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The "You Could't Make This #*&$ Up Report": Belgian King Leopold - The Last Imperialist To Invade Africa Under The Justification Of A "Humanitarian Mission" Prior To The US-NATO Coup On Libya

Any of you that get CNN International's "Inside Africa" - I beg you to watch this week's episode that focuses on "The Congo".

Beyond the mention of Patrice Lumumba and the bloody transition to to Mubuto Sese Seko - the references made by the host of CNN to the antics of the King of Belgium will have flown over most people's heads.

If you do get to watch the entirety of the segment - one of the Congolese historians acknowledges that ALL OF AFRICA ultimately has the influence of a foreign power dictating the results that are experienced by the people within.

As I try to tie HISTORY to the "transactional actions" of Black Americans today - I make the case that as events around the world today that closely resemble the dramatic actions in history - those who argue most vociferously that THEY would not have been silent had they lived through this history - are some of the main people today who are "pragmatically silent".

Some history about me.
I came from a college experience in which a cluster of friends would discuss the "History Of White Supremacy" and how it has gutted Africa and oppressed us in America.

After college and upon moving to Atlanta - a new cluster of friends largely continued this discussion.

I am well versed on the arguments against:

  • Zionism and "The Jews" (and their history of "Exploitation of Africans)
  • Marxism
  • Egyptology / Black Athena
  • Cuba - And Its Asstance In Fighting European Imperialism In Africa
  • Jim Crow / Black Laws
  • King Leopold II
  • Cecil Rhodes
  • The British Empire
  • The Muslim Take Over Of "North Africa"
  • The Southern Strategy
Through all of these "lessons" and debate - I was NOT a "denier of history".   My disposition from day one has been "Point well taken BUT I would be more impressed if you could show me evidence that you are teaching Black children today the theories of geometry and astrophysics - rather than debating the attempts by 'White Racists' who claim that there is no way that Black Africans built up the monuments in Egypt." 

As I think about the general viewpoints of my friends that based their "persona" upon these arguments I can only think of one or two who have MAINTAINED this disposition today - now that "President Obama is the FACE OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and its foreign policy".  

When you hear me express skepticism over the primary "Black Progressive Fundamentalist" HISTORIC INDICTMENTS as merely ideological and political opportunism - it is only because I detect that are inclined to assume the guise of "Working WITHIN THE SYSTEM", which now has "Favorable People In Power" - marketing the notion that these favorable people will not execute "Right-Wing RACIST" attacks.

This all sounds good until you see the very same "American Imperialist Attacks" - which were once labeled as "right wing", yet those confidence men who had promised a sea change per these "favorable people" - are merely loathed to ATTACK THE FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - because they can sell their congregation on the notion that IF THE RIGHT WING WAS IN POWER - there would be EVEN MORE RIGHT WING ATTACKS.

What we see (already) at the local rungs of power - is what we will eventually see at the national (and international) domain:  In as much as it is true that BLACK PEOPLE ARE 100% EQUAL - the propensity for a human being with power to operate with hubris is going to produce a more clear mandate to: REGULATE YOUR FRIENDS IN POWER - just as you call for against your enemy.

The Corrupt Black Progressive Corporate Press
I would be remiss if I failed to note that while in the middle of typing this message I played back WRFG FM's (The Progressive Information Station) - "What Good Is A Song - The Friday Night Drum" program from this past Friday.

I have a love hate relationship with this program.
They are "Mumia Abu Jamal Worshipers".   Jamal's analysis of the US Presidential Elections in which he first condemned the influence of money and politics and claimed that "personalities rather than ISSUES facing 'the least of these' " decided the election - he then went on to do the standard progressive "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" analysis by which the racist, right-wing Republican party scared people away by talking about Abortion, Takeaways of "Social Justice" and military propaganda.  He failed to focus on what THE LEAST OF THESE HAD PURCHASED - having fused their salvation for more than 50 years and yet, after "voter nullification" at the local rungs of government after being failed - their focus is now on the national prize.  NO PROGRESSIVE VOICE sees that IF THEY FAIL TO ERECT INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY and COMPETENCE IN GOVERNANCE - this latest run for power is going to look strangely like the orchestration done at the lower plateaus of power.

I said that paragraph in passing in order to get to the real target of my attention - A Black American reporter who now works for the state newspaper of Zimbabwe - Brother Obie   .   Indeed he is a "Afro-Centric/ Marxist / Pro-Mugabe Statist activist.  I have to admit that he is not a lightweight and thus I can't totally dismiss his perspective.

I give him credit on his ability to assemble a narrative about Africa - from an "African (Marxist) Perspective" and in the process detail the "SAMENESS" of the American and European position on Africa - regardless of the leadership in America - INCLUDING PRESIDENT OBAMA.  

Still - he does not harp on "The Face Of President Obama".  He goes deeper into the faces behind American foreign policy.  While Black Americans might be pleased to see a "Black face" in the "foreign service corps" - he able to define the associations that these people come from and their history of advocating American policies - often to the detriment of the interests of the people of Africa - makes his words at least worthy of further investigation.

While Americans are largely skewed into "left and right" - from an African perspective many of these "teams" converge into a consistent pattern of policy actions from the vantage point of the "receiver".   Indeed the attack upon Libya back during the Reagan Administration was condemned by Black leadership.   When the Obama Administration expanded the targeted bombing upon Gaddahfi to include an all out coup upon this sovereign nation - under the guise of a "HUMANITARIAN MISSION" - we once again see the consequence of having a PAID BLACK PRESS - who's interests don't go beyond what is POPULAR WITH BLACK PROGRESSIVES in America.

When "The State's actions" get fused into the face of the images of "Black Progress" - but, consequentially, the Black Muckraking Press" sees its duty to SPIKE CRITICISM OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT because they are more interested in the POLITICAL OVERLAY to this government - this CORRUPTION - which started based on who is signing their paychecks - is the grounds for any future loss in connectedness between "The Black Development Struggle" and how TODAY - "POLITICAL RACISM CHASING" for political advantage has become their primary product and why they have been recruited, hired and paid.

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