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SBPDL Blog vs The Black Barbershop - Sports As A Proxy For Racial Hatred: This Negro Is A Multi-Millionaire And None Of You All Are

One day my body of work will be classified as "Anthropological Comparative Cultural Studies On The Distortive Effects Of Racial Hatred"

I make the case that Black people are 100% EQUAL.   We have the equal capacity to soar as high as any other human being.  We also have the capacity to hate - just like all others.

I use the views of my friends over at the "Stuff Black People Don't Like Blog" as a "canary in the coal mine" effect.   When "The Block Gets Hot" over there - I know that it is time to purchase more ammunition just in case they come my way.

I am not saying that my dear friend Paul Kersey of "SBPDL" would ever actively participate in the lynching of a Negro.  He is a man who now respects the law.

I do believe that prior to departing the scene just before his friends began squirting the lighter fluid on the Negro - Paul Kersey say:  "Wait a minute before you throw that match.  Let me get that iPhone off of that Ninja.    Its no use burning up a good iPhone on a no good Ninja.   He probably stole it anyway.    I am going to talk to the iPhone using Siri to see if it will tell me who its original owner is.   If it doesn't know then I'll keep it for myself.  Those damn Ninjas.   They are always stealing and always looking at our women.".

Of his friends - Mr Kersey would not consider ANY of them "Violent Murderers Who Must Be Brought To Justice" - after they transacted this deed.  They would be seen as "Order Keepers" that prevented that particular town from becoming "Detroit-like".   Such a negative label is only assigned for violent Blacks and those "Blacks" that have not yet committed violence but it is in their genetic make up to do so.

Sports As A Proxy For Racism - In Da Barbershop

Yesterday I went to a new barbershop because my normal barber had closed for the night.

First the conversation focused upon the "Egging Of The New Orleans Saints Bus" at the Hartsfield-JACKSON Atlanta International Airport in the 'City That's Too Busy To Hate" - which also has a great Civil Rights History display in the Pedestrian Mall between Concourse B and A - that I recommend everyone see.   Get some exercise walking rather than riding the train. 

The diehard Falcon fans were jokingly in support of the "egging".    "We have been nice for far too long.   Now the gloves are coming off".    

Unfortunately - the airport general manager is going to use the benefit of surveillance video to find out who did it and make sure that the person loses his job.   All this to attack a bus load of millionaires that you live VICARIOUSLY THROUGH?

Few people would bother looking at this "Turn About" - where a minimum waged worker seen terrorizing a bus full of millionaires NOT because he resented their money and power BUT because their play on the field is a threat to the team of MILLIONAIRES that he supports.
(Do you see why the NATO Attack on Africa and the CIA agents in a sovereign African nation has taken a back seat to General Patreaus' 3AM Booty Call?)

After they go the Falcons out of their system the focus turned to the Atlanta Braves signing a BLACK MAN to a $75 million contract.

From the article:

Upton was given a No. 2 Braves jersey after finalizing a $75.25 million, five-year contract -- the biggest ever given a free agent by the franchise. He gets a $3 million signing bonus payable by Dec. 31 and salaries of $12.45 million next season, $13.45 million in 2014, $14.45 million in 2015, $15.45 million in 2016 and $16.45 million in 2017.
The 28-year-old spent his first eight big seasons with Tampa Bay. He hit .246 with 28 homers, 78 RBIs and 31 steals this year and replacesMichael Bourn in center. He is not expected to fill Bourn's role as a leadoff hitter.

 Now you WOULD THINK that a "Sports Race Man" would be HAPPY that "a Brother GOT PAID" like this.

Well - its more complicated than this.
The comments made were:

  • "The Braves have previously purged all of its BLACK players once they got too expensive".
  • "I stopped going to see the Braves when they got rid of David Justice and paid that White boy red neck Chipper Jones all of that money"
  • "They got rid of Andrew Jones and he went to the New York Yankees, slamming home runs"
  • "I haven't been to a Braves game in 4 years.  Now that they are trying to get some brothers back in the line up - I might start going again.   
  • "They sent a signal before to appease the White folks in the stands by getting rid of their players of color. I couldn't believe they paid John Smoltz all of that money.   NOW they are interested in winning a pennant so they are bringing some Brothers back".

Let's take that last statement and then contrast that against the SBPDL line.

With SBPDL - the line is (as you see in the image above) - college football has sold its soul.    Taking in bunches of academically unqualified Black male players BECAUSE they want to win championships.

With Da Barbershop - they argue that sports teams are indeed strengthening their roster to win championships.   They would have said that about college sports if the subject was the NCAA.  Instead they made the argument about MLB.

IF you put SBPDL and Da Barbershop in the same room and then argued about "The Black Athlete" there would be grudging agreement.

IF the subject then expounded upon academics in college - there would be INDICTMENTS flowing.

IF the subject then turned to MONEY in professional sports - the recriminations would continue. 

I DON'T WISH to get into this fire fight.
My point is that BOTH OF THESE WARRING FACTIONS ARE BROKE - and will never have  $15 million flowing through their hands.

In as much as POLITICS AND RACISM CHASING is all about getting the fighting TRIBES to debate upon a "PROXY ISSUE" - while they are FIGHTING - someone is STEALING THEIR WALLET during the inattention paid to their VALUABLES. 

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