Monday, November 26, 2012

Pay Raises In An Insolvent School System: How Much More Money Does An Executive In The Philadelphia School District Make More Than The Rank & File Union Employee?

Philadelphia Daily News: Philly's Broke School District Boosts Salaries Of 25 Non-Union Workers

From The Artcle:
IT'S NO secret that the School District of Philadelphia is facing its own fiscal cliff. The district asked its blue-collar union to forgo wage increases and give back money to the district last summer as school closures loomed. Just two weeks ago, district officials were forced to borrow another $300 million from Wall Street to pay its bills

Do you recall the recent row in Detroit about the "Wall Street Banks" that were trying to foreclose upon the "largest Black run city outside of Africa"?    From the vantage point of those who are sent in as protesters - they often have no idea about the previous missteps that lead to the fateful end.

In debating the conditions in Europe regarding "sovereign debt" we were told that THE BANKS purchased bonds from these governments, knowing that these governments would not be able to pay back the debt.   This influx of money was the enabler that allowed the dysfunction to carry on thus the BANKERS should have been more responsible.  Or at least we are told.

Why is it that when this news about Philadelphia's public schools is put forth, few people connect the dots?   To be clear this pay raise is but "pennies in a large bucket".  The larger issue should be the $300 million needed by the system to survive.

 I called out Mayor Nutter and the consciousness of the people in West Philly who were more satisfied to know that Republican Mitt Romney had "destroyed" the state school system in Massachusetts in one term, more than they were interested in having the mayor tell them when he would get their city's schools in order.

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