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SBPDL Blog - The White Right-WIng Mindset That Most Black Progressives Voted Against BUT This Blog Proves That It Is Clueless As To What The Real Threat To Them Is

Stuff Black People Don't Like blog: 2012 POTUS Election: America Detroit-ed

I figured that the White Right-Wing Militia over at SBPDL would be highly pissed that President Obama - the Black guy - got reelected.  I decided to pay them a visit.

The ironic point that I see is that their PROMOTION of Obama's Race (as well as the threat that Black people represent to the prosperity and order of a particular mass of land) is THE SAME FORCE that I notice transpiring on the LEFT.  The Left wants to filibuster the "racial attacks" suffered by Obama so that we don't focus on how the US GOVERNMENT did certain things under President Obama that THE LEFT would have been protesting against if anyone else had done the same.

The common point is the failure of the PROPORTIONALITY FILTER, the mental discipline that one must apply in order to prevent the raw sewage of politics contaminate the "creme filled center".

To "The Blacks" who ask me: "SO you think that it is OK for these WHITE RACISTS to call the President these names?"  - my rebuttal is - " IN AS MUCH AS it was proven that your SUPERIOR INTEREST on THEM was used as a 'Self-Trick' to suppress YOUR protests against the US Government actions around the world - I believe that your stance is a PERVERSION of the long standing definition of RACISM in which POWER was required to make it anything but bigotry.   We need a new complimentary term to RACISM that defines the scheme of DENYING ONE'S POWER so that he might become a VICTIM and thus you don't have to confront what you used to protest".

Remove the "Black" and the "White" character from the picture above and replace them with icons that represent the "Dung Producing Party Animals"  - and this editorial cartoon from Thomas Nast from over 100 years ago would be duly updated to represent the truth in America today.

My Attempt To Give SBPDL "A Clue" Beyond Their Fixation On The Threat From Black People
My Dear Friend Mr Kersey:

Your racial bigotry BLINDS YOU FROM THE TRUTH.

You keep saying that "Black people are voting for their BLACKNESS" and that "Obama seeks REVENGE upon White people".

In your "chum distribution" meant to satisfy your friends - you actually fail to properly model the truth because of your desire to make a "racial swipe".

If 13% of the population is doing as you say 'The Blacks' are doing and yet Obama won 50%+ of the popular vote then CLEARLY there is a greater force beyond "The Negro" that is at play.

How do you explain the antics of:
* The Nation Magazine
* Democracy Now
* The ACLU
* Rev Jim Wallis
* Bill Moyers
* People For The American Way
* Open Society Foundation?


I give credit to my adversaries for using fine tuned manipulation of RACISM CHASING to filibuster the American election away from the more important issues (The $16T Debt, Drone Wars, etc).   In the end Chris Matthews - a White man - saw that the FIGHT WITH YOU - the WHITE RIGHT WING was more important and that claims of RACISM against the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the office currently held by a Black man who bombed the continent of Africa in an international coup - was sufficient to NULLIFY the "Black Vote" from protesting all that it would have been protesting if a WHITE MAN had did the same.

(By the way MY ADVERSARIES are not an IDEOLOGICAL representation.  They are the forces that have hijacked the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" for the purposes of pleasing the present prevailing Black consciousness - at the expense of implementation of GOOD GOVERNANCE and INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT - the ONLY way that the Black community  is going to receive the "salvation" that people are presently look for through the POLITICS of "sticking together" under an agreement to remain blind to the TRUTH that is abundantly around them)

You are incorrect sir.

We have a LEFT - RIGHT Longitudinal Battle in which RACE is merely a compartment that the scoundrels on both sides MAKE INDICTMENTS FOR THEIR ADVANTAGE.  (Yes you are one of those scoundrels, sir)

I am NOT trying to form a political or ideological partnership with YOU.

The problems within the Black community that you report on - I DON'T DENY.   My agenda is to CONFRONT the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY problems from which this stems.  YOU point to what I call "The Mission Accomplished Cities", by contrast and see BLACK FAILURE.  In truth it is plain ole INSIDER TRADING - just as any other tight circle of confidence men WITHOUT REGULATION will do against the people's interests.

How long can you keep this up Mr Kersey?  
Whereas I tell the Black Progressive Fundamentalists that they are "Non-White White Supremacists" because of the time that they spend focusing on OFFENSES from people like you - you, sir, are a "White Black Supremacist" in that YOU BELIEVE that 13% of the population are a greater THREAT to your existence than the FORCES THAT ACTUALLY HAVE POWER in this nation and this world.  Your problem is that the DISTINCT SKIN COLOR draws attention to BLACK INCOMPETENCE by WHITE INCOMPETENCE blends right in per the prescription glasses that you wear.

Why aren't the WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOXES a greater enumerated THREAT to you than is the NEGRO? 

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