Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Proper Way To Debate A Black Political Operative - Force Him To Prove That He Is Developing A "Governance Culture" Through The Institutions Of The Black Community

You Cannot Debate The Black Progressive Fundamentalist In The "American Political Domain" - You Must Use The "Development Of Black People" As The Index To Measure EVERYONE'S Veracity And Then Ask Why They Keep Drawing Us Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" At The Expense Of The "Organic Competency Development" Though The "Development Of A Governance Culture" In The Institutions Within Our Communities

How do I expect to "win friends and influence people" if I keep attacking and OFFENDING the people I am attempting to convince and follow me?

The question is flawed and fraudulent.

You ALREADY are being lulled by the fact that people know the void in your "group self worth" and they engineer a message that promises you the POWER to defeat the enemy that they have stood up for you to focus on.


The conscious condition is so bad that they can stand IN YOUR FACE after the statics that indicate your present coordinates show stagnation, decline OR EVEN slight growth that is not even worth the mention - yet they know that they can get you to APPLAUD your present condition because you are not primarily concerned about these statics.  You are focused on THE FIGHT WITH YOUR ENEMY.

In fighting this enemy you are made to feel POWERFUL as you live vicariously through the combatant that you have on the field of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".
When he appears weak - YOU FEEL WEEK.
If he has a GOOD WEEK in fighting this enemy - YOU FEEL POWERFUL.

His "Press" staff is not the one's on the payroll but are those who's currency comes from the Black Community's expense account.    
The INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that is being burned up as the "governing board" all conspire to play in this arena.   They have no worries because in the next interval of time - THEY WILL BE THE JUDGE to determine if THEY still have credibility over Black people.

At The End Of This Interval In Time - What Valuables Will You Have In Your "Cultural Knapsack"?

In their lust for POWER and their engagement in the only field they have a chance of telling you about their SUCCESS - the Embedded Confidence Men understand that they must take the believers of the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" on an ever expansive mission - with the conjured goal OF MAKING THE NEGRO EQUAL.

If you analyse their antics - this brand of EQUALITY is not the bilateral equality that one would assume.  It an equality in the eyes of the societal constructs that flow TO the Negro:

  • Equality Under The Law
  • Equality In Social Justice Entitlements
  • Equality In Educational Services Provided
  • Equality In Representation In Legislative And Commercial Venues
When one understands that indeed "equality is a two way street" and then asks such a person "What should society expect from the Negro?"  and more to the point "What should society expect from the Negro IN RELATION TO OTHER NEGROES IN HIS OWN COMMUNITY" - even this qualifier is seen as "Blaming the VICTIM".  

This gets the heart of my critical analysis.

The supposed LOVE that is being marketed as a candy coating upon the "strange fruit" that is underneath of the scheme - CAN'T EVEN BRING ITSELF to show that it can INDEED take over local institutions that service our people and show competence at producing the SOCIAL JUSTICE that it asks of the NATION.

The "leaders" that are most attractive to our people, per the prevailing consciousness, have a stronger history in ADVOCACY, ORGANIZING, FIGHTING ELEPHANTS and preaching the words of the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" from their pulpits than they do in:
As a result - they often insert "social justice" caveats that upend the normal management order.
It is one thing to make (their notions of) "FAIRNESS" as the final variable that tips the decision among equal choices one particular way.

When such a mandate is used as an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT, shifting the conversation away from the competencies that THEY have expressed as they aggregated POWER in the elected seats that they have aggregated over time - the notions of FAIRNESS and SOCIAL JUSTICE need to be checked as a third party arbiter affirms the basic veracity of their struggle.  

The USE OF such "Wolf In Sheeps Clothing" techniques which play upon the people's desperation and channels their hatred with the cover of moral authority - is no more just than what they accuse their enemy of.

But what is "just" and what is "moral"?
Lets throw them both away and look at FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES.

What if a people are being lead to buy into a system that the operatives KNOW is built upon sand?  Should we debate the power of UNITY OF PURPOSE that this struggle generates - making "Happy, (Tentatively) Empowered Black People"?    

OR - as so many other whistle blowers have been proven correct over time - Should some of them had heeded the warning sirens through their travels on the confidence ride? 

The irony of the demand that THOSE WHO TAKE OVER POWER - PRODUCE LOCAL SOCIAL JUSTICE - a point that some will IMMEDIATELY refract as they say "What - Take our eye OFF OF THE RICH so they can continue doing what they do?"

What you fail to understand is that this is noting more than a FRAUDULENT SCHEME to remove your focus upon what THEY SOLD YOU in the acquisition of the particular seat of power.    50 years into this scheme we see that the Black community is not prospering through the "Bayard Rusting Community Salvation" scheme.   Even sadder is that there is no evidence of a grass roots attempt at regulation that purports to tie this establishment power to the results that are being garnered.

What good is it that you perceive enhanced social justice through legislative and executive fiats?   If the system that is granting you this begins to show its fiscal insolvency - HAVE YOU PRODUCED people in your community that can operate these same services once the fiat currency shrivels?


Is it anything more than a FIGHT AGAINST YOUR ENEMY? 
This means that HE HOLDS the wealth and the knowledge that you perceive is denied to you.

What if you took your organized program to a different Black diasporatic vista and attempted to erect it there in total.    If this ENEMY is not proximate - WHO will you lean against to demand SOCIAL JUSTICE?

This all summarizes why the POLITICAL OPPONENT to the prevailing order within the Black Community is spinning his wheels.    His party IS THE ENABLING ENEMY.   When he is invited to debate his is made to explain or defend HIS PARTY.   This from a panel who HAS NO INTENTION to explain the valuables that they have mined from within the heart of the Black community and shipped to the border for export, with the hope that the finished product of "Social Justice" will one day return after processing.

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