Friday, November 02, 2012

The ""Paid Blacks Of NBC News" Track Down The Conservatives That Paid For The "OH Voter Suppression" Bill Boards - Have No Interests In Investigating The Original Reason Why They Were Recruited And Sponsored By MSNBC

If "Voter Intimidation" by which Black people who have fears of law enforcement, for whatever reason are claimed to be victims of "Voter Suppression" - the attempt to STEAL THEIR VOICE for participation in the GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA.........................and the august team of researchers at NBC New's "Black News Arm"  The is on the case, doggedly SEARCHING for the funding source of these ads that are targeted WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY..................

Is there anyone who is curious as to WHY the MAINSTREAM NEWS CORPORATIONS have:

  • Funded
  • Recruited
  • and Provides 401K matching funds
for the Black Progressive Operatives that are channeling MESSAGES TO THE BLACK CONSCIOUS MINDS - Within The Black Community - yet..................

INSTEAD OF this being a part of a muckraking investigative expose' by any of the "GUARDIANS OF BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" this is CELEBRATED as "Black People Have Their DAY" - "Our STORIES" - they say.

As if there is any surprise - these operative voices have indeed produced what I have maintained to be the key product of "The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" at a time of great crisis in our community and this nation:  CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

It has little INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY to take a deep look at the key issues that motivated the Civil Rights Movement that are STILL GOING ON TODAY:
  • Elevated Murder Rates for Black people despite having favorable law enforcement authorities keeping guard over our people and property
  • Public Schools that fail to prepare Black people for transformative development
  • Cultural / Social Misalignment which threaten our inter-personal relationships, thus preventing long term, sustained uplift

They are POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL operatives.  Thus, as George S Schuyler pointed out - they are appendages to their LARGER "WHITE ALLY" host:
  • On The Web:  The - With MSNBC
  • On Satellite Radio - In addition to "The Power" - several Black voices are on "The Left" channel - as their ideas plug right and would more accurately be called "The Black Left Channel"
  • On TV : Starring Voices on MSNBC now host "The Black Agenda For A Stronger America"
We are not going to have an investigative report from ONE BLACK JOURNALIST upon the company that he stands with.

  1. WHAT is the agenda of this crop of "New Jack" journalist operatives? 
  2. HOW Has Journalistic Integrity Been Compromised?

IF - AFTER ALL OF THIS "CONGREGATIONAL UNITY" and unfortunate compromise - the BLACK COMMUNITY CONDITION HAS NOT IMPROVED - when will this motley crew chose to  DISBAND ITSELF and work with a more TRANSPARENT constitution - after coming to the understand that THEY MUST VALUE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY more than the MAINTENANCE OF THEIR IDEOLOGICAL FUNDAMENTALISM because THE BLACK COMMUNITY HAS A GOVERNANCE VOID MORE THAN THE BLACK COMMUNITY HAS A UBIQUITOUS THREAT FROM THE RIGHT WING?  The Anti-Right Wing Meme is ONLY the glue that keeps the CONGREGATION together, agreeing to "Stop Snitching" on one another.

The Perfect Specimen Of COMPROMISED BLACK "JOURNALISM" That Is Well Received Because It Is Giving The People What It Wants WHILE FRONTING As "Black Consciousness"

As such when the first guy told of "New Contract Opportunities In Libya - With The International Coup" - The BLACK PRESS Had No Interest In Calculating The Troubling Precedent That This Might Produce, Impacting Their Future Telecommunications Infrastructure When "The Grio Africa By MSNBC" Sets Up A Continental Broadcast Network To Rival The Chinese.

Do you all realize how expensive it is to replace a set of satellite uplinks that are destroyed by a CIA Drone?


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