Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Top 6 Talking Points That The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasers Will Have To Retire After They Are On Record Affirming The Actions Of The United States Government And "Stayed The Course" Of 52 Years Of Progressive Struggle For "Social Justice" With Obama As The Face Of Government

Before Obama
After Obama

SYSTEMATIC RACISM = When Institutions Within The Society And Government Are Used To Project The Bigotry Of Individuals
RACISM  CHASING as a POLITICAL INDICTMENT With NO Correlation To The Primary Threats Suffered By The Negro On The Streets Of America Today.

The INSULTED POLITICAL NEGRO Is Compelled To Prioritize His "Offended New" Over The Need For Governance That His Vote Imparts Upon The Nation's Long Term Endurance.

SYSTEMATIC RACISM CHASING = When A Bigoted Ideology Is In Power Over The Black Community And They Seek To Run A "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" - Leveraging Their Knowledge Of The Sensitivities Of Black People.  They Promote A RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSITION Over GOOD GOVERNANCE Showing That They Prefer CONGREGATIONAL UNITY Over BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT THROUGH INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY

JUDGE them by what they SHOULD BE OFFENDED BY within the Black Community But Are SILENT

In 1930's America "The Nation Wasn't Ready" To Go All Out And Stop NEGROES FROM BEING MURDERED BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE.

The NAACP, Vowing To PROTECT THE LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE - Were Undeterred .  They Knew That Once Black People Had EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW Then  The Black Representation In The National Homicide Rate Would Fall In Line With Our POPULATION PROPORTIONS.

The US Attorney General Did What The Civil Rights Pharisees Wanted Him To Do And They Awarded Him With A High Honor From THEIR ORGANIZATION'S PERSPECTIVE

The Attorney General Deed ASKING EVERYONE FOR PHOTO ID Was A RACIST Attempt To Single Out Black People.

The Fact That The US Attorney General Did Not Initiate A New Emphasis On "GOING AFTER THOSE WHO ARE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE TODAY" Was Also Pleasing Because The Civil Rights Pharisees Are Worried About "Too Many Black Males Being Locked Up".

They Can't Accept That As Their ESTABLISHMENT POWER GROWS And The Effects Of Their Present Control Over THE CULTURAL NORMS THAT ARE ENFORCED IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - The Loss Of Their Credibility Is Inevitable As They Continue To Cloak Themselves In The Robes Of The "Civil Rights Leaders" Who Were Alive During The Time That The Klan Wore Robes And Then Rode Through The Black Community.

In the last 10 years more Black people have been removed from the Voter Rolls after being MURDERED than by unchallenged Right-Wing voter suppression schemes.

"If You Want Jobs - Put A Democratic President Into Power.  Look At The Number Of Jobs That Clinton Created For Us. That's Why We Call Him "The First Black President"

Even After 50 Years Of Taking Over The Rungs Of The Institutiosn In Black America And Staying Unified Behind The Progressive Political Machine At Every Level - Though The Black Unemployement Rate Is 14.3% - STILL DOUBLE THAT OF WHITE FOLKS........President Clinton Has Told Us That Mitt Romney Only Knows How To Send Jobs To China.  He Still Has Credibility With Us.

Today - BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT Can Be ENDURED - As Long As The FAVORABLE PERSON IN POWER Is Agreeable To The Prevailing Black Consciousness.  He Can Comfort "The Blacks" Into Believing That THE RIGHT-WING ENEMY Doesn't Want "The Blacks" To Have Jobs And Thus They Remain Unemployed DESPITE The New Political Leadership.

The Right-Wing Has Little Dominance In Any Of These Cites.

Since Those White Folks Don't Want Us In Our Schools - Let Us Modify But Follow Bayard Rustin's Advice And Take Over All Of The Institutions In Black America - Instilling Progressive Public Policy Within.   We Don't Need "Integration" We Need' BLACK POWER" Over These Institutions.  Our Children Will NEVER Learn If A WHITE PERSON Is Teaching Them.  This Is Like Expecting A Fox To Teach Your Chicks.

Bombing Attacks On Sovereign Nations

THE CIA In Sovereign Nations, Undermining Governments Is Fine - As Long As You Trust The President Of The United States

We Are African In Exile In America
We Didn't Ask To Come Here.
We Were Brought Here

WE WILL NEVER ACQUIESCE OR FORGET The Legacy Of The WHITE MAN'S Oppression Of People's Of Color Around The World For Greed
But We Learned From The Mistake that Dr King Made That Our Concerns For Domestic Social Justice Can Never Again Be Compromised By Focusing On Our Protests On Behalf Of People Of Color Overseas That Are Victimized By Western Imperialism.

Instead We Can Show That We Support Imigration Of A Fraction Of Them Into America And This Is Enough For Us To Retain Our Moral Supremacy - A Stance That WE Self-Define

Its A Good Thing That Negro Named Patrice Lumumba Is Not In Office Today.  Standing Up For His Honor In Protection From A Hit By The American CIA Is NOT Worth The Loss Of The Prospects Of My Free Health Care If My Protests Allow The Right-Wing To Get Back Into Power.  Somebody Else Would Have Killed Him Anyway.  The Congo Is Violent.

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