Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SBPDL Blog - "The Blacks" Have Gotten So Comfortable At UGA That The Are Now Protesting For Football Tickets Rather Than Against Racism On Campus

With The University Of Georgia on the verge of playing in the SEC Football Championship - there is a major rush for tickets by the student body.

From the Fox 5 Atlanta News report we see that the "Dog Nation" has gathered together to stage a friendly protest against the university, demanding that students be provided with more tickets so they can cheer on their team.

From the news report (see below) we also learn that UGA has a BLACK Homecoming King this year.  

This is not going to sit well with my friends over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like", who wishes that college football stop selling its soul by allowing Black athletes to dominate the football field OR my "Civil Rights Pharisee Friends" that want Black folks to believe that it is "1965 all over again" with regard to RACISM on campus and in college admissions.

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