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Rep Bobby Rush - "Seller Of The Dream" To Suppress One's Consciousness About Their Present Circumstances

The "Trickle Down Social Justice" Scheme Sold By Rep Bobby Rush
"Social Justice" is encased in the tomb of Mayor Harold Washington.  The tragedy of the moment is that Rep Jesse Jackson Jr was on an expedition and was just inches away of striking Mayor Washington's casket with the shovel that he was digging with.   Had the US Justice Department used better judgment and prioritized the value of Jackson's work on behalf of the Black community - they would have waited for Jackson Jr to open the casket, release "Social Justice".   The community will would have been for Jackson to retain his position because the uplift received from "Social Justice" would have more than compensated for the centuries of oppression suffered by "The Blacks" as White politicians used wage slaves to refurbish the houses that were purchased from illegal campaign money.

The words of Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) about the legacy of the late mayor Harold Washington regarding how the city of Chicago would be today if Washington's commitment to 'fairness' was not abridged by his untimely death:

"He didn't live long enough as mayor, he didn't have enough time, for his vision to take root in its totality," said Rush.  "Had Harold lived, you would have seen more stable communities throughout the city, rather than just having central pockets of affluence."

On a recent visit to Chicago - spending most of our time on the Soutside but then venturing into the Northside - a sibling of mine who is a strong Democrat said to a cousin who grew up on the Southside (who later  moved out to the suburbs where it is safer):

"I've seen the Southside of Chicago and I've just seen the Northside of Chicago.  You all have two different cities combined into one".

THE FACTS About The Southside Of Chicago And The 1st District Represented by Bobby Rush

Illinois 1st Congressional District (Wikipedia)

Illinois's 1st congressional district is a congressional district in the U.S. state of Illinois. Based in Cook County, the district includes much of the South Side of Chicago, extending into the city's southwest suburbs until reaching the border of Will County, and covers 97.84 square miles (253.4 km2), making it one of the 40 smallest districts in the U.S. (although there are four smaller districts in Illinois). The district has the highest percentage of African-American residents of any congressional district in the nation; it includes the home of President Barack Obama.
The district is represented by Democrat Bobby Rush.

Today the district has the highest percentage (65.5) of African-American residents among congressional districts in the nation. It has been represented in Congress by African Americans since 1929, after the Great Migration had brought many African Americans to the South Side of Chicago from the rural South. It has been one of the most reliably Democratic districts in the country, although not to the extent that it was during the 1980s, when more than 90% of the district's residents were black.[5] The district has not elected a Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives since 1932, and Democratic congressional candidates routinely receive over 80% of the vote here.

(Editor's Note:   I went to Gary Indiana to get the entire story.  More on this later)

This is one of three related posts that I will make that substantiate my claim that the Black Racial Services Machine promotes INDIVIDUALS as vessels to carry their agenda - at the expense of developing a more sophisticated "Governance Culture" which would place THEM into the confines of a system that demands actual results lest they be terminated.

THINK about what Bobby Rush is arguing.

The manifestation of SOCIAL JUSTICE throughout Chicago came in the form of ONE MAN.   One man named Harold Washington, IF he was in power for many decades as were the Dailey's - would have transformed the city through EXECUTIVE/LEGISLATIVE FIAT and brought about the living standards that the Black Chicagoan has been longing for for decades.

This is a molestation of the "Black Development Consciousness" in a number of ways.

  1. Bobby Rush was not CHALLENGED on his "visionary words" as a reporter from the Chicago Defender - or even a syndicate for "The Root" asked him to DEFINE the "Essence Of Harold Washington" so that they might see these in another candidate for mayor of Chicago and support him.  
    1. Better yet this defined "Essence" would allow those who mentor Black children to instill them into their character makeup and thus create a DISTRIBUTED set of "Harold Washingtons" that can transform the community at the street level - becoming "Virtual Mayors" in the blocks that now have community tote boards detailing the vision of a "New Chicago".   
  2. Bobby Rush placed into ONE MAN that which should be SYSTEMATIZED.   If one leader is assassinated or dies an untimely death and this is used as the JUSTIFICATION why, 25 years hence the conditions are as deplorable as when he first started - the lack of PROTECTION of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" as the masses are made to look at all of the VALUABLES that were invested over the 25 and 80 years in support of the machine - means that the STRUGGLE will continue unchecked.   The masses will passively wait until either a "New Harold Washington" comes to lead them OR a "New and Improved Tide Laundry Detergent" is placed on the shelf for them to purchase, thus removing the second grievance that they have about how the hard water in Chicago fails to make their white clothing as bright as it could be
  3. The article above was written by a WHITE journalist.  He chose to use "Just The Facts Ma'am" reporting in his account of the love relationship between Washington and Rush.   Despite PUBLISHING the words that I have quoted above, the journalist never bothers to ASSIGN THEM to the IDEOLOGY that dominates the Southside of Chicago and then seek to DISASSEMBLE the correlation between the CONDITIONS that produce the issues and incidents that his paper publishes on a daily basis and the DISCONNECTEDNESS that this "Congregational Unity" meme seems to generate as these affairs go functional UNMITIGATED on the Southside.

As the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" is rather pleasing to the Progressive Fundamentalists that operate this scheme - the COST suffered by the Black Community is that as the high rate of "congregational contentment" is dissipated as the exit from the church which as a steam boiler, going back upon the streets of their own community, as INDIVIDUALS who are responsible for regulating their own heat - the congregational cover is not always present to protect them.  

The answer to this long riddle that is placed before the Black Community by the diligent work of the "Black Racial Services Machine" is to note how much an individual community member must CHANNEL WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES, investing their SALVATION into a false religion that compels them to focus upon a CELESTIAL HEAVEN.

Thus, ironically, the very same "Activist Christian" who attacks fellow Christians for "Seeking Their Fortune In Heaven" will passively allowing THE RIGHT-WING ENEMY to do his devilment upon the Earth................................IS HIMSELF running a consciousness filibuster by which he sells a SOCIAL JUSTICE 'HEAVEN' to his constituents while the work of the "Real Jesus" is made to suffer from "Benign Neglect" on the streets of their own communities. 

If indeed RELIGION is but a "Rube Goldberg Machine" placed between man and God then whats to say that a SECONDARY Religion can't be constructed in front of the more well known religion, with the purposes of establishing a preemptive "off ramp" with its own toll booth and EZ Pass system so that IT can collect the valuables from the masses that the other "church" was to have receive?

(Think about it)

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