Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Progressive Fundamentalist Economics - The Dangling Of "Health Care Justice" In Your Face To Entice You To Look Past The Numbers

Medicaid expansion would bring state $33 billion, cost it $2.5 billion

OK I get it.
I have a copy of "The Nation Magazine" in which they indicted Republican Mitt Romney for "personally profiting" $15 million off of the GM bailout - while they saw President Obama's use of $49.5 BILLION in DEBT MONEY to "Save Detroit" as a good thing.  All of this in the context of a one year budget deficit of over $1,000 BILLION dollars.

I understand that certain operatives use NUMBERS selectively when they craft an INDICTMENT against their enemy.

When it comes to the state of Georgia being compelled to drop its opposition to Health Care Exchanges BECAUSE the federal government is going to first fund 100% of the expansion and then graduate down to 90% coverage - it will only "cost" the state of Georgia $2.5 billion over time.

SO WHAT IS THE DOWNSIDE aside from pure "Evil" by the Right-Wing?

If you take the cumulative $33 BILLION in addition receipts into Georgia and compare this to the accumulated increased DEBT that the United States Government will amass between 2013 and 2019 - (using the $672 billion per year for 5 years that are not labeled- and thus UNDER ESTIMATING the debt ) there will be $5,212 BILLION IN NEW DEBT generated by the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - while the state of Georgia receives $33 billion in influx for expanded Medicare.

This is 0.63% of the debt total.

To those who are pushing "Expanded Health Care coverage" their argument will be - "With 0.63% spent on expanding care to POOR PEOPLE - why do you talk about the RISK OF DEBT when this is such a pittance that is doing so much good?"

To the right wing critic - they might say "That's the point.   Your focusing on the BENEFITS that you receive for your marginal interests while you can't see the fiscal damage that is converging around you.

FOR ME - I come back to my fundamental argument:

  2. And the PENDING DEBT CRISIS from the Right........................

WHERE IS the reconciliation between the TAKE OVER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S "HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS" (our schools) and the alignment with creating ORGANIC COMPETENCIES so that there are MORE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS being created to CLOSE THIS SERVICE GAP - 
  1. Thus relieving the pressure upon the FIAT FEDERAL BUDGET
  2. AND as a hedge against the NEAR CERTAINTY that this "Mutha" is going to BLOW UP one day.   
Once the music stops - the Black community is going to have its STANDARD OF LIVING defined by the GOVERNANCE CULTURE that it chose to protect and develop as it stayed focused upon its PERMANENT INTERESTS - distancing it from the OPPORTUNISM for POWER in the sinking ship of state.

Someone PLEASE tell me the downside of expressing the AUDACITY that the SCHOOLS that are IN YOUR CONTROL be REPURPOSED into "Professional Service Agent Development" institutions in support of your desires for SOCIAL JUSTICE?  

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