Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Talking The Fox's Language

(Retweeted From Booker Rising)

Prof Weston:
I have no interest in changing YOUR PERSONAL OPINION and VICARIOUS LIVING through the "Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Imperialist Military Machine".
You mentioned the word "Civil Rights".
From my perspective - as a Black male who is WATCHING those who wear the cloak of "The Civil Rights Organizations" - based on their work in the past when the laws allowed racial attacks to go on with impunity - I am forced to "personally" (meaning per my understanding) STRIP THEM of such a designation.
I can't force anyone to stop labeling themselves.
What I can do (and here is my challenge to you) is to "Distill The ESSENCE Of Civil Rights" and note that it was done to:

  • * Keep Black people from being murdered by people who exploited the particular cultural and legal framework within which they lived
  • * Keep Black children separated from a QUALITY EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE thus stunting their growth
  • * Serially attack "Black Community" commerce and business - thus preventing the funding of "Local Social Justice"
  • * Disrupt Healthy Lifestyles and relationships  within the Black community

I ASK YOU, Prof Weston - SOCIOLOGIST - if we assume today that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL (as was always the case) and that man's BEHAVIOR is guided by INNATE HUMAN MOTIVATIONS, promoted by the CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS that he is raised within and then REFRACTED by THE LAW that defines boundaries - ......
Could you tell me, sir, What about TODAY'S CHALLENGES THAT BLACK PEOPLE FACE - regardless of who is in power in the American Government Overlay - is different from what Black people faced IN THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT - again - if we assume that ALL MEN ARE EQUAL and thus we don't apply the "Civil Rights Violation" label selectively - but instead have the audacity to do equal comparison to the CULTURES THAT PRODUCE HATEFUL PEOPLE that transact VIOLENCE or otherwise molest the interests of a community?

I am less interested in what YOU THINK ABOUT OBAMA than I am about your seeming inability to connect what you see as "Progress" in with what the NEGRO IS ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING on the street.

Is there a point at which this same "The Least Of These" specimen has GIVEN A CERTAIN QUANTITY OF HIS VALUABLES to a cause that was supposed to DEVELOP HIM but it turns out that it made him a CONSUMER rather than enable the INSTITUTIONS that he controls around him that was supposed to turn him into "The UN-Least Of These"?
From what I can see - sir - the balance of your confidence is expressed through COMPROMISED CRITICAL ANALYSIS about the situation - than you can point to strong evidence of absolute assent to "Social Justice" - as people who think like you have been marketing for many long decades.

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