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The Tide Of "White Progressives" That Are Demanding That Their Right-Wing Enemy Become More Racially Diverse

Please follow the bouncing ball people.

You are a White Progressive Fundamentalist.
Your entire existence is in fighting against the "White Conservative Wolf".
The Republican Party and Fox News are the bane of your existence.  Per YOUR VANTAGE POINT these two entities represent the aggregation of YOUR ENEMY'S viewpoints.

You have a diverse "Progressive- Fundamentalist Coalition".
Using YOUR Progressive media your enemy is made out into being a:

  • Hateful
  • Racist
  • Anti-Homosexual
  • Anti-Immigrant 
  • War-Mongering Body 

The Christian White Conservative Male Against Other Whites

  • If you are Black but not a Democratic Progressive advocating "Social Justice Redistributionist" public policy you are called Anti-Black
  • If you are Hispanic but you do not advocate for increased Hispanic immigration you are called anti-Latino
  • If you are a Homosexual but you don't advocate for legal and cultural acceptance of Gay Marriage then you are a "Gay Uncle Tom"
NOW PUT ON YOUR "Sesame Street Thinking Caps" for a second.

What happens when you are WHITE and you call out predominately WHITE INSTITUTIONS?

Is this akin to a Black person saying that HBCUs should be shut down if they don't get their numbers of non-Blacks above a certain number?

Is this akin to a Hispanic saying that "in a diverse America there is no room for The Council Of La Raza" or the "Hispanic Legislative Caucus"?



The forces that ran the "Media Twitter Feed" that told you that the US COMMANDER IN CHIEF is a VICTIM OF RACISM(!!!!!!)   in order to run a "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" (with the assistance of some "Paid Blacks" in the Media) IS NOT INTERESTED in yielding his own WHITE PRIVILEGE in the name of DIVERSITY.

He knows that by giving certain APPEARANCES that are appealing to his PROGRESSIVE JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS - their loyalty will be purchased in their JOINT EFFORT to FIGHT THE RIGHT-WING WOLF!!!!

Mike Luckovich
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Republican Party
Fox News

(Does anyone believe that Mr Luckovich believes that MSNBC is any more "true to the trade" than what he sees in Fox News?)

News Week Magazine - in one of its last editions before shuttering .....


Is there any chance that Newsweek would cover "American Imperialism" under Obama - OR, like Tina Brown was complimentary of Obama on his military action in ONLY NATIONS OF COLOR.... are they just happy with "Obama's Kind Of Imperialism"? 
The Same Media That Filtered Certain International Images But Showed You Others...
INDIA:  Indians Celebrate Obama's Reelection

PAKISTAN:  Protesters Of American Drone Strikes Burn The Face Of American Imperialism In Effigy

Which Of These Two Narratives Have Been Pumped Into AMERICAN MEDIA, With The Effect Of Sculpting Public Opinion - especially "Racial perceptions" on how to deal with a BLACK MAN who is the head of the "American Hegemonic Power"?

Has the American Tea Party "racism" been promoted above the picture above that is NOT the work of a Southern Racist who does not like Black People?
Washington Post - The End Of The Southern Strategy - UNTIL WE Need To Frame Right-Wing Actions During The Next Election

The end of a long, ugly road for the GOP’s Southern strategy

What would happen if the Washington Post forced Melissa Henneberger to cover the "Mission Accomplished Cities" beat - staying away from "National Party Politics" instead being forced to come up with a model that defines the consistent pattern that is in place in:

  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore
  • Philadelphia
  • Camden
  • Trenton
  • Newark
  • Boston
  • NYC
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Milwaukee
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Memphis
  • Houston
  • Oakland
Do you think that Ms Henneberger could look at these places in which which, in aggregate contain a healthy population of the minority national head count, where the "Right-Wing Threat" had been defanged and see evidence of ABSOLUTE PROGRESSION among the "Non-White" population segments?

The main weakness of the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allied Journalist is that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO craft up and perpetuate the "Dark Matter" compliment to "The Southern Strategy" - a scheme that which used fears of Black people to generate WHITE VOTES - to tell us about the URBAN STRATEGY - a scheme that uses TALES OF VOTER SUPPRESSION AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE to rile up BLACK PEOPLE - not just to vote BUT TO AGREE TO NULLIFY THEIR OBLIGATIONS for corrective feedback against their government AND to ask "WHERE IS MY MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU?"

When you hear a Progressive Mayor of a Philadelphia or Chicago say "We will not go back to the ECONOMIC POLICIES OF THE REPUBLICANS that have lead this nation into this mess" - the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allied Journalist is never going to make note of the irony that the local economies in these same "Mission Accomplished Cities" have had no "Right-Wing Molestation" over their agenda for several decades.  OR "While the Internet Bubble and Housing Bubble were catastrophic - the Federal Debt Bubble that is growing - is the mother of all of them. And it has bipartisan lungs blowing into it".

Worst of all when the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Journalist Ally makes note of apparent VICTORIES/ LOSSES and the need for their enemies to CHANGE - they always base their arguments based on POPULARITY as seen by the populous but not the general health and increased competencies of this same populous - this after they have matriculated through the "Nationalized Social Justice Strategy". 

From This Crucible Of Corruption In Which "Black Inferiority" Is Used As A Shield - The Notion Of "100% Black Equality" Will Emerge As The Society Agrees That "Anyone With POWER Needs To Be REGULATED" And That Absent The Regulation BY CULTURE - The Individual Will Never Grow In Strength - Becoming The "UN-Least Of These"

In my vantage point in metro Atlanta - while I credit AJC editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich as an important influence on my own editorial cartoon expressions (Blax News, Gas-Jar and Civil Rights Pharisees Inc) I also make note of what is "off limits" in his list of targets.

Unlike the progressive editorialist Ted Rall - Mr Luckovich changed his disposition once a new administration took office.  Instead of "keeping the office of the Presidency on trial" he followed the scatting elephants and continued focusing on them.

Mr Luckovich also likes to focus upon Georgia "state level" elephants and their antics.  He can't seem to bring himself, however, to key in upon the "Black Municipal Donkeys" that dominate the core constituencies of metro-Atlanta.

Just as I noted the other day the impossibility that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow would travel into a Republican dominated landscape that has materially injured 'the least of these' without calling out the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that is responsible - so too is the case with Mike Luckovich and his inability to muckrake against the "Progressive-Democratic-Black Machine" that dominates all of the core political boundaries within Metro Atlanta.

In the critical intersection between RACE and IDEOLOGY - the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally understands the rules:

  • There is no "push back" to be suffered by pounding upon "Right Wing sources"
  • Take swipes at "White Progressive Sources" that have stepped outside of your zone of protection is "fair game"
  • When the boundaries of RACE and IDEOLOGY is violated and you attack the "Black PROGRESSIVE Establishment" - not only have you violated the PROGRESSIVE mandate to LOOK AT THE "HISTORY WHICH HAS DAMNED THEM" - you violate the RACIAL PROTECTION RACKET by which the majority of problems suffered by "Black Progressive Elected Officials" are due to ACTIVE RIGHT-WING OPPOSITION when they are in theater. OR active White Right-Wing BENIGN NEGLECT as they use their racial motivations to abandon the "Social Contract" that all Americans - including "The Blacks" are rightful signatories upon.

When The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally Comes Face To Face With Treating BLACK ESTABLISHMENT POWER As EQUAL TO The White Right Wing Establishment Power

I was going to do a separate post on this audio report above but it fits right into my argument.

Whereas the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies sees "American Blacks" as "Would Be Africans in Refugee Camps in Africa" - they are unable to treat Black POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT FIGURES as they would treat White right-wing forces that had control over the same local seats of power.

If you listen to the audio report above you will hear the foundational progressive sentiment:
  • Government programs that feed the needy - who's rolls have expanded is a GOOD THING and evidence of "Shared National Struggle".  The only criticism of such an increase comes from heartless, right-wing sources who would rather these people starve.
  • The lash back against "Nationalized Social Justice Programs" started under the Reagan Administration.  Being on welfare was made into a "negative" taunt upon the individual rather than the society living up to its "Social Justice Mandates"
  • (I am not making this one up) "In order for all citizens in this nation to survive without Government Assistance a LIVING WAGE OF $75,000 NEEDS TO BE AFFORDED TO ALL AMERICANS"..  And thus THIS is what they are struggling for.

If you look past the transactions that transpire - even after a "racial transition" has taken place among the municipal powers - the reason why the people with the mindset depicted above do not go after the current "Progressive Establishment" after years of marching outside of city hall - is because ultimately the new occupants believe in the very same progressive theory.   Thus to "Occupy" outside of City Hall could be to "Occupy Against Yourself".  (Right Rob Redding?)

As I listen to a cascade of arguments it becomes clear that RACE is today nothing more than a attribute for POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM - both on the RIGHT and the LEFT.

One's claim of LOVE FOR BLACK PEOPLE or one's claim to "Ship Them All Back To Africa" has NOTHING TO DO with the threat suffered by the average Black man on the street.

THE LAW is more transparently enforced today than ever before in this nation.

Today we have the OFFENDEDNESS against "Political Racism" as the form that triggers the most widespread response.

My original point remains - the "Dark Matter" corollary to "Political Racial Offendedness" is the PROGRESSIVE PROTECTION RACKET in defense of "Black Progressive Establishment Figures" that have compelled "The Least Of These" to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION - but once in power over the rungs of government - the forces in the media who seek to build up a nationalized progressive bloc of power have no intention of MUCKRAKING that might topple this power.

I should say more clearly - while the "Straight News" section of the local news organizations (newspaper and television) are today's "Civil Rights Organizations" in Mission Accomplished Cities - the editorial page operatives have no intention what so ever to break ranks from their ideological coalition in order to stand in defense of the INVESTORS that built up the new establishment power - after years in which these operatives in question gave their "campaign endorsement" with each and every edition of their column. 

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