Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Corrupt "Recruited And Paid Black Press" Is More Interested In Talk Of Death Threats Against Obama Than They Are Competent At Systematically Addressing The "Ninjas That Got Shot" WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - One Can SEE WHAT THEY VALUE THE MOST Just By Watching Them

What Are The Key Distinctions Between The Two Scenes Below As It Relates To The Black Community In Its Present Consciousness And Threat Assessment?

Between The Two - The Street Pirate WAS NOT JOKING.  He Successfully MURDERED THE BLACK MAN That He Threatened .
Unfortunately THIS PARTICULAR BLACK MAN did not have the VALUE in the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM as does the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in the eyes of The Black Press.  Even though they pretend that the grand goal of their efforts is to DEVELOP AND PROTECT "People Who Look Like Him" - They Understand that as long as their is a crew of "Hatefilled Billionaires" to justify their diversion scheme - "The Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" in Mission Accomplished Zones that they protect is a CAUSE THAT JUST HAS TO WAIT until they DEFEAT their SUPERIOR CAUSE - their fight against the Right-Wing.   

The IDEOLOGICAL THREAT is SUPERIOR to any MATERIAL THREATS that Black people suffer on the streets.

And to think that for centuries Black Americans have asked OTHERS to VALUE OUR PEOPLE equally.
1) While President Obama has an entire "army" of armed US Secret Service agents to protect him for the rest of his natural life - the Black male who "Got Himself Kilt" was relying on the Black Racial Services Machine that dominates the priorities of the Black community to KEEP HIM SAFE.  His Mistake. 

2) While The LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press are ready to converge on any WHITE RIGHT-WINGER that threatens death to the President of the United States - treating it as a SUPERIOR THREAT - they didn't quite manage to care about the threats "Lil JoJo" made and was made against him - leading to his untimely death. 
We Should Note That Handgun Sales Are ILLEGAL IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO.

Cook County's newest tax on the sale of firearms will come from the stores that reside outside of the main city

3) While the American Left was pleased by the recent comments made by former US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (at the "Brady Center Conference" on C-SPANS) in which he said "the average American is safer in his own home by programming 911 in his cellphone that he keeps by his bed rather than having a handgun in his house that is more likely to injure him than waiting for the police".........the US Secret Service that guards the President Of The United States UNDERSTAND that they can't depend on Cellphones to call the police.  THEY NEED HEAVY WEAPONS just in case there is a REAL PHYSICAL THREAT to the US President.

After the foreign terrorists saw this picture of Air Force One - they saw that it was a bad idea to make a "RACIST" attack on the President Of The United States. 
4)  While the Lamp Black Yellow Journalists will no doubt follow the prosecution of Billionaire son Peter Brant II and will PROTEST if he is let off with a mere slap in the hand - and this incident will appear in the second edition of "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander .............

There are some communities that have a "Homicide Closure Rate" so low that there is a 50/50 chance of killing a Black man and walking away unpunished - all without triggering a single Black Press operative to "sit on the story" until a killer is found".

5) Those who got their "Civil Rights Street Cred" upon hearing a White racist sheriff in the south say "I cannot guarantee your safety if you keep riding that bus and making trouble where you don't belong" .....

Are prone to tell their "congregation" that the billionaire Brant boy had more means at his disposal to carry out an attack than they were ever heard saying anything about the Street Pirates that shot up the bus in Philly last year.

Brant's bullets were likely to be of a SUPERIOR grade  to these bullets fired into the SEPTA bus

6) The Civil Rights Pharisees believe that if they can get a "Future Koch Brother" off of the street right now - they will suffer fewer worries 20 to 30 years from now when he threatens their future political aspirations.

7) If the news media and law enforcement monitor FaceBook, Twitter and any other forum for public discussion to go after verbal threats made against President Obama - THERE IS NO POINT at which there are "Too Many People" that have been locked up by the "drag net" of the law.  

Anyone questioning the application of these law enforcement resources will be asked "Are you depreciating the value of the President to be safe from these THREATS?"

If someone notes all of the "Telephone Pole Memorials" that are erected within the Black Community and then dares to suggest that stronger law enforcement is needed AND that the forces that allow this "Culture Of Violence" to transpire should be ran out of office - they will be said to be in violation of all that has been documented in "The New Jim Crow".

(as I type this an episode of "Another 48 Hours" is playing.  "Innocence Lost: A 9 Year Old Girl Is Caught In A Deadly Crossfire" [from a local gang war])

Left unchecked and allowed to engage in their "Transactional Twitter Feeds" the Black Press is going to keep on feeding you "self chum" that has your "Racial Threat Level" always on "Red Alert".

All the while the "Most Protected Man" on the planet is safe and secure - they will successfully keep your eyes OFF OF THE PRIZE.  The prize that OUR ANCESTORS WERE FOCUSED UPON:   A Safe Black Community.

Ironically the "Paid Blacks" in the Media must protect the establishment power that presently preside over where you live by agreeing to never "put the puzzle pieces together".    Normally they would be inspecting the "quid pro quo" that was involved in previous investments made by the Black community.  

"IF you all invest in the construction of this machine" THEN "We will keep you safe".

Since the Black Press is a PRESS MARKETING AGENCY for "The Black Racial Services Machine" and NOT able to defend the interests of "The Black Rank & File" as a separate and distinct concept from the quest for POWER by this establishment order - their only function is to continuously propagandize TO "the Black Rank & File" - keeping them in line with the agenda of "The Black Racial Services Machine" - even when they fail or even USE the Black Rank & File.  

The longitudinal damage that is done comes as the "Congregational Unity" is used NOT to advance the COMPETENCY IN GOVERNING THE BLACK COMMUNITY but in compelling an official "Stop Snitching" scheme.  We see that "occupations" previously held outside of local government offices are now, necessarily taken elsewhere to where the right-wing enemy now resides.    They can't accept the tacit admission that an "Inferior force' now resides in the seat of power that used to be the source of our oppression, the same seat that we were told was the gateway to our development once we remained unified to place a favorable person into power.


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