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The Consciousness Of Europe Takes Root Here In America - The Enemies List Of Corporations That Seek To Limit Their Fiscal Exposure To Government Unfunded Mandates

The "Hinterland Gazette Blog" makes a list of "evil corporations" that have announced new policies in response to "The Affordable Care Act".  A veritable "Enemies List".

Yesterday I listened to an audio report from the NPR show from Philadelphia named "Radio Times". They talked about the increase in the use of parttime workers and how "ObamaCare" is going to impact the fulltime/parttime allocation made by some companies.

I was motivated to write a blog post based upon the argument tactics heard in that audio report (and I still plan to).   Essentially what we have is a "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" / "Dark Matter Space" situation combined.

Instead of being forced to debate the "Entire Universe" of ECONOMIC CHOICES - they focus on THE EMPLOYED and their EMPLOYER.  While I do not agree with all of the scheduling policies of Wal-Mart, for example - the people who see themselves as "Policy Wonks For The Poor" have no intention WHAT SO EVER - to accept responsibility for the UNEMPLOYED that are created as they RAISE the labor costs in support for those who do have jobs an REGULATE the companies that are "still alive and moving".

If you don't look at the entire universe (including "the dark matter") these people, who put themselves out as "Social Justice Advocates Seeking Sainthood" - will never have to stand and account for the ECONOMIC DAMAGE that they render.

The main point of abstraction for their "Nationalized Social Justice Policies" - which allow those "Least Of These" who are regulated out of employment is the MASSIVE US NATIONAL DEBT.   If you listen to various Progressive Fundamentalists debate the issues from the ground level - they will soon walk their way up to - the state and then to the federal government, thus NATIONALIZING the "Shared Sacrifice".   Most people who engage in this debate fail to stay on them as they "throw the liability over the wall" into the "Nationalized Heap" - making note that "The Same Obama" who is their "Social Justice Vehicle" ALSO warned about US "Long Term and Near Long Term Problems" stemming from THE DEBT.

It is quite ironic that the very same people who tell us the predictions of Karl Marx as to the eventual collapse of "Capitalism" as an economic system - can't see that beyond their condemnations of this THEORY - their antics (coupled with the corporatists that also use the federal treasury as a piggy bank) are the STICKS that are added to this camel that will eventually break its back.    Thus the fatal fail is not an ECONOMIC one but a HUMAN PROPENSITY to continue forward when the CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the lack of sturdiness of the rope bridge has not reached the "confidence men" telling the expedition party to: "Come, march forward.  I have been across this bridge many times.  It has never failed on me before".

Using Hatred Of Obama As A Guise To Indict Those Who Are Making Sound Economic Decisions (Unlike The JingOists)

I have already laid down my arguments about the irony of "The President Of The United States" - the most POWERFUL man on the planet as a VICTIM OF RACISM as a gross perversion of the classical definition of "RACISM" (hatred + the POWER to do something about it at the expense of others).

Just as I have gotten clarity recently on how "Civil Rights Organizations" continue to cloak themselves in these garments - for POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM today and that we should open their "Shawshank bibles" to see that it houses the murder weapons that are used in their own community but which do not qualify as 'Civil Rights Cases" because the KILLER is the disqualifier, the focus upon him creating a SELF-INDICTMENT against their rituals - so is the motivation of those with active Twitter-feeds telling everyone about every "Racial Assault" upon the Black President who's "melanated milk coloring" covers their PROGRESSIVE WANTS AND DREAMS.

It is NOT OBAMA who is injured by these "assaults".  He has a team of security guards that carry weapons that are deemed illegal by his strongest base of supporters.  "Is there any other reason to carry such an automatic weapon but to KILL SOMEONE?"   Yet they count "Face Book death threats" in on other count of "Presidential Threats Motivated By Racism".  It is to their PROFIT to sculpt such a scenario.  It allows PROGRESSIVISM to walk through the smoke cloud that they have set up thanks to the ignorant words said by their right wing enemy.

How else does such a destructive body of policies scale beyond their entrenchment within the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITIES that it has taken suffocating root within?

VICTIMIZATION FROM RIGHT-WING HATRED provides the EQUAL HATER a platform of "Moral Authority", the spiked club used against his enemy that "his Jesus" gave him to beat down all devils that threaten "The Least Of These".

A scoundrel CAN'T MAKE "ECONOMIC ARGUMENTS".  He must first DISARM his enemy, getting HIM to "DIE FOR HIS OWN COUNTRY", forcing HIM to live up to the principles of SOCIAL JUSTICE - while making sure that HE never allows "The Least Of These" to see that HE IS NOW THE 'ESTABLISHMENT POWER' THAT IS FAILING TO DELIVER "SOCIAL JUSTICE" to the Least Of These.

A second posting that I have in queue is a grand "de-legitimizing" of the "Smiley/West" rant heard on "Democracy Now" last week.  I agree with them on the behavior of their Progressive Fundamentalist "Machine Operatives", for they are 100% correct.   The problem with Smiley/West as they set PROGRESSIVE LEFTISM as "The BRIGHT NORTH STAR" in the sky as they set up the tale of the "Exploited, Unwashed Masses" - is that THEY ARE NOW HOLDING THE 'EQUAL BALLOTS OF THE LEAST OF THESE' - as evidence of the success of their CONFIDENCE SCHEME that promised them an "erect stature" if they donated their valuables over time.

The point is consistent:  If you allow a PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST to engage in a debate but YOU can't figure out the BOUNDS of the "debate universe", placing TIME, elevation and most importantly WHAT THEY RECEIVED FROM "THE LEAST OF THESE" as they captured their CONFIDENCE - you are going to get rolled over in the debate.

For Smiley/West - those who they advocate FOR - under the guise of "Christianity" will ALWAYS be inferior in their ability to become "The Un-Least Of These" and then be seen as beings that fell short of their potential to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE to a "lower being" and thus THEY ARE NOT BEING "GOOD CHRISTIANS" because they chose a path of CONSUMPTION - lead by Smiley / West.

The #1 Job Of The Progressive Fundamentalist is to run an ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION SCHEME

Do you notice that we hear political analysis talkshows (on NPR) in which they talk about:

  • The HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATES - (Even today - despite the claimed 7.9%)
  • The Dead End/ Low Paid Jobs
  • The notion that UNIONS are going to cure it all
  • Still selling the notion that OBAMACARE, once the Right-wing stops resisting is the grand cure to relieve the greedy employers from the burden of health care costs

If you take a step back from the POLITICS of these arguments and instead listen to the PSYCHOLOGY of the people advancing them - you begin to understand that they are always:
  1. Grabbing Power
  2. Based Upon The Unfinished Work
  3. They Make The Case That They Need MORE POWER
  4. To Prevent The Right-Wing Opponents From Blocking What They Have Built Up 
After listening to "Smiley /West" the other day I asked myself one question:


  • Since MORE POVERTY at the end of one of their cycles is evidence for MORE OF THEIR WORK to fight for "The Least Of These"
  • Since MORE INCOME INEQUALITY never generates an INDICTMENT OF THEIR FAILED UPLIFT EFFORTS via the INSTITUTIONS that "The Least Of These" have given them control over but instead triggers them to unify to make an "Occupation" against those who "Have"
  • Despite them holding "The EQUAL BALLOTS" and the "CONSCIOUS HOPES" from "The Least Of These" at the end of the grand cyclical scheme - --------

"Smiley/West", "Hinterland Gazette",  Chauncey DeVega, Filled Negro, MSNBC, The Grio/Root, The Black Racial Services Machine, The Paid Black Journalist, The Progressive Joint Venture - LOSE WHEN THEY LOSE THE CONFIDENCE OF THEIR CONGREGATION.


I did not say - "They LOSE when the STATISTICS SHOW that the people have suffered a great loss".
I did not say - "That some POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE FORCE can come along after halting their process of OFFENDING THEM"

The only way a PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST "LOSES" is when he LOSES THE CONFIDENCE OF THE "CONGREGATION" and they begin to scatter from the "church".

If this is the case - then it is not logical for the fundamentalist to:
  • Become a HISTORIAN - setting up a particular narrative about the world?
  • Define WHO "The Enemy" is and then skew his "Twitter Feeds" to substantiate the "List Of Evil"?
  • Carefully avoid making SELF INDICTMENTS - where the preponderance of truth that the people suffer through can be spun into a GATEWAY OF HOPE as the masses "Community Development Consciousness And HOPES" are fused into THE ULTERIOR MOTIVE of the Embedded Confidence Men
  • Call For REGULATION OF HIS ENEMIES but look past the very same acts done by HIS FRIENDS that would call for REGULATION if the enemy did so

Who then is the force that protects the interests of the people from the long train ride that the embedded confidence men seek to take them upon?

My Message To "The Hinterland Gazette" On The Publication Of Their "Enemies List" 

Do you see it perverted in any way that a certain mindset believe that the forces that are "alive and moving" in their economic marketplace are worthy of attack BUT they can't bring themselves to peer into "The Dark Matter Space" - to see the boneyard of former corporations that did not survive their POLICY WONK operations as they practiced their craft without anesthesia?

My observations remain intact - the very same consciousness that took over POWER at the periphery, only to see this "organic economy" collapse at their feet are now undeterred as they make a NATIONAL RUN, seeking to implement "Nationalized Social Justice", ultimately creating a "FAIR ECONOMY" - by which POPULARITY rather than ECONOMICS define ECONOMIC POLICY.

The very same arguments made in the documentary "Europe's Debt Crisis: America's Problem?"

NOTE: Though I Assumed That It Was "Janet" - the blog owner that wrote the piece, it was actually Harriett, a contributor to the "Hinterland Gazette" blog that submitted the piece in question.  I offer a transactional apology to Janet for directing this rebuttal to her - but I am aware that these sentiments are in line with her own.

With all due respect - you are allowed to do what you please.
Its interesting that, per your world view, 'What is good for all of the people" trumps the individual company's mandate to make a profit as you surely won't be donating money in the event that they are in the red.
The continent of Europe is today suffering because - as the documentary "Europe's Debt Crisis: America's Problem?" says - "Over time when they had to make ECONOMIC decisions - they made POLITICAL decisions" .
Janet - you are a biased person to the point of bigotry.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - is the source of the motivation for these companies acting as they do - in your view.  Thus it stands to reason that when you attack "Obama's Enemies" or his predecessor - it is YOU - who's bias seeks out other biased people.
Ironically- when I point out that "ObamaCare" is not "Health Care Reform" but is a series of regulations and an additional $65 billion in government subsidies into the health care system, that REAL HEALTH CARE (within the Black community) would be evident by:
* Those who lust for power, prove that they have interests other than this by producing more Black Physicians that have matriculated through the educational systems that they now control - showing that they have some connectivity to the Black Community
* Those who live in areas such as SouthWest Atlanta, or DC - PROVE that they believe in the SHARED SACRIFICE by collaborating their money and reopening SouthWest Atlanta Medical Center and DC General.   
Instead in these two cities and many others the very people who chose to NOT spend their private insurance inside of a "Ghetto Hospital" were able to get back into good standing by NATIONALIZING their "Social Justice" beliefs via "ObamaCare", with people like you failing to see that despite all of this national debt money these community facilities remain closed yet the insurance costs continue to rise.
I can't force you to stop with your economic intimidation actions.   I can't force you where to shop.
I can point out that in your mind (and the Nation Magazine)
* GM is alive using $49.5 billion of debt money
* Mitt Romney profited $15 million from the bail out of GM and he is the "Resident Evil"
* BUT with the US Federal Government going on the 5th year of $1,000 billion + debt .........................YOUR OWN BIAS prevents YOU from seeing that these grand, unsustainable debt runs are THE MAIN THREAT TO YOUR "NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE".
When the musical chairs STOP - those people who were pacified and walked the way that your pied pipe lead them will be left behind - with the SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES that their CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS left them with.
As they are left without a chair - I can count on YOU to blame THE RIGHT-WING ENEMY - regardless of how many "Favorable People" that have collected their VALUABLES based on the promises that that day in the future was to have them morphed into the UN-LEAST OF THESE.  

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