Thursday, November 15, 2012

SBPDL Blog Longs For The Days When College Aged Female Groupies Were Only Taking Off Their Cheerleader Short Skirts For White Football And Basketball Players That They Got Emotionally Attached To From The Sidelines As They Demonstrated Their Manhood On The Field Of Play

"I'll Do Whatever It Takes For Our Team To Win A National Championship" Meets "Mom, Dad, I Think I Had Better Tell You Something About My Boyfriend That I Am Bringing Home For Thanksgiving Next Week.   Yes He Is A Muscular And Intelligent Football Star That Makes Me Feel Safe In His Arms, Just As You Constantly Told Me You'd  Dream That I'd Find One Day As You Dressed Me Up Like Cinderella And Paid For Ballet Lessons Because I Was Your Lil Princess But..............................."

Guidance to my new friends over at SBPDL:

If your college aged daughter who is otherwise tech savvy and you know that she has an iPhone or an Android or a Blackberry or a Windows Phone 8 device because you gave it to her YET despite that fact that she taught you about how to use "Instagram", when she asks you to send her a picture of her new boyfriend that she keeps Tweeting about, she tells you:  "I can't find the icon to my Instagram app.  I am studying now.  I will send you a picture of him lifting me up after the game when I get through this tough final exam.  You taught me the right values about education so I don't want to disappoint you.  Goodbye" ----  you had better start wondering if your darling little princess can now THINK FOR HER SELF, having broken out of your attempts to "mass slander" an entire group of people as part of your attempts to make her into a "wholesome young lady" PER YOUR DEFINITION.  

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