Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Street Pirates Of Metro Atlanta NA, PPLC" Don't Give A Damn About SNCC - Robs Black Females At Gun Point On Atlanta University Center Street Named After "Civil Rights Heroes" That Protected Black People Back In The Day

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Think about all of the "Propaganda Marketing" that you have been blitzed with from the "Paid Black Press" as they performed the duty that they were recruited to do in shaping the THREAT MATRIX that you as a Black Person faces:

  • Physical Terror
  • Rape
  • Intimidation 
  • Loss Of Economic Value
My claim IS NOT that they are responsible for this latest violent action against two Black females seeking to improve themselves via education.
My claim IS that - when you watch their claimed "Priorities" with respect to the Black community - no such impassioned effort will ever be seen if and when these operatives are required to GO INSIDE - the turf unfamiliar to them - to call out the THREAT that is transacting material damage to the Black community.

In truth the Paid Black Press is not the problem. 
The people who live through this type of terror are far too willing to go along with it all.  
They see the large gap between the "cherry picked priorities" that are presented to manipulate Black people versus what they face on the streets.

As long as the Black Rank & File carry the water of these operatives in the name of fake "congregational unity" then, in as much as this is a form of "Stop Snitching" - then they must accept the conditions within their own communities as an unfortunate consequence. 

As long as you never ask anything of this scheme but "remain unified" and seek "Social Justice" from EXTERNAL (national) forces - nothing is going to change within the Black community. 

The relative distance between the murder of a Black business owner off of Rev Ralph D Abernathy Blvd and the 2 Black female students robbed at gun point by 4 Street Pirates off of "SNCC Way"
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