Thursday, November 01, 2012

Spelman Colleges Cancellation Of Woman's Athletics Program Not Likely To Trigger "Title IX Occupiers", Protesting Outside Of The School

Spelman College chooses fitness over athletics

My Agenda:
It is clear that "THE INDICTMENT" is the most valuable weapon that Progressives would use to attack any other college that dared to eliminate its female collegiate athletic program.

I am fully appreciative of the tight financial situation that both Spelman and Morehouse face as they attempt to make their way through these tough economic times where every dollar counts.

The problem is that while Spelman and Morehouse - which might suffer some grumblings - are effectively "protected stock".  There IS NOT going to be a bit "Title IX" protest outside of the school because of this decision.  In fact the AJC article didn't even mention "Title IX" the legislation that many say ushered in the creation of competitive athletics for women.

Yet other colleges or K-12 school systems are not afforded such a "benefit of the doubt".
Those who have been keeping a watchful eye on the perceived enemies that were seeking to snatch away "Progression" that they were opposed to in the first place - must be confronted at every corner.

In my assessment these forces never have to face up to the fiscal crisis that the kicked down the road.

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