Friday, November 23, 2012

Question: "Why Did Jesus Say - 'The Poor Will Always Be Among You' ? "


Because the real Christian "Jesus" knew that people like Prof Cornel West and Tavis Smiley (and those who think like they do) would always be lurking closely around "The Least Of These", harvesting their grievances for the sake of generating an indictment against the system for the pretext of POWER, but ultimately FAILING to allow "The Least Of These" to see that "THEY WERE CREATED IN GOD'S IMAGE" and thus need to focus upon affirming this as their pathway forward, closing this distance between their present acts and GOD'S WILL.

The ONLY thing that those who re-affirm this group's inferiority by calling them "The Permanent Least Of These" is the promises of WORLDLY TREASURES which are built upon "fiat sand" that the Federal Reserve keeps scooping for them.

QUESTION: - What Construct Is There For Someone To Make The Appraisal That Smiley/West Have FAILED at their mission?

(I assure you that this is never asked within the confines of Progressive Fundamentalist Public-Intellectual Discussion)

Nov 9, 2012: Democracy Now: Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West Call on Obama to Host a White House Conf. on Ending Poverty

In the above video YOU may have heard an "attack on Obama" and is Black acolytes.
I heard a reaffirmation of "Progressive Fundamentalism" and the desire to "exercise" the Progressive Establishment - compelling them to do more than just fight against the right-wing (to your delight) but ultimately awarding the MACHINE the "self-congratulatory" praise that was already in the works.

They preface their comments that "Obama is better than ANY 'right wing alternative' any day.  This was the very same logic that was heard at the "Anti-Libya War" at the Shrine Of The Black Madonna - that eventually became an "Obama Reelection Rally" at the end because they are officially "Anti-Dr Kings" as the DOMESTIC Social Justice agenda reigns supreme over any disciplined denial of SELF INTERESTS in support of the GLOBAL "Least Of These" that receive a care package in the form of a drone strike.  

They are intent to NOT make the same mistake that Dr King made in which his anti-war stance set back the Progressive-Fundamentalist domestic agenda by 30 years.

After A 10/20/50 Year Run - There Are Still POOR PEOPLE Present Thus They Failed? 

NO - This produces the RINSE AND REPEAT cycle.  The present day "Least Of These" won't have the insight to understand what those in the past that harvested their ancestor's grievances promised that TODAY would look like.   They experience the world as they have received it, listen to the Embedded Confidence Men's framing of the "good guys" and the "bad guys" and then are compelled to engage in the same STRUGGLE that their predecessors did - all with the promise of FUTURE SOCIAL JUSTICE if they keep up their EXTERNAL STRUGGLE.

Add 30 years and then go back and reapply the above paragraph to a new stock of candidate. 
After Taking Over The Establishment Powers In Government Per The POPULAR WILL That They Have Harvested And Yet Poverty Remains Abundant?  
NO - From 50 years ago to today - what can be classified as a "Mission Accomplished Cities List" will merely be scaled up to include more states and ultimately the Federal government.

Since this ideology has no intention what so ever to CHECK ITSELF FROM ITSELF - as it accepts its own complicity in the circumstances that it struggles against - this force of "ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION" - where it DENIES that it now has THE POWER to the point that THE LEAST OF THESE should now be expecting more ORGANIC PRODUCTION out of the system as they have arraigned it is nullified by the focus upon "The Second Bird In The Bush" - the LUST FOR MORE POWER in their perpetual struggle against their enemy.

After Assuming Control Over The Key "Human Resource Development Institutions  That They Used To PROTEST AGAINST As The Source Of Power For The Agents Of Oppression, The Conquest Of And The Installation Of "Favorable People And Progressive Public Policy" In These Places Would Produce The EQUALITY That They Seek.  

If This Front End Goal Is Achieved By All Measures BUT The Residual Results Are Left Fleeting - Will This Be Attributed As Their Failure - Among Their Base Of "The Least Of These?  

NO - When I tell you that "PROGRESSIVISM IS INORGANIC" - this is not just a 4 letter word-type indictment.

Progressive Fundamentalism CANNOT STAND ALONE, ALL BY ITSELF and PRODUCE THE SOCIAL JUSTICE that it always aspires to express - when IT IS IN POWER - having functionally neutralized its RIGHT-WING ENEMY.

When you listen to Smiley / West they are not attempting to force the new "Progressive Establishment Power" to PROVE THAT IT CAN PRODUCE SOCIAL JUSTICE or it must be DISASSEMBLED in pursuit of a more EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE.

Smiley / West are attempting to DOUBLE DOWN on PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM.   They want more PURITY in this battle.  They are (represent themselves as) "Non-MACHINE Progressives" and they are battling the Democratic Party Machine Progressives who they believe have SOLD OUT to the Establishment Power in Government.

If you do not understand that PROGRESSIVISM ITSELF IS NOT and will NEVER BE PLACED ON TRIAL, being made to PROVE that it can create THE UN-LEAST OF THESE - while retaining the constitutional protections of property, liberty and life - then it is YOU who don't "Get It".

So Exactly How Does Smiley/West FAIL In Their Longitudinal Agenda

First you must DISASSEMBLE their redirection, calling it out for what it is: A HIGH ORDER that only THEY and those who think like them could ever hope to achieve.

Since the words from high said "The Poor Will Always Be Among You" - we need to move away from the presence of poor people as an inference of success or failure.  
I told you before that the notion that "God Made Man In His Own Image" is and will always be a SUPERIOR MANDATE to the progressive's notion of (paraphrased) "I was poor and stood among you but you ignored my plight"l.)

The notion that a certain group of people can be assigned a "Permanent Least Of These" status is as bigoted and hateful and unGodly as anything that a slave master or pious ruler in the Middle East has ever said.

The answer to the question in the section break requires the knowledge of YOURSELF and the FULL DIMENSIONS of your GOD GIVEN capabilities.

What is the track record of "UN-Least Of These" Production in the areas that Progressive-Fundamentalism is the "Last Man Standing" after having defeated their RIGHT-WING ENEMY?

The truth us that this rise to power is fueled by the willingness of the constituents to ignore the broken promises as they never ask "Where Is My Money That I Gave To You The Last Time?". They were purchasing WINS over the RIGHT WING and NOT measurable DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE through the institutions that they now control.

You look at Prof Cornel West and his physical presentation affords him a little leeway as an eccentric.
You look at how Tavis Smiley is packaged and he is allowed to penetrate further and without credentials showing for access into the 'Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".
(NOTE: I am not suggesting that their own focus is upon "Black people who are poor".  For the purposes of THIS blog - this is what I will limit my analysis of their scheme to: THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS that we have for our uplift)

When I started this blog I had a few foundational arguments from which all posts (besides the sarcastic ones) flow from:

  1. The need to understand the FUNCTION of the Federal/ State and Municipal governments.
    1. The Municipal Government is a FRANCHISE of the state government, which granted a charter which allows the local entity to collect taxes in order to operate the institutions for the provision of STATE CONSTITUTIONAL "civic services" to their local constituencies 
  2. The mandate that you distinguish between "BEING IN RECEIPT OF A STANDARD OF LIVING" (by Social Justice rights) versus "Ordering YOUR PEOPLE So That The Aggregate Effect Is That THEIR ACTIONS Lift UP The Community To The Desired Living Standard - Becoming Conscious When Someone Measures The Vital Statistics And Then Does Comparative Analysis
  3. (Combining The Above Two Constructs) - The Supreme Court Case: " San Antonio Public Schools  Vs Rodriguez"  - highlighted the balance between the MANDATE of the state to fund the STATE CONSTITUTIONAL CIVIC SERVICES despite having a LOCAL FRANCHISE which operates the institutions but is too impoverished to adequately fund them.   Those charged with honoring their side of the FRANCHISE AGREEMENT now use their POWER to indict the STATE - all without LOSING THEIR POWER

Look at #3 again.
This is the debate that the majority of our debates today center around.

The heart of the "Mission Accomplished" condition is the fact that - originally the forces that were in power in these seats were sufficiently powerful, back in the day, to be the TARGETS OF CIVIL RIGHTS PROTESTS for denying Black children education.  

Fast forward and we see that these same seats of power have FAVORABLE PEOPLE within them - but the ESTABLISHMENT FORCES (The Black Racial Services Machine and their Progressive-Fundamentalist Joint Venture) are NOT protesting against their friends in power - demanding that they come through with the promised benefits after years of STRUGGLE and the promotion of "Favorable People" into power.

This would be logically akin to you setting up a picket line outside of your own house and then demanding that YOU live up to the promises that YOU made to yourself but have subsequently shorted yourself upon - to your own disappointment.

We only need to look at Detroit to see that the closed loop of the agreement (You receive a local charter which grants you seats of POWER under the pretext that you will provide franchised services to the constituents) is actually a ONE WAY INDICTMENT for no other reason than "The People Would Have To Indict Themselves For Their Own Failure" if this world played out logically.   

The Embedded Confidence Men have no intention to GIVE UP THESE SEATS OF POWER and certainly will not "DE-Incorporate" the city or the school system, turning them back over to the County/State.

Their agenda is to leverage these franchised seats of power as official levers of INDICTMENT against their ideological enemies in the state - knowing that the local constituents are going to follow along with the latest "Pass Play" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game.

Yes we must throw in the antics of the local NAACP and their strategic voice - "The Black Eagle".   Despite the fact that they are gifted in their ability to see the "Social Justice Future" to sell their masses upon - they didn't see the present day Detroit coming their way after so many decades of insider trading.

Smiley/ West are complicit operatives in all of this.
While you are being FOOLED as you see an apparent fight between the "MSNBC Employees" (Sharpton, Harris-Perry, Dyson) on one side and the PBS Employees (Smiley, West) with some free agents that are labeled as "Blue Dogs" imparting their opinions - you would be wise to look at their SAMENESS in agendized OUTCOMES rather than their present "Donkey Fight".

Again - if you listen closely to Tavis Smiley's attempt at claiming "purity" in the debate - HE DOES NOT argue that everyone should yield their marginal interests to a more TRANSPARENT MEASURE OF "ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" (as I argue).

Instead he lays out - what the "Blue Eyed Jesus Of Social Justice" depicts:  WE all should YIELD to the mandates of SOCIAL JUSTICE and put our grievances aside for the GREATER GOOD.


It is a DISARMAMENT for the sake of achieving what his ideologically bigoted goals desire to lead him to.

There is no Legislative Or Executive Fiat that is going to yield "Social Justice" upon the Black community.

YOU DID NOT "GET HEALTH CARE" - You Got Expended Consumer Rights With $65 Billion Subsidy From A Government That Works On Fiat Currency

The Black community will achieve that which has evaded us for so long at the hands of more EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE.   PERIOD!!!!!

The thought that the same force that compelled us to stay CONGREGATIONALLY UNIFIED for the past 50 years and thus took over all of our key Human Resource Development Institutions still are allowed to be the "shot callers" into the next interval of our existence as a people - is evidence of the VOID IN GOVERNANCE that is the case in the Black Community.

The reason for the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" enjoys popular and unchallenged support from all of the cogs on this wheel (including the Black Republican opponents) is because they seek to keep the "Black Development Struggle" as a franchise of the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM and the confines of "Democrat / Republican".
 The DARK MATTER that they cannot see is the world that exists outside of the confines of "The Malcolm X Political Football Game".

  • Where people are MURDERED for being affiliated with the political opposition
  • Where there IS NO GOVERNMENT who is going to ever produce SOCIAL JUSTICE by legislative fiat
  • Where the systematic imposition of ENEMY THREATS that are for POLITICAL rather than REAL WORLD purposes does indeed leave people vulnerable to attack and not just for the wearing of protest t-shirts

In summary - the greatest damage that this "fraud and hokum" is impacted our people with today is that the necessary "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" that should be under development today for use in the FUTURE INTERVALS that our people of the future will live upon are being SQUANDERED and ABORTED as many of us worship under the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" and all of the FALSE GODS that it asks us to WORSHIP.

LUST FOR POWER and LACK OF DISCIPLINE and MISPLACED LOYALTIES &  "SELF-INTERESTS" are the telltale signs of this operation.


A portion of those who were once lost will return to "THE CHURCH" and impart upon those who remain a FRAMEWORK by which THE PREACHER/CONFIDENCE MAN is made to live up to some specific "Key Performance Objectives" (KPOs) and are themselves placed under MANAGEMENT rather than judged by the SIZE OF THEIR CONGREGATION. 


The Sun at midnight said...

I guess based on your analysis of Mr West and Smiley, Dr King would have been wrong in his view that poverty is a civil rights battle? If you believe that poor will always be with us based on text from a god that is your right. I personally not a religious person. When I was, I did find that Aramaic to Greek, Latin, Old English and finally to modern English, increasing numbers of distortions occurred.

Constructive Feedback said...

Sun At Midnight:

With all due respect DO NOT USE "Dr King" as MY REFERENCE.

I am using "Dr King" as THEIR REFERENCE!!!

I am in the process of STRIPPING the use of "CIVIL RIGHTS" as a credible label used by certain organizations that use it a as a SELECTIVE INDICTMENT.

1) The 2 people murdered the other day in Atlanta - Did THEY suffer a "Civil Rights Violation" any less than the individuals who have had this bestowed upon them?

2) If we look at the SYSTEMATIC failure of certain school systems to adequately educate Black children - can we conclude that ALL OF THE ADULTS involved - including the parents - have executed a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION?

The label CIVIL RIGHTS has, unfortunately become a catch all phrase that (borrowing from my favorite line of Lincoln) "Today more rouges and confidence men have used in their protection racket, rather than in pursuit of a JUST and PRODUCTIVE society that is present inside of their own community by their own hands"

I would personally be more impressed if CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS were to step up and stop the DEVILMENT that is taking place on Streets and in Schools named after CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES.

My personal opinion - to answer your question.
In 12 grade physics I learned: There is no such thing as COLD.
There is HEAT and the ABSENCE OF HEAT. Our BODIES interpret "coldness".

There is no such thing as POVERTY.
There is "Presence INSIDE OF A SYSTEM that allowing the individual to grow and plug in his contributions and strategic advantage into the market in exchange for salary and benefit"

What you refer to as "Poverty" is the lack of POSITIONING inside of such a system.
The CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION comes as there is an ACTIVE, REPRESSIVE FORCE that keeps an individual from 'PLUGGING IN'.

I maintain that a negative force that suppresses from the OUTSIDE is ad DAMNING as an AFFIRMING FORCE that DISTORTS AND HIJACKS a people's providence, as it assigns obligation upon a certain external target that THEY WILL NEVER CATCH. This for no other reason than CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

The Black guy on the commercial for the "Bill Moyer's show" said that the opposite of POVERTY is JUSTICE!!!!

This is a meaningless statement.

Those who AFFIRM THEIR WILL to be something greater than "room temperature" MUST order themselves and PROTECT THEIR INSTITUTIONS for UPLIFT from any force that seeks to separate THEM FROM THEIR PURPOSE.


The Sun at midnight said...

I did not blame you for trying to bring to bear more accountability to what you have termed as Civil Rights Pharisees.

However if remember correctly Pharisees were to said to be in touch to the common man.Maybe we use I different term....

But what I witnessed from our "leaders" they only focus on issues their funders tell them to focus on.

There Is No Such Thing As Cold....

Is almost as laughable as the theories that Dr. Cartwright come up with on why slaves run away....

They used to teach that nothing travels faster than light but we see how now with new studies that theory is no longer holding water.

Cold is not the absence of heat anymore than heat is the absence of cold.

I try to impart the message of no poverty when I go and volunteer at the soup kitchen tomorrow!

Constructive Feedback said...

So you are arguing that THERE IS an energy called "cold"?

Or are you merely arguing?

The fact remains - What passes as a fundamental "human rights violation" in the USA is a condition that coul edd only be wised for in the majority of the world.

I challenge YOU to see that the NAACP's calling for election monitors in the USA is akin to a rich community demanding more police protection and thus they use their political power to draw cops away from a poor community where poor women are seen on the news crying about the loss of a loved one the suffered as they were left vulnerable.

Please understand that I do not operate upon the mandate that I must have you affirm my views for them to be correct.