Friday, November 09, 2012

Super White City Journal: Instead Of Suppressing A Black Celebrity He Gets An Express Lane For Voting

Blax News:  The Civil Rights Pharisees Are Happy That He Voted FOR Obama And Against The Charter School Amendment So They Have No Plans To Sue The Fulton County Board Of Elections - They Fear That The Black Lady In Charge Of Fulton County Elections Might Be Replaced By A White Man And Then They'll Have To Watch Him For Voter Suppression.

THIS WHITE MAN BELOW Triggered More Votes From Black Progressive Fundamentalists Than A US Lead NATO Attack On A Sovereign African Nation And Continued Drone Strikes Worked To SUPPRESS THEIR "VICARIOUS LIVING THROUGH THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF" Who Ordered The Hits But Told Them That He Was Using The Military For "Humanitarian Reasons"

Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio SOLD THE DEAL By Telling The Congregation That "Obama Is Using The US Military In Libya, Yemen And Somalia For Humanitarian Reasons Unlike What How George W Bush Used The Military In Hurricane Katrina To Kill Black People"

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