat of the leadership upon the "field of battle"
  3. The viewpoint of the targets of the war and their own justifications for their actions ("One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter")
  4. Most importantly, The viewpoint from the "Protected Masses" (On the 'Good Side") - When do they begin to reassess the time and situation that they presently reside in and RECLAIM that which they have yielded in the name of war?
"Wars That Have Gone On For Too Long" often involve a conspiracy between #1, #2 and #4 as they lose connection to the humanity of #3, having assumed some sense of "moral supremacy" or "just cause" mandate to their efforts.

The War
The Conscripting Agents
The Effects Of War Upon All Of The Interested Parties
The War On Drugs The Federal & State Government And Local Law Enforcement Agencies (Using the index numbers from above)

#1 The leadership is motivated to retain a certain social order among the people and to stop the unregulated cash flows that operatives within this black market enjoy outside of the "official economy"
#2 The Foot Soldiers are the array of law enforcement and assistant district attorneys that have the power of the law behind them.  As they see how the "criminal organizations" adapt to the constraints that the law enforcement agents must abide by they go to the legislature to seek MORE POWER to work around the fact that only THEY are the side in the battle that must  "Abide By The Law".  Thus they must change the law to give themselves official sanction
#3 The targets of the War On Drugs - (and for this bullet point I will argue from the perspective of those who want to shut it down - the "New Jim Crow" advocates) Are the poor people of color.  Those who have already been trapped out of the 'Official Economy' through failed schools, social disorder and lack of jobs are now ensnared in the trap that was set at the end of the labyrinth that was set up for them in the first place.  The drug consumers - also stressed and run down by the system that is stacked against them have adopted these chemical agents that give them temporary respite from the real world around them that was engineered.  The effect of this engineering is that both salesman and consumer have their life wrecked - making them ultimately too maimed to be a COMPREHENSIVE THREAT to those who have engineered the system.
#4 The populace that has looked the other way on the slippery slope of "4th Amendment" Search And Seizure Laws" in the name of regulating the behavior  in "THAT OTHER" community have forged a justification in their own minds, based upon their perceptions of chaos and lack of decorum and self control that is resident in these other communities.
When their own children get busted for consuming the same illicit drugs - they are able to leverage their financial resources and ability to impart a narrative upon the judge and prosecutor of the case that their loved one has merely made some bad choices in life and that as parents they will step in to do an "Intervention" which will place the subject upon the right course.  They ask that the authorities look at this subject in his form 20 years from now as a productive citizen, not as a young person trapped in his own world.

For those who don't have the communication skills and financial resources to show the authorities the EXCEPTION of their individual cause and that their path will be different from the base-line of destroyed lives in their respective community - the authorities apply the very same "Group Normalcy" reference downward to this group as they did upward to the former situation.

The society is challenged to find the right balance between "protected individual rights" and preventing large groups of individuals from destroying themselves via chemical intoxicants, their behavior impacting others, their "human resource development" attributes - lost to the benefit of their community and the society as a whole.


The War On Terrorism  The Federal Government And US Military  And Foreign Allies  #1 As a Economic, Cultural And Military Super Power - the US Government and the individuals that control the sovereign state have a vested interest in projecting American power to ensure that it remains atop of the world state, allowing it to advance its global agenda.
#2 The departmental leadership and operatives have the official duty to collect as much intelligence for "The State" as possible from the various tentacles that it has stretched around the world.  They put their own lives at risk - either via official armed conflict, covert military operations or as we saw in Libya, intelligence gathering by clandestine operatives embedded in the county posing as Americans serving in capacities other than for state intelligence..
#3 In country - the natural bilateral or multi-lateral competing interests work to advance or undercut the interests of the state, democracy and justice in the name of their provincial cause.  The rules of law and order of the respective nation (and the culture) define how these opposing groups interact with each other.   Passionate legislative debates at one end, silencing the enemy through violence, murder or intimidation at the other extreme.
#4 The American citizen and his tolerance for "Letting The Dogs Out To Get THEM Back In Line" is subject to the whims of the AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA COVERAGE, more than any other force that is present in-country (USA).    The government largely does what it is going to do to protect the interests of the United States.   The NEWS MEDIA has the goal of propagandizing a message that gives JUSTIFICATION to the American cause OR questions the hidden agenda of the leadership in power,  their bias flowing through to the news consuming public.
A NEWS MEDIA that conspires to be "coordinating and complicit" with "The Crown" OR the same news media that seeks to exact its own domestic agenda against "The Crown" in support of its larger goals to insert "The Crown Of Their Own" into power ARE EQUALLY CONTEMPTIBLE 
The interests of the people are lost when the news media is corrupted as such- absent a media industry adherence to JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY.

When the American government perform the very same hegemonic actions through two or more discrete intervals of time but the PEOPLE, through the engineering of the NEWS MEDIA are seen agreeing to do what they know they would not permit IF there was a more critical focus upon the situation at hand - then those of us who are observing THE PEOPLE and not THE GOVERNMENT should understand that THE PEOPLE are more "for sale" than what their front of  "Moral Authority" would have you to believe otherwise.


The Perpetual Political Fight Against The Right-Wing External Existential Threat The Black Racial Services Machine And The Affiliated Group Of Media Operatives And  Politicians Seeking To Frame The Priorities Of A Group Of People That Might Otherwise See Them As The ESTABLISHMENT POWER That Is Now Failing To Provide Them With "Social Justice"
#1 All forces of leadership seek to RETAIN POWER as their number one goal of perpetuating their ideological theories upon the masses through the institutions they control.  As with any other "use case", the Black Racial Services Machine has a vested interest in leveraging the confidence that they have built up in the Black Community as they continue their guise of "DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE" through what has come to be a purely IDEOLOGICAL-POLITICAL struggle

#2  The Foot Soldiers in this "Struggle Meme" are both the cogs in the wheel of the Black Racial Services Machine AND the "Black Rank & File" individuals who confuse "CONGREGATIONAL UNITY" in action with "Correctness In PURPOSE".   With reference to the notion of "Get In Where You Fit In" - the standard communal interactions of affirmation and shunning make the task of conscription that much easier for Black people who have accepted the "Historical Narrative" that has been engineered by those who seek to retain control over the framing.   In the case of the prevailing Black Political Consciousness De Jure - the use of OFFENDEDNESS and VICARIOUS LIVING are the two forces that are thrown in front of the "Black Conscious Attention".  They key point of understanding, however, is to note that they are applied into the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN, upon which the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" is built upon AND NOT in regards to the ACTUAL CONDITION OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS WITHIN BLACK AMERICA.

#3 The External Right-Wing Force - which otherwise has no stature of support WITHIN the Black Community is a rather unsympathetic character as he is the "Yin" per the "Yang" that his enemy serves as as HE seeks to rile his own forces together by making negative images to Black people for his own purposes.   There is no detante' that will ever be reached because both Yin and Yang NEED EACH OTHER to allow their respective fraudulent schemes to continue in the confines of their own existence.   IF only the Right-Wing External Adversary realized how much he is the "Uninvited Guest Of Honor" at nearly all "Black Progressive Community Rallies" - by charging an honorarium for his speaking engagements - he would receive a larger outflow of money from the Black Community than the informal franchise of Chinese Stir Fry shops in the hood.

#4 With Respect to those receiving protection via the "Perpetual Political Fight Against The Right Wing External Existential Threat" there is a need to define more discrete segments

A) The Black Progressive Media - Despite the noted paring down of "Blacks In The News Rooms" of legitimate press operations - a new swarm of "Internet Journalists" have been recruited and assembled to fill the demand for "Black Progressive" narratives that is in the marketplace.  The central benefit to these Press Operatives (the most corrupt entity in the Black Racial Services Machine) is that this RUNNING GUN BATTLE WITH THE RIGHT WING THREAT - gives them JUST CAUSE to avoid doing the MUCKRAKING that should be taking place in the inspection of the INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   Just as any other muckraking operation is done to force those with power to DO RIGHT BY THE PEOPLE - we must inspect the agenda of the corrupted Black Press to understand that by not seeking to "whip these institutions into shape" so that they can do right by the people - they are in fact enablers of the present condition, providing cover for the expansive "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" Scheme that is the hallmark of Progressive bigoted journalism

B) The Diverse Progressive Joint Venture - It should come as no surprise that since "The Black Press" has largely been subsumed by "The Joint Venture" that - upon stripping off the veneer of "Blackness" from their content - there is little to distinguish the products of these two operative forces.  The best that we can say for the "Black Press" minions is that they desire to have more of the "Social Justice" OUTCOMES that Progressive Secularism promises to deliver via political and ideological conquest, to be channeled into the Black Community.   Whereas it is clear that the silence of the Black Press from muckraking is due to the intent to not derail the "Power Grab" - it is also true that the Diverse Progressive Joint Venture is NEVER going to criticize the results of the Black Racial Services Machine where they have power by fail in the "Mission Accomplished Zones".  Again - why should one OFFEND "The Blacks" by rendering stinging criticism about their competency in DEVELOPMENT BLACK PEOPLE - when the Joint Venture is collecting "The Black Community Development Consciousness" and the "Equal Black Ballots" in support of the fight against the White Right Wing Wolf?

C) The Civil Rights Pharisees - With one's brand having been established during the time when "A Black Man Has No Rights That A White Man Need Respect" - what other than CHARACTER and INTEGRITY - would promote such a group to unilaterally yield this branding, despite the obvious change in circumstances?    The same people who failed to develop the Black community via the institutions that they now dominate also understand that the squandered competency in "institutional governance" upon the people also translates into an unchecked affirmation of their antics as they promote RIGHT WING THREATS TO the very existence of the Black Community as a means of functionally nullifying the vaulted "Black Voting Rights" that they remind us that our ancestors have desired since the time of chattel slavery.  This proves that "The Black Vote" is ONLY an "opposition vote" against the enumerated enemy.  It is not a VOTE OF GOVERNANCE by which the people, operating in a "Constitutional Democracy" give a plan that is transparent inside of the confines of said (Black Community) constitutional principles time to work, followed up by the necessary investor protection inquiries which asks "Where Is My Money That I Gave To You"?

The truth is that our ancestors desired to live at a desired STANDARD OF LIVING - the supreme construct.   "THE VOTE" is merely a gateway TO this end - but only as much as the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN is but one of the pillars upon which this standard is built upon.


The COSTS to the Black Community of this engineered "Crisis" which is constructed for the purposes of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY - is not found in the form of AMERICAN CURRENCY.   This currency is "mined and minted" at the bequest of a Board Of Governors in the Fed is but an abstract concept.

To understand THE COSTS of these misappropriations we must step outside of the domain within which they are effective and instead apply  DIMENSION and TIME - which would allow a more rational assessment to be made - beyond the interests of those with shortsightedness.

Measure the EFFECTIVENESS of this strategy NOT based upon the MISSION to "Help THE LEAST OF THESE" in the guise of "Christian Calling".  Instead make note of this scheme's ability to turn "The Least Of These" into the UN-LEAST OF THESE, and thus offer structural support to OTHERS who are by all measures "The Least Of These", absent the presences of a functional POLITICAL SYSTEM through which their cause for "Social Justice" can be transacted for the receipt of a BALLOT.

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