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The Black Progressive Jedi Mind Trick: "I Am Disappointed That More Black Officials Have Not Come Out In Support Of Jesse Jackson Jr As He Deals With This..........................Mental Disorder"

The Press Conference Reminding "America" All That Jesse Jackson Jr Did For Them That They Don't Appreciate 

  1. Jackson’s Colleagues: Congressman’s Resignation ‘Sad Day For America’

The Black Racial Services Machine are masters at controlling the narrative, regardless of the issue that is at hand and the "self-indictment" that it would generate for any "mere mortal".

The Sad Day For America IS NOT that Rush/Davis have framed
the resignation of Jesse Jackson Jr as such.  The sad day
is that no "Black Press" agent in the room STOOD UP
to EXPLAIN WHY it is a SAD DAY and IF they believed that 
This Marks The Difference Between A JOURNALIST And
An Organized PRESS RELEASE Agency
In monitoring the local television news broadcasts from Chicago on the subject of the resignation of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr , the recent gathering that featured Jesse Jackson Sr, Danny Davis and Bobby Rush proved interesting but also affirmed my expectations.

You see - IF you had assumed that this press conference would feature CONDEMNATION of Jesse Jackson Jr, in which his former colleagues told of their grand disappointment that he had violated their solemn trust and the confidence that his constituents had transferred to him as their representative in Congress - YOU WOULD BE MISTAKEN.

When I constantly make the case for people to:

  • Stop thinking transactionally
  • Turn your eyes off of the stage and look INTO THE CONGREGATION for their response.....
.......this occasion serves as a prime example for why such a construct is necessary.

You cannot look at a PRESS CONFERENCE - called for and "manned" by those who have an interest in protecting the brand of:  Jesse Jackson Jr/ The Jackson Family / The Black Racial Services Machine / The Chicago Political Machine / The Democratic Party and the Progressive Multi-Racial Ideology to wage a stinging indictment...................................AGAINST THEMSELVES.

When I tell you about the "Dark Matter Analysis Technique" - such a scenario demands that you consider the following:

(With reference to "The Black Community Interests - both real and hijacked into the Malcolm X Political Football Game)

  • WHAT would be the response to the news that an ENEMY on "The Other Team" went down in a cloud of corruption?
  • WHO would be the operatives projecting the indictments and scrutiny into the public discourse?
  • WHAT Larger Point Of INTERCONNECTEDNESS Would They Seek To String Together From This One "Transaction" (The resignation)?

By setting up the "perimeter" of "THE NORM" - (which is "The Universe") you can then take that model and apply it to what is happening right before us.
Instead of focusing on creating an "affirming checklist" with the purposes of allowing your friends to "pass inspection"  (which the Black Press does).........the protection of the BLACK COMMUNITY'S INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY - requires transparent voices who will construct the model from above, and seek to ENFORCE THE NORM.

If there is a suppression in the coverage of "The Larger Connection" - then THEY will offer it.
If there is aggressive indictment for no other reason than SLANDER - then they will call it out.

Don't be fooled, however, when the "Usual Suspects" who run a daily "Self Chum Twitter Feed" on all that THEIR ENEMY HAS DONE to "Insult The Negro" - even if it means going to Idaho and seeking to take a picture of "The KKK Snow Man" before he melts - when you hear SILENCE on this issue, or worse yet, they return to the "Just The Facts Ma'am" Reporting so that they can claim "YES WE DID Run This News!  Your Claims About Our Bias Are Frivolous" - you had better believe that their own ideology has compromised their "journalistic integrity".

I have consumed enough media and have strung together a pretty good idea of the larger interests that are involved with the antics of certain "news sources" (and propaganda sources as well).  
The shameful truth is that what is pitched as "Protecting The Interests Of The Least Of These" or "Protecting The Black Community's Interests" are little more than the protection of one's own IDEOLOGICAL methodology through which these interests are afforded.

A better test of one's integrity and interests is to look at their ability to "Do A Muckraking Interview Series WITHIN THEIR OWN 'NEWS ROOM' ".  

The Use Of Existing "Confidence Relationships" To Sell A Present Narrative In Protection Of The FUTURE Big Pay Off

I am trying to not focus upon the details of the "Rise And Fall Of Jesse Jackson Jr" for the want of retaining focus upon the CONSTRUCT - the "interrelationships of power" - as documented above.

For the Embedded Confidence Men that seek to impart their views upon the Black community.....

  • .....It is important that this issue with Jesse Jackson Jr be seen as ONE TRANSACTION along a long road of "The Struggle"
  • They must convince their base to not lose confidence in the Grand Scheme - and lose their ultimate riches - by becoming unfrayed by this one setback
  • "CONGREGATIONAL UNITY" is the only organic product from "Progressive Fundamentalism" and, as such, the evidence to affirm my analysis will be the observation that the press conference above called upon others "In The Struggle" to come out in support of Jackson he deals with his PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES.    

The VOID that I am watching out to see if anyone will come in to "fill it" is the RE-SPUN NARRATIVE which defends the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Jackson/ Davis / Rush sought to "close ranks" as a preemptive strikes against the claims of "corruption" that have already been echoed by the "Black intramural" adversaries of the existing clique AND the external White constituents that exist now that Jackson Jr's district extends beyond Cook County.

Please be on the look out for any of the "Paid Blacks In The Media" - Stanley Crouch, Leonard Pitts, Tonyaa Weathersbee, DeWayne Whickham, Roland Martin, et al - to go beyond any PERSONAL criticism that might stem from their existing grievances with the Jacksons (I can expect Mr Crouch's commentary to register here), but instead they talk about the SYSTEMATIC issue at hand.

This systematic issue is the fact that - IF Jackson Jr was in fact judged by "a jury of his peers" it would be abundantly clear that they viewed his importance as a Progressive Democratic leader with future potential ABOVE this "petty" campaign financing infraction.   

If they had the power they would spike the investigation.
IF a different administration was in control over the FBI/Justice Department that did the investigation - the "Lead Story" would be about "Another hit upon a Black Democratic seat of power".

In as much as they can control the narrative and their goal is to "Keep the Black community on the defensive against some existential racial threat" (from the Right-Wing) - this larger narrative would have them to avoid venturing into THE VOID.     The void being the fundamental disrespect of the CONFIDENCE INVESTED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY - who sought to have their interests REPRESENTED in a room that most will not enter into.

When these press and political operatives are allowed to insert claims of a "Racial Hit Job" but are not forced to address the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ISSUE - yet more damage is done to the "Black Community's Governance Culture".

Again - "The Black Press" is presently too compromised to lead the charge in keeping those who "Took The Valuables From Black People", in line with INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY rather than running an IDEOLOGICAL DISCIPLINE herding franchise for the self-serving benefit of the machine. 

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