Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff - The Dung Producing Party Animals Pit American Partisans To Fight Each Other On The Margins

Someone tell me what I am missing.

Tax Cuts For The Rich: $40 Billions In Revenues Not Recongized By The Federal Government

$40 Billion
Tax Cuts For Those Who Make LESS THAN $250K: $174 Billion In Revenues Not Recognized By The Federal Government

$174 Billion 
ATM and Social Security 

$159 Billion
Spending Cuts

$187 Billion

Now that YOU KNOW that the Federal Government ONE YEAR DEFICIT is over $1 Trillion for the 5th year in a row - DOES THE TARGET OF $1.5 Trillion in "New Revenues OVER TEN YEARS" sound like REAL fiscal responsibility?

Upon listening to and agreeing with "The Concord Coalition" outlook for this nation - my position is that this nation is going to have to:

  • Cut spending as the primary means of getting the deficit situation in order
  • Raise taxes - NOT with the goal of retaining a "Standard Of Living" that our economic productivity can no longer support but to PAY DOWN THE DEBT in order to sure up our long term fiscal position
I have a third mandate:

  • MOVE THE FISCAL STRESS from the "Federal Government" and back to the periphery.  Our FIAT CURRENCY / FIAT ECONOMY cannot survive as the Federal Government and "Magic Money 'is used to paste over the #1 problem in America....................................
THE FAILURE TO DEVELOP LOCAL ECONOMIES using the INSTITUTIONS that are in place to transform our "Human Resources" into economically productive, well balanced citizens.

THE DUNG PRODUCING PARTY ANIMALS - are best seen as "Two Agents Fighting Over The Steering Wheel Of A Vehicle That Is Accelerating, Destined To Go Over The Cliff". 


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