Sunday, November 11, 2012

The "Paid Blacks" In The Corrupt Black Press Earn The "Congolese Shame Statue" That Is To Be Hung Outside Of Their Residence - Hoping To Bring Them Back Into Compliance

On CNN International - this week's 'Inside Africa" features a view of the culture in "The Congo" in Central Africa.

CNN Reporter: "What are your concerns about this culture?"......"What would these young men be doing if you did not take them in to transmit this culture to them?"
"YES I am very worried about the culture and skills that go into making these Congolese mask will be lost.  I take them in and make use of them for productive means".

CNN Reporter: "What do you have right here?"
"This is the Congolese SHAME STATUE.  Anyone who has been unfaithful to his spouse or who have BROKEN THE LAW gets one of these hanging outside of him home to remind him of his disloyalty to the society".

The CORRUPT BLACK PRESS Needs To Have A "Shame Statue" Hung Outside Of The NABJ Headquarters

They CAN'T SEE the "HISTORY' that they are giving the green light to because "They Don't Know"

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