Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Question: What Corporate Policies Have Been Implemented To Prevent Elmo Or Big Bird From Putting Their Hands On Other Little Boys Or Girls In The Future?

Lurking below the surface of the scandal about Elmo and his young boyfriend is the entity that provided a platform for Elmo to become famous.

Yesterday when I was in Wal-Mart I saw an "Elmo" display in the isle.  As I walked past I saw a mother with a child in her basket.  A short time later I heard a young voice say "Elmo!!!".

This attests to the brand power that Elmo has in the culture that young people are exposed to.

Yet as we process the news and the news media reaction to the story - beyond the initial surprise over the illicit affair that Elmo had with a 16 year old boy - there is a void that we must expose by contrasting this tawdry affair with some other scandals.

At present there is no witch hunt against Sesame Workshop as we have seen against "The Catholic Church" or "The Boy Scouts Of America".   OF COURSE most will say - "Sesame Street didn't have a pattern of child molestation so this is not a fair comparison".

The point is not about the pattern but the POLICY.
Where is the scrutiny of Sesame Workshop as the news media attempts to acknowledge the sensitivities that are present in a venue where young, impressionable children potentially have their world shattered as their lovable friend that was totally trustworthy must now be inspected to ensure that he doesn't try to place his hands up in their shirts and upon their backs?

Where is the call for PREEMPTION rather than the missile attack against established power - after the fact?

The fact that Elmo's operator is a gay man is not the disqualifier here.
The fact that the media has shown no interest to aggressively compel his employer to reaffirm the 'safe space' that they are branded as - IS THE PROBLEM.

It seems that the press is in on the 'damage control'.
It is THEY who don't want to exert "The Damage" that they are typically known for.

Update - I Forgot About This Transaction From A Few Months Ago

Jim Henson Company Severs Ties With Chick-Fil-A Due To Company Leader's View On Traditional Marriage

Earlier this year PBS did a documentary on pupetter Kevin Clash.  They tracked his development a a local phenom in Ohio and how he traveled to New York to meet up with some of his mentors who worked under the umbrella of Jim Henson.

I have respect for Kevin Clash's professional accomplishments.

My issue is that this particular company that showed its hand in the Chick-Fil-A debate a few months ago is also closely aligned with the "Children's Television Workshop"/ "Sesame Workship" / PBS ecosystem that brought the entire line up of puppet characters to life over the years.

For anyone to pretend that their strong advocacy FOR same sex marriage is on the same continuum of the news media and quick corporate (I will limit my focus upon "Sesame Workshop") acceptance of the settlement made by Mr Clash's accuser - is fooling themselves.

For years we have been told "There is no correlation between HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA".

I ACCEPT THIS - just I can attest to my own discernment against "15 year old girls" versus a woman.

My problem with the argument, however, is that those who are advocating the "Social Normalization Of Same Sex Relationships" are not going to address the larger issue that is lurking.

Same sex social interactions and facilities (public rest rooms, mentoring relationships [Big Brothers / Big Sisters] ) are all based upon the assumption of a "dual barrier" of SEXUAL PREFERENCE and THE AGE OF CONSENT.

Those who market the "Equality & Bigotry" line as they attempt to filibuster the issue have no plans what so ever to stand accountable for the increased erosion of this dividing line that their "Secular Progressive Progress" will no doubt bring about.

When the Catholic Church - a symbol of doctrinaire, paternalistic POWER is caught housing pedophiles, passing them around to new parishes to protect them, but ultimately exposing them to "fresh meat" the INSTITUTION was pounded upon.

We must note the motivation was to weaken the stature of this venerable institution.
MY agenda, is to force all institutions to LIFT THEIR STANDARDS, not to say "Shut Up And Sit Down You Hypocrite.  We now have dirt on you".

We are not going to get out of this mess as a nation and an human species without MANAGEMENT of the INTEGRITY OF OUR INSTITUTIONS.  PERIOD!!!

I am not impressed by those who promise "Freedoms" and "Social Justice" or who drive people in the name of "Patriotism" and "Tradition".  
Without clarity on the FUNCTION of our CULTURE and INSTITUTIONS  - we will find that those force who "Bring Their Own Bible" to the debate will always filibuster every issue - with the ultimate intention of not standing by the baby that they have birthed in the way of grand societal dysfunction.

We are not living in a world where popularity begets attrition into POWER.  
MAN DOES NOT CHANGE.  Only the technological and transportation resources at his access change.

I believe that in this cycle of societal assembly and dystopia - the cultural bounds that are thrown off lead to their eventual redeployment as a necessary step of driving the human animal back upon a PRODUCTIVE and CIVILIZED course.

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