Thursday, November 15, 2012

Street Pirates Of Metro Atlanta NA, PPLC Shoot 8 Year Old Black Boy In The Back, Driving The Family Out Of The House - This Is Not A Civil Rights Violation Though

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  • A Black Family Living In The South
  • Suffers From A "Drive By Shooting" With At Least 6 Bullets Fired Into Their House
  • An 8 Year Old Little By Is Shot In The Back As He Slept
  • The Family Is Driven Out Of The House
  • The Community Is Now Terrorized That This Would Happen In Their Community
Any one of these individual bullet items above would make this incident qualified for scrutiny by the 'US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division'.

Today the definition of a "civil rights violation" has been abused to the point of abstraction.  

Today - instead of the Black community circling back into the truth on our streets and RECLAIMING/REDEFINING the term "Civil Rights Violations" - the vast majority of our people have gone along with the scheme.

As the notion of the "Politically Based Racism Chasing" has taken root in which the indictment of "RACISM" and claims of a "CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION" has been used for political opportunism and "messaging" - the legitimate accouterments of a "Civil Rights Violation" - an intimidated community - is necessarily considered on a "case by case" basis.

Key attributes of the ASSAILANT is the primary determining factor of the label "Civil Rights Violation".

My newly clarified take on this matter of JUSTICE is that - in as much as EQUAL OUTCOMES are obtained (Death, Injury, feelings of Terror in the Community) - I now worry less about the observed responses from the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and their inclination to form a "National Hoodie March" as the various channels of information within the Black community are made to prioritize this agreed upon assault.   

Instead my "Dark Matter Analysis" consciousness tells me that in as much as the Black community CHOOSES to not respond to these type of serial attacks in an EQUAL manner - then it is the community, carrying the water of whatever force they are bound to - must also carry the burden of this weight.

I choose not to do anything about any perceived OVER-reaction to a particular incident.  People are allowed to apply their free speech rights.
I can only advocate about the UNDER-reaction to the far more numerous attacks that occur within the Black community that is left up to the police authorities to process, absent the "civil rights overlay".

No organization or movement that becomes misaligned with the MATERIAL NEEDS of the community can continue to exist - WITHOUT a stronger overlay of "organized propaganda" that makes the people believe that the threats that are imprinted into their minds are present, regardless of what their own community experiences say to the contrary.

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