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Steve Harvey/Black Wing Entertainment Radio - The Koch Brothers vs George Soros

Today as I got into my vehicle it was tuned to the local R&B station that plays "The Steve Harvey Morning Show".  Even though I was once the biggest fan of "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" as my own ideological and political consciousness grew - I stopped listening as they revealed themselves as being little more than "Rush Limbaugh That Plays Music You Can Dance To".

There is not ONE position that you can identify which they stand for that is against the "Black Racial Services Machine's" official position as they stand in DEFENSE OF THE RESULTS rather than what is POPULAR with Black Progressive Fundamentalists in their grand fight against the WHITE RIGHT WING.  (Period!!!!)

I heard three tidbits that are of note:

  1. A comedic commentator/guest told of the need to VOTE - "Our PRESIDENT NEEDS US to support him"
  2. A local Atlanta commercial calling on Black people to come out and defeat the "State Charter School Amendment" in which the Georgia State Senator doing the voice over looked past the failures of the "Favorable People In Power" in these school boards and noted the GRAND THREAT to Black Education is:
    1. The Koch Brothers
    2. ALEC
    3. (Note: Even though there are thousands of Black parents who have placed their children into charter schools in Georgia - this group of Embedded Confidence Men have NO RESPECT FOR THEIR CAUSE - in pursuit of quality education.  They get lumped right in with the RIGHT WING "enemy".
    4. He had the AUDACITY to say "THEY TOLD US that CHARTER SCHOOLS were the pathway to GOOD EDUCATION - and they are not".   This corrupt Negro could not bring himself to make note of the "VALUABLES GIVEN BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY after the Black Racial Services Machine TOLD US that PLACING FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER on the SCHOOL BOARDS, fighting to BUS BLACK KIDS to SIT NEXT TO WHITE FOLKS and then FIGHTING against the RIGHT WING at the state level to prevent them from regulating the underperforming schools WOULD BRING QUALITY EDUCATION TO BLACK PEOPLE!!!".    
  3. Steve Harvey and the story of the Omega Psi Phi father who beat up his son for breaking family tradition and pledging Phi Beta Sigma.   Harvey repudiated the disowning of the son by the father.  He said he deserved to get a beat down for "pledging Sigma over Que".  But Harvey DIDNT' SAY A DAMNED THING about what the George Soro's "Schott Foundation" report said about the high school graduation rates for Black males and thus ANY BLACK MALE IN COLLEGE to pledge any fraternity is a blessing.

Before I go into each of these indepth my main observation is that "The Black Racial Services Machine" via its various cogs function as:
  1. The Black Agenda definer (The Policy Makers) - in which everything is Progressive Left
  2. The Black Agenda "operationalizer" - advocacy for Progressive Public policy through the Democratic party
  3. The Black Agenda pitch men - hijacking the "official media channels" and INSTITUTIONS directed toward Black people in order to build and retail BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY
  4. The Black Agenda Quality Inspectors - regardless of the outcomes suffered by our community - PROGRESSIVES and PROGRESSIVISM always comes out with flying colors.  The RIGHT-WING enemy either:
    1. Was present in theater and blocked the successful imposition of this Progressive Public Policy
    2. Was attacking "Us" from a distance.  Thus justifying the departure from the political boundaries of the "Mission Accomplished Zone" and leading a march of "Real Black People" out to where this right-wing enemy resides.  OUR STRENGTH is through our UNITY in this fight against the forces that "want to destroy Black people"
      1. Even though they LEFT "US" ALL ALONE for Progressive Fundamentalism to have its own way in its own confines - the fact that he left "US" motivated by RACISM is justification to label him as a hater with "Benign Neglect" in refusing to share "Nationalized Social Justice" with "US" - who are equal citizens
  5. The Operatives behind ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION - the act of REJECTING the notion that with "Favorable People In Power" the PROMISED RESULTS that motivated Black people to invest their "valuables" should have been received by now.
    1. By violating the "Proportionality Filter" - any portion of "Right Wing" opposition - even if its effective force is far less than the Progressive forces that are monopoly - this is sufficient to justify continued struggle and avoidance of "self-incrimination)
    2. I must add - Previously the American CIA's presence in any nation in South America or Africa - however miniscule was grounds to blame the right-wing US government the the undermining of these "nations of color".  Today that same leftist rationalization is NOT applied to the American CIA under Obama (Libya, Somalia, etc) - they now apply it to the DOMESTIC policy (Job's package, Health Care compromise).  This allows them to avoid having to PROTEST AGAINST - THEMSELVES as they ask THEMSELVES:  "Where is the MONEY that I Self-Convinced Myself To Invest In THE STRUGGLE Which Is Now The Establishment In My City And The Nation?"
  6. The Framers Of THE NEXT GENERATION OF "STRUGGLE" Against Some Existential threat to BLACKNESS. 
    1. This is how PHOTO VOTER ID became the CONGREGATIONAL UNIFYING Struggle instead of:
      1. "If RACISM was the cause of high Black unemployment yet now we have MORE FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER over local government and the Federal Justice Department - WHY are we not seeing more STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS in Black Employment - allowing us to become closer to the Perfect 1.0 in the National Urban League index?  ARE WE MAKING PROGRESS or are we just being made appeased with the self-chum that we are fed?"
      2. Civil Rights Era Mississippi Has Spread To Mission Accomplished Zones where the violence and murder rates of Black victims continues unabated DESPITE having "Favorable Law Enforcement" and "Judiciary"
Without a construct that logically CONFINES their antics and then identifies the "Opportunity Costs" suffered by the Black Community - as a result of this organized and conscripted "Fraud and Hokum" - they will be left - unchecked and long as there is a RIGHT-WING ENEMY to "Struggle Against".

Fear not  - this means two things:
  • They are NEVER going to go too far way from this enemy despite their hatred of them
  • They will NEVER PREPARE our people for an inevitable period of time in the future where this "Right-Wing Enemy" either physically leaves OR the resources and institutions that the grand, longitudinal struggle is being fought over collapse - forces a virtual "solitude. 

In both cases our people will NEED to lean upon the properly governed institutions that SHOULD have been being created today.  Instead they will continue their TRIX, standing up old ghosts - but the inevitable results will be that the standard of living that future generations of Black people are made to live UP TO will be in a degraded state for their failed to develop Organic Competencies within our people.

"Our President Needs Our Help Tomorrow On Election Day"

 Each of their loyal followers believe that THEY ARE THE TRUTH and that their MEDIA MARKET COMPETITORS are EVIL.

They rake in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in ad spending and UNTOLD TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in "SQUANDERED CONSCIOUSNESS" of Americans who are CLUELESS about the fiscal, cultural and environmental future of this nation.

They are wealthy individuals because of the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES they offer to their congregation: GET THE MASSES TO AFFIRM THEIR RESPECTIVE IDEOLOGICAL DISPOSITION, looking past the SHORTFALLS that have transpired while "THEIR FAVORABLE PEOPLE WERE IN POWER".

Over time they realize that the sheepish masses will begin to VOTE FOR THE TEAM'S INTERESTS over THEIR OWN.

For Black people, however they control the CONSCIOUS ATTENTION of a people who - at this time in the functional and legal mitigation of racial hostilities WE NEEDED TO BE FOCUSING UPON INSTITUTION BUILDING in support of "The NEXT INTERVAL OF STRUGGLE".

Whereas the "Black Vote" was once coordinated to present "A BLACK MALE WALKING DOWN THE STREET FROM BEING LYCHED" the misplaced loyalties in support of the "Dung Producing Party Animals" has the Negro AS CONCERNED that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - who is Black has been INSULTED by a Right-Winger who the Black US Attorney General would seek the death penalty for IF he lynched a nondescript Black male walking down the street.

THE FRAUD OF SUBSTITUTION has the Black community looking past the "street level lynchings" that are actually happening because the POSITION OF THE PRESIDENT IS SUPERIOR to concerns for ANY ONE NEGRO that might be at risk on the streets or in the public schools.

The Koch Brothers And ALEC Are Trying To Take Away Our Schools Via Charter Schools


While they are known to demand RESPECT FROM EXTERNAL THREATS - anyone watching them will see that their biggest problem is that - WITH VOID IN INTERNAL GOVERNANCE -as EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN fill the void, telling people WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAR in the way of AFFIRMATION and then TAKE THEIR VALUABLES, making them believe that they have achieved A PURPOSE per the STRUGGLE that they have been employed within - if this same people do not have the CONSCIOUSNESS to develop a FIREWALL between those who HAVE THEIR CONFIDENCE and THAT WHICH THEY KNOW TO BE THEIR PERMANENT INTERESTS - the only thing that a CAPITALIST should do is to step in and EXTRACT THEIR VALUABLES.

If someone has GIVEN THEIR VALUABLES into a "church" Building Fund for more than 50 years and upon the witnessing of the RITUALS upon which the "Ground Breaking" for the construction of the "new church" they still find that THEY ARE IN THE SAME BUILDING but are still being asked for VALUABLES - you cannot look at the CONFIDENCE MEN who display AUDACITY to seek more resources in support of their fight against 'THE DEVIL'.

At some point you must look into the CONGREGATION and make note of their UNMET PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS.

In the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" when the very same OLD LADY "receives the spirit" - each 2 years during election season and then begins to "Speak In Tongues" - the CONFIDENCE MAN PREACHER stops the sermon and says "OUR TYPE OF JESUS IS AMONG US" and then another planted confidence man who controls the "PA System" of the church accurately translates "the tongues" - compelling the congregation to GIVE UP MORE VALUABLES - YOU CANNOT LOOK AT THE STAGE SHOW.

Instead keep your eye on the rear exits of the church and watch how many Negroes begin to EXIT.
This is a sign that they value their own CONSCIOUS INTERESTS than they do the entertainment and appeasement of the "Spirit" that is among them - per the "False Religion Of Black Americanism".

Absent SELF-WORTH the congregation will continue to act COMPLICIT in the violations of what they were SOLD in the past.

When those forces that have control over the public schools - thanks to previous investments - and can now convince the congregation that a few CHARTER SCHOOLS, granted by the STATE are a THREAT to the MACHINE'S MONOPOLY OVER THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS - you had better figure out if:

Right now you are standing in a MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE ZONE - as you have already compromised yourself thus far.

The common denominator of the KOREAN "HUMAN HAIR SUPERSTORE" and the STATE FUNDED CHARTER SCHOOL - if YOU AGREE NOT TO ENTER INTO THEM because your PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS are being fulfilled in the proper venues - THEY BOTH WILL "SHRIVEL UP AND GO AWAY".

The Open Society / Schott Foundation Gives A View Of The REAL Problem That The Embedded Confidence Men Wish To Obfuscate
Steve Harvey: The Black Progressive's "Male Oprah":

Commenting on a Black male who came from a family
of Omega Psi Phi members, who pledged Phi Beta Sigma
and his Que father beat him up and disowned him:

"He deserved to get the beat down for pledging Sigma over Omega Psi Phi I think that the DISOWNING of your own son is the problem"
After Decades of:

  • Book Drives for Black Schools that got "Second Hand Jim Crow" text books
  • Self-pats on the back for scholarships to a few lucky individuals who promised to be forever loyal - but no consideration of the SCALE of the solution
  • Campaigns to VOTE FOR YOUR SALVATION as Black people.........
We now have the George Soros Open Society Foundation sponsored "Schott Foundation Report" on the condition of BLACK MALE GRADUATION RATES.

Instead of using this TIME OF GRAND CRISIS FOR BLACK MALES in higher education to notate thankfulness that ANY BLACK MALE is around in school to pledge ANY FRATERNITY or choose not to do so as well........... the COMEDIC/ENTERTAINMENT effect appears to be more important.  

This is akin to the mass huddle in Jena Louisiana under the guise of a "Civil Rights Rally" only to have the worlds largest "Electric Slide" dance off captured on camera.

THANKFULLY For The Embedded Confidence Men, THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOESN'T ACTUALLY SEE THE "BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE AS A "GOVERNING AGENCY" AS THEY DO WITH FEMA" Otherwise there would be more outrage for this deliliction of duties - but instead of TAXES PAID there is a mass collection of "Black Community Development Consciousness" that has been vested.

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