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Sojourners' Jim Wallis - A Secular Ideological Bigot That Uses The INDICTMENT Of Racial Bigotry To Hide HIs Views Of Black Inferiority


A Time To Choose For The Black American
  • A Consciousness Of PERMANENT EXTERNAL STRUGGLE and CONGREGATIONAL UNITY In Which Your Fortunes Are Linked To The Fortunes Of America - The Proxy For Your Ability To  Exact Reparation Against Your Right-Wing Oppressor
  • A Consciousness That Promotes ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT For Black People - THROUGH The Human Resource Development Institutions And FUNCTIONAL CULTURE Within Our Community
We see right now, from the periphery in our homes, to our community and local governments, scaling upward to state and federal government and any religious or commercial institution that Black people control - the SUCCESS that has been registered in what the so called leadership of the 'Black Racial Services Machine' has set forth - has been pleasing to their AMERICAN POLITICAL CONQUEST against the right wing.  It has been a DISASTER in terms of the DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE.   

The mockery of achieving success in the "struggle de jure" only to have us CELEBRATE the success for the purposes of gaining our confidence for the NEXT leg of the struggle - that is clearly not for the DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY is an outrage.

We need not look at the transactions.  This post studies the UNDERLYING THEORIES upon which this consciousness is based upon and it mandates that you make a choice.

Without some confinement - many of you won't make a choice because you see no consequence.
The confinement is America's Debt / American's Societal Tinderbox which will sever once resource scarcity is recognized.  But most of all the constraint of asking about YOURSELF and YOUR COMMUNITY:  Are You On A Course That MAXIMIZES YOUR FULL POTENTIAL -as defined by GOD? 

The debate between you being "The Least Of These" or "Made In The Image Of God" is necessarily mutually exclusive because these are founding principles from which the most important of other considerations are hung.

PLACE YOURSELF (collective self) BY YOURSELVES - AND then yourself which of these two are YOU?

As I listen in on various forces that influence Black people I maintain that people had better start thinking STRUCTURALLY rather than TRANSACTIONALLY.  This is the only means of expose the forces that play upon ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY.

The two foundations of my beliefs as various current events test them are:

  1. The claim of "Take Care Of THE LEAST OF THESE" As A SUPERIOR CHRISTIAN MANDATE Than The Statement FROM GOD That "God Made Man In His Own Image"
  2. The Arguments Behind The US Supreme Court Case - San Antonio Independent School District vs Rodriguez (1973) - The debate about school funding between a FRANCHISED school system and its obligation to be FISCALLY SOLVENT enough to provide funding versus the absolute entitlement of a constituent to access EQUAL FUNDING - while maintaining the POWER of the local school system
What most people don't see is that they both are related based on the foundational assumptions.

The Progressive Fundamentalist Secularist - understands that there is only INDIVIDUAL SALVATION in the Christan Faith.  While a mega-church full of people might indeed "be saved" - it is NOT the "Works" of the church that any higher authority will consider.  This omniscient force sees what the "congregation" is doing..................but also sees what that individual member is doing on the download - outside of the watchful eyes of the congregational integrity forces with that young "least of these girl" that needed some money.

In addition we should notice that while the "strict - holy roller" church member, when caught being a hypocrite produces an organizational indictment against the entire church - those who are attached to a "help the least of these" churches are able to skate beyond such indictments - because they had no such standard that they live up to that was broken.  Again INDICTMENTS are used as a weapon to produce silence against one's enemies.

This all leads me to the second bullet point above.  In their quest for POWER - the past acceptance of a "municipal charter" (for a city or a school district) came on the condition that this local entity, if given TAXING AUTHORITY would produce a better standard of living for its constituents than in their past state as an "unincorporated" plot of land that received their civic services from the county or state.

If you pay attention to the pattern of behavior today -
  • When a city is insolvent
  • When a school system proves itself incompetent to sufficiently educate the children (and/or retain a sufficient local tax base to pay for the desired services - per the franchise agreement)....
..........we see that the local forces fight to RETAIN THEIR POWER and then use the arguments that the Social Justice operatives use to indict the state/federal government for more funding.

I have stated many times their general disposition is:  "Give Me My SOCIAL JUSTICE RESOURCES and then MIND YOUR BUSINESS As To How I RUN MY AFFAIRS.  I Am Expressing My Social Justice Rights to apply these National Entitlements as I see fit".

Anyone who acquiesces to these terms is a fool and deserves exactly what they receive at the end of a few cycles of this type of consciousness.   What we have is a total DISCONNECT between the need to generate productive behavior out of the people and the resulting funding that allows these institutions to perpetuate.

Introducing Rev Jim Wallis
(Note: - Jim Wallis used the legacy of DETROIT, his former home town as his index of WHITE RIGHT-WING RACISM that undercuts SOCIAL JUSTICE for "The Least Of These" .  The diagram to the right is my interpretation of the legacy of Detroit - and how COMPLICIT SILENCE and CONSPIRACY is a more accurate rebuttal to Rev Wallis' claim.    - Double click on the image to see it more clearly)

I now consume more "progressive fundamentalist" media materials than I do any "right-wing" resources.  From my vantage point - at the surface - it is like reading a foreign language.

It is when I apply my analysis and structured thinking to what is their native dogma do I see that many of the intractable problems that they wish to place upon historical, structural oppression is actually a matter of IDEOLOGICALLY BIGOTRY based incompetence at creating "THE UN-LEAST OF THESE".

As George S Schuyler, journalist, observer and critic of "Black left-wing antics", before my time noted long ago - that "There Is No Black Agenda, there is only an American Left Agenda - covered with soot" - the reference to "lampblacked" - so it is the case that I cannot the framing of "The Black Liberation Theology" / "False Religion Of Black Americanism" as "Black" while rendering Rev Jim Wallis' "Anti-Right-Wing / Christian Salvation via Serving The Least Of These" as a WHITE religion.

It just so happens that Rev Wallis USES Black people as THE PERMANENT LEAST OF THESE and is incompetent to develop Black people into the "UN-Least Of These" in that his entire program, like his Black leftist brothers is to cultivate "Black Consciousness" into the LEFT-RIGHT STRUGGLE DIDACTIC.      

Even though every single one of his foundational directives are 'SECULAR OUTCOMES' - he is wise enough to build his scheme off of the two founding principles which disarm anyone who looks at the front end transactions but NOT the human form and consciousness that is produced as an outcome:

  1. (As I said above) Since Christianity is about "Individual Salvation" Though Faith In Jesus Christ - "The Least Of These" meme allows the progressive fundamentalist/ secularist church to side step this constraint and also to apply their "non-judgemental" /anti-right wing social confinement by compelling those who call themselves CHRISTIANS to show their list of "service projects for the poor".  The proper rebuttal for Rev Wallis, by the way, is to FORCE HIM to get "THE LEAST OF THESE" that he has worked with to go past their "Protest and Voting Log" in their filing cabinet and instead show that THEY are CHRISTIAN and thus have a list of "SERVICE PROJECTS TO OTHER 'THE LEAST OF THESE' PEOPLE - thus proving that have obtained ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT rather than a "People's Temple" - American branch
  2. Social & Societal Justice RIGHTS.   When you study the rituals and hymnal of this Unitarian religion that Wallis and his Black Liberation Theorist counterparts push - you see that there is no LIBERATION - it is a CULTURAL/SOCIAL STANDARD and POLITICAL POWER GRAB.   Their "Satan" is the right-wing standard bearer for Oppression.  Yet when it comes to making note of any evidence of acknowledgement of THEIR OWN GROWING POWER ESTABLISHMENT from which, logically, THEIR MOVEMENT should be PROTESTING AGAINST ITSELF for FAILING to provide Social Justice To Themselves - the house of cards comes tumbling down, and they are seen as a Religious Bernie Madoff Scheme but they collect souls and loyalties
I think it odd that left wing Christians, Muslims and Jews in America are able to congregate together and fight the Right-Wing Christian and Zionist movement in America, thus showing that the IDEOLOGICAL expanse defines all of them (left and right) more than does the particular "religious smoke stack" that they affirm.  

None of them "Know Jesus".  They are merely two sides in the Malcolm X Political Football Game, each saying their prayers to "Their Jesus" prior to kickoff.

The REAL JESUS would be the LIMITING factor in what they were do IN HIS NAME.
Instead THEIR JESUS provides the cover of an offensive line backer, allowing them to gain yardage in his holy name.    Step on either of their toes and they will say "God Damn You!"

The Unitarian Secular Progressive World Vision Of Dr Wallis

Using A Christian Cloak To Achieve Secular Worldly Ends - In The Name Of Their "Jesus"

Don't challenge HIM on if he is a "Christian" or not.   Look at the BYPRODUCTS of his factory and note if he is producing any out of the raw materials he calls 'The Least Of These".  Then note his "World Missions" where these thoughts are transplanted elsewhere - in places that don't have a vote in American Elections.

Studies Of The Forces That Steal The "Black Community Development Consciousness" By APPEASING THEIR SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING Where They PRESENTLY STAND Rather Than Where GOD CREATED THEM TO BE.

Subtitle:  Until  Black People Punch Anyone In The Nose For Calling Them (A Permanent )  "The Least Of These" JUST AS THEY WOULD When They Are Called A "Nigger" Our Work At CSU Is Not Done 

The Cover Photo Of The "Agenda" That Matters Most

When You DEFINE YOURSELF Based On Your POLITICAL TEAM - It Is Far More Likely That You Will Be Seen COMPROMISING YOUR INTEGRITY To Avoid Creating An INDICTMENT Against Your Own Team That The Opposing Team Will Feed Upon.
Sadly You Can See That YOUR TEAM MATE Actually Is The Force At The Control OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT That Continues Its International Imperialism That You Used To Protest Against AND Is The Force In Local Government That Continues To Lose Your Paperwork.
BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS Is Defined By What YOU REFUSE TO DO In The Company Of Some Other Team Member That Is Trying To Compel You To Go Along BECAUSE He Told You That It Was The BLACK CONSCIOUS THING TO DO.
Thus CONSCIOUSNESS IS ACTUALLY DISCERNMENT, Bound By Some Greater Purpose.  This Has NOTHING TO DO With POPULARITY - The Size Of The Congregation Being Used As A Justification 

With the blessing of "His Jesus", Rev Wallis has layed out a checklist for how a "Christian" should walk into an American voting booth and decide which candidate most affirms his own personal "Christian belief".

It just so happens that "his Jesus" always favors Progressives as they have a greater commitment toward VOICING THE CONCERNS of "The Least Of These".

Most Black Conservatives have no clue on how to debate a Progressive Fundamentalist.  IF that same Black Conservative is debate on behalf of the "Republican Party" it is a CERTAINTY that he is going to have his lunch money taken from him in the debate.

I stand by my assertion that one fails to bring 3 essential constructs into a debate - they are going to LOSE - regardless of how much BLACK PEOPLE HAVE LOST by following along with the present Progressive Domination.

  1. A TIME LINE - If you do not confine "The Struggle" to a time line then the Progressive is going to always SELL THE FUTURE against a RIGHT WING OPPRESSOR.   With a Time Line we can force him to note his previous success in compelling Black people to fuse our "Black Community Development Struggle" and then we set up for the use of the next two constraints
  2. A MEASUREMENT OF YOUR ALTITUDE AND POSITION - Unless you enjoy the tentative endorphin rush from the excitement of WINNING per the terms defined by the Progressive but then later on being depressed when you return to your home and nothing has changed - you had better retain control over your MEASURING TOOLS.  
    1. What Did YOU Receive in the way of the resources that you were struggling for?
    2. What are the TRANSPARENT MEASURES for YOU to appraise them beyond the Press Release from the corrupt Press Agents who get paid to feed you chum and blame the enemy?
    3. Are these measures QUALITATIVE rather than in QUANTITY?   The "Check List Of Success" Filibuster is always long - filled with all of the accomplishments that the Confidence Man has achieved for your benefit but it lacks a QUALITY THRESHOLD for inclusion because they want you to be impressed by the length of the paper
  3. HOW MUCH OF YOUR VALUABLES HAVE YOU INVESTED, Is There Any Appreciation On The "401K Portfolio Balance Sheet"?
    1. If you are afraid to even ask for the statement - because you agree that such a diversion as you focus on YOUR PERMANENT INTERESTS will distract the team from the important battle with the enemy - you have already lost.   Those who sold you subprime loans or set up "bling bling" shops in your community have learned about your consciousness by watching your interactions with YOUR TEAM - they are watching you from a PSYCHOLOGICAL perspective and how you can be exploited based upon your unmet needs and the hatred that you have within you - in the context of a capitalistic environment where your consciousness if fair game for the taking.

Rev Jim Wallis gives a dispatch on how RACE AND POLITICS has been the "founding sin" of this nation and how the RIGHT WING continues in this tradition - attacking "The Least Of These Communities" in modern America and denying them the "Social Justice" that they need to prosper as "God's Children"

Rev Wallis practices Progressive Ideological Bigotry and Cover in the name of  POLITICAL RACISM CHASING
As I have noted above - THERE IS NO WAY to separate the two sets of assumptions above.  "The Least Of These Meme" and "God Created All In His Own Image" - when applied on Earth are necessarily mutually exclusive when applied to a long run perspective.

As I show in the diagram about Detroit above - while INDEED Rev Wallis is spot on about how the PREVIOUS ESTABLISHMENT in the city of Detroit made decisions that have negatively impacted "The Vulnerable" - this does not stop Rev Wallis from doing two things:

  1. Repudiate the "theft by taking" of the past while allowed the next plateau in the struggle to be "interior decorated" to the liking of the Progressive and thus his own complicit consumption is not damned because of his NET POSITIVE work on "Social Justice"
  2. THE PRESENT PROGRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT IN DETROIT is not specifically called out for its damage done to the PRESENT Least Of These.
Please note that in the #2 above I did not say "Black Establishment" in Detroit.   Do not be fooled by the cover of RACE.   The reason why Rev Wallis has held short of commentary of the present day Detroit as he did with past intervals.............................the reason why the Detroit chapter of the NAACP saw fit to praise MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - who came to town in the midst of a collapsing school system and did a report on a charter school for poor Black pregnant students that was to be closed down due to STATE REPUBLICAN BUDGET CUTS - is because THEY ARE ADVOCATING FOR LEFTIST PROGRESSIVE ends and external indictments. 

Thus REGARDLESS of the CONDITION of Detroit and its people - the shifting sands of PROGRESSIVE INDICTMENTS always allows it to retain its MORAL AUTHORITY - regardless of the fact that IT USED THE "VOTES OF THE LEAST OF THESE" to become THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER.

Rev Wallis AND the NAACP practice the scheme of "Establishment Power Repudiation" with equal expertise.  They also use reference to "The Least Of These" - as I recorded them doing at Senator Ted Kennedy's funeral.

Rev Jim Wallis argues that President Obama is a VICTIM of WHITE RIGHT WING RACISM

Rev Wallis perverts the classical definition of RACISM yet no one walked out on his sermon or stood up and corrected him.

I still can't get my head wrapped around the perversion of the classical definition of RACISM - the culmination of HATRED and POWER - that can be projected upon the intended target, causing damage to his person or his interests.

When you understand that today we have an abundance of "POLITICAL RACISM CHASING" for the sake of opportunism - the picture above is only ONE PART of the violent rebuttal of this fraudulent argument that is meant to OFFEND THE PROGRESSIVE via "Tweets From Media Matters" but the second MORE IMPORTANT component is necessary to make the fraudulent person FEEL CHEAP about their intellectual dishonesty.

People who think as Rev Wallis does MUST BE FORCED TO ANSWER if he believes that an EQUAL PERSON has rendered DEATH in the pictures above AND if there is an EQUAL IMPERIALIST in the White House - THE NEED TO CHECK THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT being a SUPERIOR CONCERN than "racial insults" cast by Ignorant individual citizens in the gallery who have NOT KILLED ANY AFRICANS but merely OFFENDED the "Paid African Americans" in the press.

Rev Walls proclaims that it is of the greatest moral standing to call AGAINST the STATE SPONSORED DEATH PENALTY where LIVES ARE TAKEN as a byproduct of a "legislative spirit of death".

In his ideological bigotry and piousness - JUST as it is easy to see that a "Favorable Progressive In POWER" over Detroit today is not worthy of condemnation in the same way that previous OFFICE HOLDERS had duly earned - the same must be noted about Rev Wallis' promotion of STATE SPONSORED HOMICIDE.

Since most progressive elected officials will oppose the death penalty the slight of hand by which an INDIVIDUAL who is not worthy of damnation for his individual indiscretions is now an establishment authority figure but if he has the "wrong ideology" then he is worthy of condemnation due to the killings by the APPARATUS that he operates.

Even though Detroit sits on STOLEN LAND, taken from the Native Americans - we must assume that a GOVERNMENT organization has more "officialdom" than does a Street Pirate Gang or even one individual that takes a similar quality of life.

I am quite sure that if we fold in Rev Wallis' views of the SOUTHERN WHITE RIGHT WING HATE AND KILLING MACHINE - indeed they have a stature that is equal to a "state" in regards to their culpability for killing Black people.

Yet when we dare to take these very same constructs and apply them TODAY to the observation that:
  1. A particular CULTURE is alive today which produces a byproduct of dead Black people
  2. An associated political establishment is also present.  The indictment IS NOT that this establishment pulled the trigger -but that it seems to prefer the retention of their power over their grave concern for "Dead Negroes" - a view that is eerily similar to the previous White occupants on the seat of power.
I will hold short in saying that - the "Complicit White Christian Church" of the past models the present "Progressive Fundamentalist Church" but they do not seem to be offended when a "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" entertainer is brought on stage to assist in the political campaign to be "fishers of voters".


In the world of Rev Jim Wallis and other Progressive Ideological bigots - the attempts made by the state of Arizona to regulate the "official version of history" in public schools is akin to a North Korean or Saudi Arabian BAN ON THE BIBLE, with Death as the penalty for Christian Proselytizing

The proper rebuttal to Rev Wallis' offense over the information which American "Historians" wish to sculpt the young people's conscious awareness is to ask him to publish a document that details his INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY WORK.

For you see if we follow the international border in the diagram that his oracle has provided and go southward, a few hundred miles from any point in America we will see a land where THOUSANDS OF MEXICANS are murdered, dismembered, lynched, and tourched - all without raising the same level of ire that is cast by Progressive bigots upon a governor and a Sheriff in America - who have not killed any Mexicans.  Their primary sin is their ideological positions.

One is forced to ask:   "Is Rev Jim Wallis REALLY 'Spirit Lead"? and if so 'WHAT SPIRIT is he following'?
Rev Wallis "Sells The Future" and makes the case that we most WORK TOGETHER to turn around the "Racial Disparties In EDUCATION AND INCARCATION"
Going Back To The TIME LINE and VALUABLES GIVEN Constructs - Mr Wallis is not able to bring himself to make the case that Detroit and other MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITIES are examples of HIS PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST REDIRECTON SCHEME coming full circle.
He is unable to assign the same CULPABILITY that he transcribes to RIGHT-WING political operatives upon those who received the VALUABLES FROM THE LEAST OF THESE - with the hopes that they would be made whole.
This leads me to my belief that the goal, all along was NOT to create a group of "UN-least of these" after defeating the RIGHT WING.  
Their real goal - upon achieving LOCAL MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT is to retain their hold upon that plateau and make a run for NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE. 

If the Progressive Fundamentalist Demigogs say:  "George W Bush destoryed the US Economy with his polices, causing demonstrible damage to the LEAST OF THESE, triggering an avelanche that has destoryed Public finances and public jobs and placed the VULNERABLE AT RISK".......................

..what do they say about the forces in Detroit and various MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITIES that got "The Least Of These" to actually INVEST THEIR VALUABLES into the progressive plan after first capturing "their spirit" of SALVATION, yet after the grand collapse - instead of anyone getting fired - the same forces drive the "Least Of These" on another ideological run.

As for "The Least Of These" - not only are they complicit - they fail to see that those who are COLLECTING THEIR VALUABLES have failed to develop an ALTERNATIVE means for them to express their "Development Quest" beyond fighing against the right wing.

THEY are the only proof that I need to repudiate the "Least Of These" schemes. 
Instead of treating them as FULL ADULTS who must be held accountable for not apply their skills at discernment, they chose to go along with the Embedded Confidence men - figuring that one day the new architecture will allow them to "legally" achieve their confiscation goals - the very same confiscation that their "false religion" condemns in capitalism.

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